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  1. Honzo added a post in a topic Daum: Request for more 'lore friendly/npc' clothing!   

    There's still quite a lot.
    Cash Shop Sets: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/3r7p5g/gallery_korean_armor_sets_links_inside/
    Then there's the crafting sets:
    Chef: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/14019/
    Alchemist: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/14025/
    Farmer: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/14028/
    Fisher: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/14020/
    Gatherer: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/14022/
    Hunter: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/14024/
    Crafter: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/14026/
    Trader: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/14021/
    Trainer: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/14023/
    EDIT: Not the mention there's a bunch of 'nobles' gear that can be crafted also. 
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  2. Honzo added a post in a topic [Help]Making a tavern   

    Yeah haha, I'm pretty sure that one with the balcony is the one every single potential tavern owner had in mind
    I didn't end up going with it since I figured once everyone is high level enough the hub will be Calpheon anyway, and I didn't really want to have peeps go to Heidel to RP. Plus imo, I'd rather use separate nearby housing lots if you were looking to have Inn rooms. Since I don't think that place in Heidel has doors to the rooms. If you are going to hire out a room for the night, you want it to feel more private and guaranteed not to have other random rpers walk in.  
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  3. Honzo added a post in a topic Why No-Trading is the best feature of Black Desert   

    What about the people that aren't? ----- em? Saying that makes you sound just as inflexible (which probs isn't the case). You made a thread about the best way trading can be compromised, you even linked it earlier. Why not discuss this in that thread instead of making up 50% of the replies in this one. 
    You've said several times that you didn't do much research before buying the game, even though there has been more beta opportunities for BDO than like any other mmo. Plus the ridiculous amount of info gathered on the Black-Desert website forums. Where all the issues brought up here have been discussed 100000 times over since 2015 and earlier. By people that have been playing the game for more than a year, not the piss poor two week old complaining that goes on here. Peeps love to drive home the fact that this isn't a new game, yet still complain having done 0 research on it before playing. In short don't be surprised if a bunch of people disagree with your opinion regarding trading because of this.
    Also I have no idea what those comics are about. 
    Don't mean to sound like a -----, but after reading these forums for more than 10 minutes that tends to happen.
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  4. Honzo added a post in a topic [UPDATED] Daum - Why the hell can't we trade or mail items to friends?   

    Holy crap this downs thread is still going...
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  5. Honzo added a post in a topic [Help]Making a tavern   

    Yeah same here, that's what you are gonna have to use for a bar atm. I wouldn't say they are really good looking  But they do get the job done. I wish we could maybe hang those wall carpets over the top of them to hide the cracks, but you really can't see it too much.
    There are also no stools as far as I know... At least from the search I did the other day. Could be wrong obviously since I see no reason to leave them out as far a housing seating. Just remember that there's more cash shop furniture bundles to come. I think I've seen at least 2 or 3 more in the Korean version. We just have to wait. As well as wallpaper that doesn't completely suck. 
    We don't have access to silk atm, which is kinda lame, but you can always use the cotton curtains for your tavern in the meantime. The red silk curtains do look much nicer though... Plus remember that farming has a chance to drop little pot plants such as a mini olive tree for decor. As people have mentioned, I don't think I've seen any barrels/casks around, but don't forget about that woodworking merchant in Calpheon that sells a closed hanging wall cupboard and several hooks with pots n pans for your tavern kitchen. 
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  6. Honzo added a post in a topic House of Festivities (RP+PvX)   

    Nice guild  10/10 Would join again if I ever left.
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  7. Honzo added a post in a topic All fun and games, BUT..   

    Of course not, all the other people with the same opinion have made hundreds of threads without educating themselves on it. Why not one more.
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  8. Honzo added a post in a topic [UPDATED] Daum - Why the hell can't we trade or mail items to friends?   

    Nah bro, just read nothing and blindly complain without any thought given.
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  9. Honzo added a post in a topic [UPDATED] Daum - Why the hell can't we trade or mail items to friends?   

    So would you be happy with just gathering items be added to trading? 
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  10. Honzo added a post in a topic [UPDATED] Daum - Why the hell can't we trade or mail items to friends?   

    I'm sure they can add a bunch of items to be opened to trading, but making every item tradable would be retarded.
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  11. Honzo added a post in a topic this rng lol   

    Dam, Mike. You crazy.
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  12. Honzo added a post in a topic Make Black Desert Great Again   

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  13. Honzo added a post in a topic Help me to make money?   

    Fishing atm probably the best. But as people explore the map and really make an effort, trading will rek fishing in the end. As it should lol, fishing is 0 effort for crazy $.
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  14. Honzo added a post in a topic can we get new outfits in cs plox   

    They gotta make us hungry first, then BAM. New costumes, more money.
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  15. Honzo added a post in a topic [ANSWERED] Where is the silk? [Prize][Free Cash Shop Pet]   

    This is the question I kept trying to answer while playing Kor version. It was like never on the Marketplace. 
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  16. Honzo added a post in a topic 980 TI incoming :3   

    Well apparently the only reason to swap out my GTX690, is to get a Titan

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  17. Honzo added a post in a topic 980 TI incoming :3   

    Pretty sure I just had a guildie tell me that he still gets meh performance with 2 of these SLI.
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  18. Honzo added a post in a topic Westerners are rude and inconsiderate   

    "Westerners are rude and inconsiderate"

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  19. Honzo added a post in a topic I HAVE BEATEN THE DYE SYSTEM!   

    But I just don't know if spending $300 is beating the system
    Should of just been like "Aww yeah! Finally got my dyes, and only $300 later! Woop Woop". Or maybe you made this to fight with that buyers remorse feel ;P
    Anyways GG glad you did get what you wanted in the end.
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  20. Honzo added a post in a topic so whoes stupid idea was it to have the NA servers on the west coast?   

    As an Australian man, this is all I have to say to the person who put servers on the West Coast.
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  21. Honzo added a post in a topic Is it worth crafting Black Stone (Weapons and Armor)?   

    Everyone will need a ton of these. This is how you upgrade gear in the game. Save them for yourself, you will end up using lots. Unless you REALLY need some fast cash.
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