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  1. Skaldir added a post in a topic Secret ability?   

    The skill is Ultimate Charging Wind and is very easy to pull off, simply press Space after using one of your abilities. Example, A/D+F > Space, you perform instant Will of the Wind into shotgun. Also works after Q and F cancel. Try it. This skill hits like a truck!
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  2. Skaldir added a post in a topic This game sucks at 50+. All exp spots completely full.   

    Current mob spots aren't intended for 50+, some are just for specific drops or moneymaking. The east side of Heidel, Mediah, is currently locked off and opens up when the next content patch hits. That area is for leveling past 50 to 55-56 with way better XP gains. People grinding for levels now are kinda nuts, or hardcore PvPers.
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  3. Skaldir added a post in a topic How many SP am I supposed to have at 50?   

    I've leveled from 1-50 by questing and doing the occasional grind at quest zones. Currently at 142 contributions points, and have done mostly all flat skill point quests along the way as well. My invested skill points are at exactly 500 now and got 24.39 on my skill bar (so potential soft total right now = 527). I still haven't hit soft cap yet. I'll keep you informed when I do hit it and at what total SP that'll be.
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  4. Skaldir added a post in a topic Lieto' pre-Mediah guide on Ranger   

    The secret shop is in the game, just doesn't offer the option yet. Can find the one in Heidel near southern stable and Keplan. Velia shack is empty.
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  5. Skaldir added a post in a topic 30% marketplace commission?   

    That's only 5%.
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  6. Skaldir added a post in a topic Lieto' pre-Mediah guide on Ranger   

    Did some PvP practice today, noticed that Blasting Gust doesn't knockdown when animation-cancelled, is that intended? Feels kinda iffy to use it normally (stuck in place).
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  7. Skaldir added a post in a topic Lieto' pre-Mediah guide on Ranger   

    http://form1ca.ru/media/bdo/calc/calc_04ranger.html Hover over "Awakening".
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  8. Skaldir added a post in a topic what skills to awaken..   

    Check out this link: http://form1ca.ru/media/bdo/calc/calc_04ranger.html
    Hover your mouse of the word 'Awakening' below the skill icon to see the list of possible effects.
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  9. Skaldir added a post in a topic Lieto' pre-Mediah guide on Ranger   

    You got any tips for when my stamina pool runs out? I'm currently at about 2000 stamina with 2-piece Zareth, feels really nice and allows me to do quite a lot of animation cancels, but when it reaches 0 I really feel like a sitting duck (from a PvP perspective). Any tips for that?
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  10. Skaldir added a post in a topic Lieto' pre-Mediah guide on Ranger   

    EES = Evasive Explosive Shot you mean? I'm talking about Ultimate: Evasive Shot (level 41). That skill allows you to do a lot of hidden combo's, for that I refer to the excellent guide written by @Crit (here). In this example, you hold down A or D (left or right movement) and press F once, this will do a sideways Will of the Wind instantly.
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  11. Skaldir added a post in a topic Lieto' pre-Mediah guide on Ranger   

    Once you've unlocked Ultimate: Evasive Shot, you can trigger the hidden combo: A+F and D+F to do a smoother version of Will of the Wind. You'll never use Shift+Q after getting that skill.
    @li3to Thanks for this guide, really appreciated. Sometimes I read crit gems are preferred, but you suggest attack speed. What is your opinion on socketing crit vs. attack speed?
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  12. Skaldir added a post in a topic How can i hit the "lmb+rmb" combo precisely?   

    I found that tapping S (and releasing), then LMB+RMB does the trick.
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  13. Skaldir added a post in a topic New EU Server: Croxus   

    Definitely man, claimed by one guy. 
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  14. Skaldir added a post in a topic Horse Flute   

    In the beta it was on the cash shop as well. No in-game means.
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