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  1. Joebane added a post in a topic Legit or....?   

  2. Joebane added a post in a topic A bit intimidating?   

    Maybe you are looking in the wrong places. There are plenty of guilds who take in beginners and don't have a lot of requirements, but you won't find them in the top 10 rankings.
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  3. Joebane added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    While I am glad to see these changes and these are some fantastic patch notes, node wars needed to have been released already. People are leaving in droves due to a lack of PVP content, and the fact that players in the US don't want to grind endlessly just to show that they have the bigger stick than the next guy, in fact it's a big turn off for most players. What we really want is something meaningful to battle over, it needs to have already come and if it doesn't come soon then it will be too late for too many.
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  4. Joebane added a post in a topic Need help with a support issue. Guild Interface   

    Well, thanks for the input. It helps to know I'm not the only one in this boat. I will forward this thread as part of the response to my ticket. It's obvious "community support" won't help resolve the issue. 
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  5. Joebane added a post in a topic Need help with a support issue. Guild Interface   

    Since this time, I have done a re-install of my PC. I didn't re-install the game but I did do another repair after re-loading the O/S/. I haven't tried doing a completely fresh install but it's enough of a pain that I might, I'm just bandwidth limited due to living in a remote area of the world.
    So I'm not alone. I suppose this is why I was directed here, so we could piss and moan together. I would have rather been told "It's something we don't have a resolution for now, but we are working on it".
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  6. Joebane added a topic in General   

    Need help with a support issue. Guild Interface
    Here's the ticket that has the information along with the GM response pointing me to the community forums for assistance, how awesome!

    GM Felaxus (Black Desert Online)

    Apr 13, 11:04

    Greetings Adventurer,

    Thank you for contacting the Black Desert Online customer support team and showing your interest in our game.

    The best place to find an answer for gameplay related queries is to search  the topics found on the dedicated Gameplay section of our forums linked below.

    Here you can find like minded people able to help and assist you with future gameplay related problems too.


    Good luck Adventurer, I hope you continue having fun exploring the world of Black Desert Online!

    Kind regards,

    GM Felaxus
    English Games Master

    Our knowledge base is regularly updated with current issues. It will answer some of the most common questions and save you having to wait for a response from a Games Master.

    You can access the knowledge base by following the link below.

    You can also follow our social media pages for news and announcements.
    https://www.facebook.com/BlackDesertOnline/ https://twitter.com/BDO_news



    Apr 10, 06:43

    I cannot see guild history for year 4. I am the GM, Officers can see it, but I cannot. I have tried a repair of files but it didn't resolve the problem.

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  7. Joebane added a post in a topic Foo [NA l Orwen] [PvP][GvG] RECRUITING   

    As I cull the weak and most inactive I am looking for people to take their place. Ideally, you will play at least 10-20 hours per week at a minimum, love to PVP in a very organized fashion, and not mind being at war with multiple guilds around the clock. In joining, you will not have a hard time finding groups to do things such as level, do scrolls, kill people, do bosses, PVP and of course do guild missions.
    Our TS3 is adult and active 24/7 and we use Discord for Text/Media. Together with our forums there is an excellent flow of information and resources for players of any caliber who might wish to join, so long as they make use of them. 
    I am looking for top notch people to fill out our remaining slots. If you are interested in joining, head on over to our website and read more about us at http://www.fooguild.com/ or contact me ingame, you can whisper Rulius.
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  8. Joebane added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    Update - Foo VOIP is TS3, Chat is Discord. Yep, we are odd like that. 
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  9. Joebane added a post in a topic Fix Fish Information, Fishing in General   

    Guild fishing quests are absolutely insane. They need their own category, for guilds who like to fish. Often, a very large quest will only allow 10 people to gain contribution because only 10 fish need to be caught. It's just a broken part of the system.
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  10. Joebane added a post in a topic <Foo> - Experienced Gaming Community - Open Recruitment   

    I will PM you. You are also welcome to PM me on Discord and I can give you a password reset manually. 
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  11. Joebane added a post in a topic Guildex Database   

    Bumped because it has merit. 
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  12. Joebane added a post in a topic Can Guild Leadership be transfered?   

    Yes. Half your guild coffers.
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  13. Joebane added a post in a topic Couple Quick Questions   

    1. No
    2. Yes
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  14. Joebane added a post in a topic Poll: How to make a guild want you   

    Different guilds desire different things from their members. I don't think you can lump all guilds into one category and ask for general advice. I can say most of the advice in this thread has been garbage and I would recommend you start by being a nice person, finding a guild that suits your interests, and being picky about which guild you join. Try to find a guild that has members who have similar interests to you outside of gaming, are in your same age range, and show signs of leadership not just promises in a recruitment post. That would be a good start. 
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  15. Joebane added a post in a topic Guild name cooldown   

    All you need to do is make a clan with that name, you can transfer a clan at no cost and owning the clan name will also reserve the guild name. 
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