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  1. VencirGan added a post in a topic Berserker Awakening 200% rage   

    Yeah I know that. I'm just saying. Shake off now has a light i-frame during its CD stages. Its a very light I-frame, but it does exist. Just not as good as it used to be. Yeah, I haven't either. Just wondering if anyone else has.
    If thats it, thats pretty disappointing. 
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  2. VencirGan added a post in a topic Grunil/Heve?   

    Nah, its not outdated at all. Its still a good set. ON zerker, if this was even about him. I'd suggest rocaba probably, its not bad. but if you want to be more offensive and can conserve resources full grunil is still great.
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  3. VencirGan added a post in a topic 10 days from now...   

    Pshhhhh, I'm going Super Retard blue x10!!!! 
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  4. VencirGan added a post in a topic Berserker Awakening 200% rage   

    Ohhh, I meant 200% with the awakening weapon. I know what the spin does, its like FT, but... lamer imo, spams stun I think, and knockdown? Not sure, but I do know it does one or the other.
    Thanks! I really appreciate it.
    The shake off when its on CD from what I know has I-frames. Its small and doesn't help much FAIK, but it has SOME use, not much though. Still an okay mobility skill though.
    Just a quick reminder, I mean with the Blaster. The 200% black spirit skill is his normal cannon firing skill I think, but I couldn't find anything on it. Hopefully some one can ^^
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  5. VencirGan added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    Sorc is second, zerker is third. Ranger is 4th. Check the awakening trailers, they tell you the order. Secondly, uninstalled. Tired of your lies Kakao. Just sick of it, anything promised before has had everything gone back on besides valk's cry. Wouldn't be surprised if you added that next.
    Not going to come back for my awakening. My free time will be spent staring at my wall or staring at my desktop monitor. They're much more promising activities that don't blow up into bits after a long period of time... Or will it? I'll tell you guys if my wall starts lying to me, if it does I'll probably go get help then reply to this ^^
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  6. VencirGan added a post in a topic Grunil/Heve?   

    I've ran both, personally never found Taritas worth it. Rocaba/Grunil is probably the most ideal, since you'll get more health along with some resource pool. Full grunil probably wouldn't hurt much either, just learn to manage your resources as much as possible I guess. Heve/Grunil works fine, but if you wanted to be more serious.. Eh. I'd say go Rocaba/Grunil if you want to re-enhance. Imo, just stick with what you have. The health slightly helps for your tankiness although its not really too much. Undertaker also does scales with it okay-ly. I'd suggest not swapping unless if you really care about the resource pool ^.
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  7. VencirGan added a topic in Berserker   

    Berserker Awakening 200% rage
    I would like to know what the 200% looks like, however after a long while of looking up I cannot find it. A bit curious atm, guessing people have much better luck at finding stuff like this. If you do, thanks o: !!! Also, have a wonderful day!
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  8. VencirGan added a post in a topic HP regen   

    Spin around your targets, while not in spin use BWS to avoid damage as much as possible. The only time I face tank while spinning is if I have WAY too many mobs on me, so the cd on the spin heal isn't that weak, other than that strafe as much as possible.
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  9. VencirGan added a post in a topic Berserker at the Gate   

    Yeah! I had to go off sound completely LOL... Also had my friend come help me at one point, because I wasn't having the best of luck there.
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  10. VencirGan added a post in a topic 10 days from now...   

    Uh... I don't think the 31th will ever come here, but thats nice.
    Why just go full r*tard x10.. So outdated, my form is above yours.... I will be going Super r*tard x20!!!!
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  11. VencirGan added a post in a topic AP-DP or Hybrid?   

    Depends, DP isnt' a bad build right now, although it makes you just.. a CC person. Me personally I like hybrid. It works somewhat for PvP, and PvE. Hybrid builds just seem to be pretty effective at both, just not as effective as either. Hybrid if you're not as geared, if you're more geared you can go hybrid, or you can just go full AP.
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  12. VencirGan added a post in a topic Berserker Balancing   

    Skimmed this, makes no logical sense because people can blow you up instantly if you make a mistake. Sorry if you're fighting people that are better than you and have much higher gear than you as well.
    This is a decent quote "You're only as good as your gear allows you to be." Although, I don't fully agree with this quote, its a decent sum of how it works sadly. If you're getting popped by a zerker, you're not on even fighting grounds, they do deal damage, its just not as much as you think it is. A good of any class should be able to outplay any of someone bad..
    I've talked to plenty of people who thought zerker to be just there and not a threat before(A loooong time ago) Hes actually a threat now like he should be. Everyone is a threat in this game, and the only one I think really needs changes(and hes getting them) is warrior atm.
    Terrible english, but the thing is Zerkers are in a pretty balanced state at the moment. Gear gaps make everything seem unbalanced for sure. I've outplayed and won plenty of duels, PvP's even knowing my gear was way worse than theirs. Just because your gear is better doesn't mean you should be better. You could be though, thats the thing. I'm not saying "git gud" I'm saying if you're bad, you're bad. If you're undergeared, you're undergeared. Zerker doesn't really need a buff or nerf anymore because his problems he had are gone. Hes basically the Berserker he was meant to be. 
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  13. VencirGan added a post in a topic Berserker at the Gate   

    Neat, running about 4k hp myself. Haven't really had any spots where I've felt deleted yet, even when I was doing stupid shit. Nice vid though, desync is a bit sad when it happens that bad lol. Ever had the invis glitch? That one is pretty hilarious.
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  14. VencirGan added a post in a topic The new Lifeleech - barely ok   

    LATE response, but yeah. Max fierce strikes claw scar and you'll obtain the 30hp per hit.
    I won't disagree, however I won't agree. Berserker has been better than ever, however its still pretty sad how our WP regen is. Only way to properly solve it without juice is Extraction crystals, which are really only for farming sadly. Although, with the new life leech I'd feel more tempted to take the 1hp per hit instead of a wp and just take herbal juice. Does wonders when you can heal actually and brain dead farm lol. Still want the old spin back, although now I feel unnaturally tanky for some reason.. Not sure what I did..
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  15. VencirGan added a post in a topic Lava Piercer   

    A few ways to just avoid having to learn to time it, although aren't specifically good for every situation. Evade into lava piercer, side auto into lava piercer. There are other ways, however this does take a little bit of stamina and isn't very fausible for every situation, you just have to learn it.
    Adding stuff on hotbar... Eh, no thanks for me. Leave that to wizards.
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