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  1. Scarran added a post in a topic Elixir of Time   

    Some nice person in the thread below posted what you need for the new elixirs. 
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  2. Scarran added a post in a topic [Video] Most overpowered in the game - please hotfix   

    I haven't played the other games enough to comment on them but in GW2 you can corrupt retaliation or have skills/traits that allow you to remove the boon. So they have a counter to it and BDO does not, if they add some sort of counter I will be fine with it but right now there is no counter so it is stupid to have this. Plus it lasts 5 minutes and although it sounds short in a PvP battle that is an extremely long time to have a buff as powerful as this without having a way to counter it.
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  3. Scarran added a post in a topic [Video] Most overpowered in the game - please hotfix   

    Whoever thought this potion was a good idea should be banned from all future suggestions and made to sit in the naughty corner. I know BDO was never a skill based game in the first place and requires high end armor to be competitive but this just takes it to a whole new level of stupidity. 
    What happens when the 2 of you have the pot on? Do you sit down and have a game of eye spy with my little eye until the pot wears off? All it does is encourage the age old Mexican standoff between two players as neither want to attack the other due to them having this pots effect on them.  For me in the long run it is a bad addition to PvP unless they plan adding a counter soon which can remove the buff. 
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  4. Scarran added a post in a topic "Squandering a fortune", TWICE (R.I.P)   

    Lol really........is this what it has come down to now.......the tin foil hat brigade.  Some people really need to take a chill pill and stop looking into stuff like it's some sort of conspiracy theory. 
    What's the next mad bonkers theory that folk are going to come up with? I don't know whether to laugh or be shocked that there are people stupid enough to believe what the op wrote. Someone please call Mulder and Scully as I think we have another X-Files going on here .
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  5. Scarran added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    I think this change was a much needed one and I will be extremely peeved if the change is reverted. I also don't get why people are trying to make it into a PvP vs PvE thing because PK'ng to me is the lowest form of denominator when it comes to PvP and im very doubtful this change is a PvP concern.
    From reading the posts it seems to be more of a PvE concern with people locking down spots or harassing people at spots. What I really don't get is why aren't people declaring war on those annoying them and thus avoiding karma penalties? Or are we to believe that at end level in a game touted for GvG and upcoming node wars which in part require a guild that everyone is suddenly running around guildless. 
    Also why is it ok to tell people before to change channels to avoid idiots yet now it's a cardinal sin? Or are we to believe in a game that is apparently dying all channels are full and apparently full of guildless griefers. 
    As I had mentioned before if it's a choice of having people's progression slowed down to people losing progression then I will always select the slowing down option. That in short is what this change has done because previously at higher levels the 1% xp loss was as good as a couple of hours wasted just because someone killed you for the lol'z. At least this way you are still progressing albeit at a slower rate than you had before but still progressing none the less, just because you now need to share a (not your) spot (god forbid in an mmo) it is suddenly the end of the world. 
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  6. Scarran added a post in a topic These are the types QQing about exp loss change   

    I don't know about the afk killing but the singing was criminal. Call the sound police as I think my eardrums have just been abused.  
    Word of warning....turn off the audio....unless you want to attract all the cats in your area.   
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  7. Scarran added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Vote result says 58% down 1% from yesterday want it reverted and overall 42% never said yes to wanting it reverted.  
    Not everyone in game visits the forum so for the poll to be that close should tell you that it isn't as unpopular as people like to think the change is. I tend to say a 70-75% is a good percentage to say that the masses disapprove of it and currently it is not anywhere near hitting that. 
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  8. Scarran added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    What I find surprising after this change is the amount of people who are apparently not in a guild. I never realised that for a game which advertises GvG battles and node wars coming that in part require a guild that so many people aren't in one at all. 
    I also find it amazing that for a game that is apparently dying that all channels are bursting with people fighting over the same spot and bursting with people who are apparently not in a guild also.
    The reason I say this is alot of the gripes are about people who are not in a guild trolling those who are and that is why they are unable to declare war on the trolls and thus avoid karma penalties. 
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  9. Scarran added a post in a topic Not even 30 minutes into the new patch.   

    Thanks for the info as I wasn't sure with the tone of his post whether that was the case or not. 
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  10. Scarran added a post in a topic Not even 30 minutes into the new patch.   

    Was this meant to be a post showing how bad the changes are or show how good the changes actually are? 
    So what you have shown is that now with the changes in place you managed to instigate a GvG battle at one of the grind spots and have alot of fun doing mass group PvP rather than what previously occurred which was large groups mowing down individuals. 
    Can some hardcore PvP'r tell me how that is a bad thing? Or are we now trying to say the old way of a large group killing individuals is their idea of a good time doing PvP. 
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  11. Scarran added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

     Yep because this games PvP is really all about skill........and I can't believe you typed people had recourse before with a straight face. We all know the karma penalty before is laughable as it could easily be grinded out quickly enough. 
    The same mentality could be said about you feeling entitled to that spot in an mmo. If you are good enough you should be able to farm those mobs without an issue or how about you declare war on the person's guild and pk them without repercussions? Or maybe switch channel? But of course we all know everyone at high level is not in a guild and every channel has idiots who want to steal mobs from you. At the higher level worst case scenario they slow your grind down a little but at higher levels 1% loss in XP is enough to waste hours of work.  
    So for me I know what I prefer and that is a little annoyance to having hours of work wasted just because some idiot decided it was fun to kill someone for the lol'z. And yes it does happen despite people trying to say otherwise. 
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  12. Scarran added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    lol I really do find this amusing. It is not very nice now that the shoe is on the other foot......the griefers who done this before and found it acceptable are now seeing what it is like to be on the receiving end and now find it unacceptable. 
    I do find it a touch ironic that they keep using the word carebear whilst crying about how unfair the change is for them. I welcome the change and I hope Daum does not back down on this one. 
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  13. Scarran added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Lol did you just tell someone from Europe or NA to go play the Korean version after explaining they have to tie their KSSID to their account? I do not think there will be many from Europe or NA who have a KSSID but keep up with the solid advice lol. 
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  14. Scarran added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    I think this is a great change as let's be honest PvP is never about who is the most skilled and more about who has the better gear and higher level. So PK'ng was being used by higher level and geared players to tie down popular grind spots knowing full well they could get away with it. 
    Now it encourages them to declare war on the opponents guild and instigates GvG battles but of course this type of fighting to a PK'r is probably frowned upon as they prefer victims who are unable to properly fight back. 
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  15. Scarran added a post in a topic so far BD has turned into Archeage .1   

    I do find it amusing when people come in and say BDO is a PvP oriented game. If BDO is a PvP oriented game how are people obtaining blackstones in PvP to upgrade their gear? How are PvP'rs obtaining their gear in PvP come to think of it? How did PvP'rs get to lvl 45 without doing any PvE? and How are guilds burning through PVE field/world bosses rather than doing PvP in this PvP oriented game?
    BDO is a PvX game and it is not one or the other so stop pretending like it is.  Unfortunately there have been a few decisions along the way by Daum which has changed the game for the worse for me. I was probably naive to expect this version to be a translated version of what Korea has minus some expansions upon launch but instead we have mechanics that have changed and in my eye's it is not for the better. 
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