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  1. Fix added a post in a topic Accumulated play time - 10000 hours   

    its free stuff for your dedication, your not entitled to jack shit. look at WoW, you dont get shit for your playtime.
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  2. Fix added a post in a topic Kzarka world boss and Zaka weapon rarity [Poll]   

    kzarka box not dropped on the channel I go on for ~2 weeks+, shitty chances compared to kr with 12h timer.
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  3. Fix added a post in a topic Warrior worst class   

    i came into a 1v2 situation leveling my warrior at 51 around helms and fought a ranger/blader combo and managed to kill the ranger but died to blader few seconds after so its not complete shit. To help people understand the game for a sec, DP stacking is useless unless you out gear by alot. AP>DP scaling has always been the case and always will be, unless they buff DP all you DP stacking warriors will never win.

    warrior is 54 currently, but is secondary to my ranger and plum and somewhat witch.
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  4. Fix added a post in a topic Dear DAUM & PA - this is not an emotional plea   

    there are 3 main rotations, main/north/walls anything other than those 3 are not viable for a group to farm and free to anyone that kills them. if by scraps you mean in the rotation then no they all get cleared fast and always keep your rotation so that you are right on the tail of the respawns.
    nothing should be contested at 47 because you have mansha/crons/catfish/rhutums on multiple channels to find your unimpeded leveling.
    I am fully experienced in the western leveling and availability as I currently have a 56ranger/55plum/54warrior/53witch/45giant and play on the highest populated server.
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  5. Fix added a post in a topic Dear DAUM & PA - this is not an emotional plea   

    <in large guild with control of saus in channels with a queue for party's
    control of saus has not ended because we the geared can clear full main rotation easy with 2-3 people faster than your party of 5 and you wont benefit from it.

    the pvp you argue for was always a 5-10 sec blow them up and they leave, it was never exciting or meaningful pvp.
    The exception was when the large guilds had not settled onto the channels apart from each other and the 24/7 bloodbath at the start.
    I knew this would be coming from the start because our version will eventually line up with the korean version, its much simpler to convert patches when you do not have to adjust the code every time.
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  6. Fix added a post in a topic Suggestion: Stop pushing new content   

    South Korea is tiny, they have better infrastructure because they can cover the entire country and have minimal distance for the data to travel, the technology is the same available in every country that can buy it. They have clearly said they needed to "upgrade" the servers before they could release node wars, how does that not tell you that they could have got them at the beginning but chose not to pay for them.
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  7. Fix added a post in a topic Suggestion: Stop pushing new content   

    Ive just wanted a copy paste of KR BDO from the start so everything in between is just filler time of casual mode, Game is not broken they just went for cheap servers and are now dealing with the technical limitations of them after the fact.
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  8. Fix added a post in a topic Blader/Plum good or useless ?   

    They are terrible in the terms of they are the best at nothing, anything you can do on a blader another class can do better. Play one if you think its fun, I surely enjoy my Plum at 55, but my witch / ranger are far superior in pvp/pve.
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  9. Fix added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    Blader / Plum gods have shown mercy!
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  10. Fix added a post in a topic So it seems many are dissapointed with musa and maewha   

    i-frame nerf killed any chance at pvp viability w/o awakening.
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  11. Fix added a post in a topic Why do you tie the definition of "hardcore player" with unhealthy amount of hours played?   

    saying "hardcore" drugs really puts a positive spin on it, I bet it makes them feel powerful with this new label. /s
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  12. Fix added a post in a topic LOL Even Yoshi's ISLAND Beats BDO on Twitch.tv viewers..   

    April fools!
    Except BDO is boring to watch on twitch, and I love playing the game.
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  13. Fix added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    oh bb
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  14. Fix added a post in a topic An honest question about maintenance times   

    Euro company doing maintenance during euro hours, how is this not expected?
    just like the name reservations, they do them during the hours they work...
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  15. Fix added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

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