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  1. Aviloga added a post in a topic Not Responding on Launch   

    The last two days I've been getting the same issue with "not responding" about every 3 to 5 minutes of gameplay.  Very frustrating.
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  2. Aviloga added a post in a topic Game freeze entire computer.   

    I'm having same issue the last 2 days.  Can't be logged in more than a few minutes and game is freezing up and I'm getting a "not responding" message.  
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  3. Aviloga added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Constant "Not Responding" after 5 min in game
    For the last two days I've been experiencing issues with the game totally freezing and getting a "not responding' message about every 5 to 10 minutes of play time...and sometimes less.  At first it seemed to be in areas where there was snow; but now it's anywhere and at any time.  If my character happens to turn around too quickly it can freeze up and I get the game not responding message.  This is especially frustrating when one has to be logged in for an hour of play time in order to receive a reward, yet I can't stay logged in for more than a few minutes without having to end the game and relog---something I've had to do several times in the last hour.
    Is this a customer side problem (my graphics card), or is it on your side?  I'd gladly purchase a new graphics card, but I'd like to know that would truly fix the issue before spending that kind of money.  If there is some other solution to try first please advise.
    Thank you!
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  4. Aviloga added a post in a topic Witch awakening: floating orbs of disappointment   

    I agree.  Witch awakening looks lame.  I don't mind the floating orbs so much as now all of a sudden becoming more of a pet class.  I don't even like the witch awakening costume.  You go from being covered head to effing toe in something that looks like a heavy blanket with sleeves to some skimpy little dress and heels..?!?  Seriously?  Give me some tight hip-hugger pants and tall boots...THEN maybe throw on a mid-thigh length vest or jacket...and please get rid of those stupid giant bell sleeves. 
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  5. Aviloga added a topic in Suggestions   

    Dear BDO Design Team: 
    What is up with that GOD AWFUL Witch costume that was just introduced?   I realize that next month is October and Halloween is around the corner, but that Witch costume is a JOKE!   Why on earth would anyone spend money for something that's only going to look like you should wear it for a single month out of the year??    
    The class costumes for the Witch are absolutely some of the UGLIEST designs created.  Where is our Amethyst version of the wizard costume?  Nevermind...your designer would come up with some silly looking anime fluff piece with a stupid big BOW (because Witches are of course silly little things that couldn't possible be similar to ohhhhh...the Sorceress for example), or something equally horrid.   
    So far the best looking costumes seem to be for either the Sorceress, Valkyrie, or Ranger.  Wearing a big danged floppy hat with funky looking long robes that have sleeves too wide is boring and tiresome; please find a new clothing designer.  Better yet........have whomever is designing for the sorceress put forth a little effort for the witch.  Just because we chose the witch class doesn't mean we don't appreciate looking a little dangerous and sexy--or that we always want our character covered up in what looks like a big blanket with sleeves.
    Thank you!   
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  6. Aviloga added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    Yeah.....a compass.  Sure looks like it was made in ....what century??  Doesn't matter if it's a compass, because in game it's going to look like a watch.  Even that stupid sailor costume looks like something from the 19th century.
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  7. Aviloga added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    Doesn't matter what the big picture shows.....it looks like a friggin' watch when it's on your character and no one is gonna look that closely at the face of the damn thing.
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  8. Aviloga added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    I AGREE!!  In a game where there are wagons instead of trucks, horses instead of cars, why in the HELL would you keep introducing lame-ass costume sh*t that totally takes you out of the game.  Come freakin' on.....a g'damned costume of a MAID?  A riding costume that looks like it's as recent as last century?  Next thing it will be giant lollypop weapon skins.  I understand there is a population of people that just have to have sexy little costumes for their character....but at LEAST make it look like something that fits the fantasy period and NOT something you buy at a costume store in this century.
    How about getting some more hairstyles?  Those could use some updating.   Or how about adding an additional inventory tab for crafting items, like the herbs you gather or wood you chop, so that they don't take up a ton of room in your bag? 
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  9. Aviloga added a post in a topic Authentication Server DDOS - NA   

    STILL with the disconnects?  Seems like the network issue is escalating.  I had fewer problems logging in and playing since the DDOS announcement Wednesday than I did yesterday evening and this morning.  Logged in at least 3 times on two different servers, and within seconds I get a network disconnect message.  Is this part of the DDOS, or do you need some beefier servers to handle the traffic?
    The nifty little gifts you provide in game for the inconvenience are nice, but this is very frustrating. 
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  10. Aviloga added a post in a topic Channel Restart - NA Orwen Mediah 2 - completed   

    I have to agree with just about everyone.  I've been kicked out of the game 5 times on the Uno server today and always after getting a "file corrupted, run repair in launcher" type message (which, by the way, does NOT exist.)    This isn't new though....I've had these issues for several weeks, though not so many as today.  Usually I simply delete the version.dat in the BDO files, re-launch the launcher, and allow the system to update.  Not too bad a process except that it no longer seems to be running the latest patch but now has to load up 34+gigs of data THEN it kicks to the latest patch after that.  I can handle having to delete and reload every few days (though that's frustrating too), but not two or three times in a day.  Is there something else going on besides the DDOS attack?
    Oh, and I did find the recommendation on the support site that suggests changing the name of the 'version.dat' file to config.filecheck.  It's doing it's thing, so hopefully this will take care of it.
    UPDATE:  After system "did it's thing" and repaired the files (took a couple of hours), I think I got to play maybe 10 or 15 minutes before game disconnected again.  I didn't bother trying to play again until this morning.  All seemed fine for about an hour, but disconnected while auto-fishing.  In the last 2 hours I've had 6 disconnects.  I sure hope the next patch will help alleviate some of this.
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  11. Aviloga added a post in a topic CBT2 - Maintenance 20.02 - COMPLETED!   

    Is anyone else getting the message "File corrupted, use repair in launcher" only to find there IS NO repair function in the launcher?  I've submitted to support.  I can log in, but as soon as it opens to play I get the above error message.  Clicking the 'ok' closes the message and the game.  I tried not closing the box, but then NPCs, mobs, and other players are invisible.  Can't even see the chat screen.   
    Is there a repair file somewhere we can download?
    Found the solution to my earlier post regarding getting the "File corrupted, use repair from launcher" message.  In the Black Desert folder delete the version.dat file, then relaunch and allow launcher to patch again.  Got this solution from someone in forums...it's not mine, but seems to be working for me.
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  12. Aviloga added a post in a topic NAME RESERVATION AND CBT2 INFO   

    Thank you to everyone that replied to other posters questions about HOW to reserve a family name.  I too was wondering what to expect and how to do that when the client isn't yet available......other games where that was an option seem to be all done IN game.  The idea of filling out a page had me questioning exactly how this was supposed to work.  Again, to those who were patient and understanding enough to help mitigate some confusion, your answers are appreciated.
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