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  1. Almighty added a post in a topic What feature in other games would you like to see in this one?   

    1. Tab targeting
    2. Holy Trinity
    3. Cry babies complaining about loss of immersion exit stage left
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  2. Almighty added a post in a topic $9000 gaming laptop?   

    But it doesn't have an optical drive!  No Blu Ray!  Not even DVD!  WTF?
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  3. Almighty added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    Is the company sleeping at this hour?  They don't know the servers are down?
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  4. Almighty added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    Servers are UP!!!
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  5. Almighty added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    Confirmed small update in the last few minutes to say "Dark Knight now available"
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  6. Almighty added a post in a topic Reroll to DK ?   

    I will definitely be re-rolling to a Dark Knight the moment the class is available after patch.  I figure there will be a massive number of people to start and then it will begin to drop as some are just there to try it out.  But my plan is to move away from the Ranger and play Dark Knight permanently.
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  7. Almighty added a post in a topic Is Multiboxing allowed?   

    To challenge what everyone has replied here, I will state the following:
    You're all giving examples of what groups of players and guilds of players do in MMORPGs.  You're stating them as if you don't like what groups of players and guilds of players do and comparing that to one player playing one account.  Except that you're using multiboxing in all of your examples instead of groups and guilds of players.  Everything that you've stated is what groups of players and guilds do in all MMORPGs.  So all of you are arguing against the design of the MMORPG in that groups of players and guilds of players can form and do the very things that you're all stating that multiboxers do.
    If you do not like the design of the MMORPG in that groups of players and guilds of players can form to do things that cause a single player to be disadvantaged, then maybe the MMORPG is not the game for you.
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  8. Almighty added a post in a topic Is Multiboxing allowed?   

    keep in mind the only person that was multibxing. only played 4. also keep in mind its limited to one client per computer. and there are so much stuns and nockbacks and nock downs in this game that u could solo a multiboxer.
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  9. Almighty added a topic in General   

    Everyone in the USA is entitled to a refund
    If you have pre-ordered the game and the game is not yet released, you are entitled to a refund if you live in the United States of America.  You have 4 hours and 30 minutes from now before you can contact your payment company (paypal, visa, mastercard) to dispute if you desire to get a refund.  Once the game launches(releases) you cannot do that.
    It doesn't matter what the company states the terms of a refund.  If they state you have 14 days and you can't get a refund if you have accessed closed beta test 2 or 1, it doesn't matter.  It's what the law states in the United States of America where you live.  You must contact the payment company in order to get your refund.  Contacting Daum Games will only delay the process of getting your money back.
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  10. Almighty added a post in a topic Is Multiboxing allowed?   

    a server box can only hold 20 servers depending on the size of the cabent u buy. also keep in mind u wont have a video card in them so i doubt it will work
    In MMORPGs that have millions of players there are many ways to play them. There is no limit to the play style of multiboxing in those games. This is one of the attractions to those MMORPGs because of many things to do. In contrast there are many fewer players in MMORPGs which restrict game play especially when it comes to playing many accounts. Black Desert Online is new to North America. As a suggestion, you don't want to lose your player base by placing restrictions that aren't in other MMORPGs that are available to play in North America.

    The words in the Terms of Service is in regards to automation which is not what multiboxing is about. The player is at the keyboard with multiboxing and nothing happens if the player doesn't use the keyboard/mouse.
    If you don't want players to use one keyboard and mouse to play many accounts at the same time then you should have stated that before instead of using the term "simultaneously". To answer your question involves knowing first what the targeting system and how the combat works in regards to other MMORPGs. With other MMORPGs that have tab targeting, the multiboxer using one keyboard and mouse is functionally equivalent to the same number of players with a slight disadvantage to the multiboxer. With a target reticle as in Black Desert Online, using one keyboard and mouse the multiboxer is at a severe disadvantage when compared to the same number of real players. Regardless of PvE or PvP, the multiboxer will always not be fully functional when the game has a targeting reticle. So to answer the question, the scenario is using one keyboard/mouse and when input is being given the input is passed to the other computers. It's not automatic, it's just passed at the same time.
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  11. Almighty added a post in a topic Is Multiboxing allowed?   

    keep in mind u have to use multiple computers to multibox this game. i highly doubt someone could multibox 20 let alone 100 accs. on this game even with low graphics. it would freeze every single client on each computer
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  12. Almighty added a post in a topic Is Multiboxing allowed?   

    Software. but it is being used to control them a player is broadcasting keys. u said it was allowed u never said anything about software u said simultaneously. also if im not at the keyboard then nothing will happen but if i am then something will happen. its not automation since i have to be at the keyboard to make it work. just like on wow play 80accs and been doing so for 8yrs.
    im guessing gm_gemu msged u and u made a mistake in ur wording.
    but thank for the response
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  13. Almighty added a post in a topic Is Multiboxing allowed?   

    ya well there just stalling  untill official release so we ccant get a refund. so that comes to show u what kind of company this is. its simple just say so on the thread or say so ingame msg Almighty on edan calpheon e2. bc right now logged in with all leveling up
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  14. Almighty added a post in a topic Is Multiboxing allowed?   

    we need an answer for that. but its no diffrent with me just going out and buying a usb box with four other outputs and then plug it into the back of all the computers and do it like that. its hardware then not software.
    also keep in mind the multiboxing is broadcasting keypresses so if a human is not at the keyboard nothing will happen.
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  15. Almighty added a post in a topic Is Multiboxing allowed?   

    true but as jouska said one computer isnt allowed on bdo. using multiple computers is allowed
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