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  1. α added a post in a topic Tokugawa Bakufu is a new guild recruiting brave souls.   

    英語が上手ですが、なんか ちょっと外国語・日本語っぽい表現を使ったので、
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  2. α added a post in a topic Tenacious - Recruiting open | Active| PvX/PvP | Node Wars | No Level or AP/DP requirements | Lvl 56+   

    If you guys are still recruiting, do you guys have +3 fishing or +3 gathering? 
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  3. α added a post in a topic The sense of grind in bdo   

    I agree that grind cap is way too high. 

    I personally would like all gear to be capped to TRI and no further. [This still would take a very long time (ie. Tri basilisk, ogre ring, etc) but wouldn't escalate to no-life mode]

    Afterwards, it should be grinding for aesthetics. Something like GW.
    or maybe you want a different gear set depending on your role in node wars. 

    This way, gear gap isn't huge and it becomes more of a skill based game. 
    People then can actually practice teamwork and combat skills rather than grinding endlessly and having your gears do most of the heavy lifting. 

    Long respawn time in node wars, so things like ambush would actually do stuff would be so good.
    Instead of the current "attack there, rangers in the back and sorc on the flanks," 
    The strategy element is near non-existent. The battle is pretty much decided by which side is more geared and has more number. 
    The only strategy element is base placement which is also pretty iffy due to so much restrictions. I guess politics is also another, which is fine. 
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  4. α added a topic in US Guild   

    LF +3 Fishing Casual Guild
    lvl 56 ranger coming back from half a year hiatus. 
    No longer interested in competitive scene as I got a lot of things to do IRL.

    If interested, please leave a post here or send me a pm.  (I'm only interested if it has +3 fishing or is planning to get it soon) 
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  5. α added a post in a topic <Sky Strike> Competitive PvP [Edan]   

    So many salty kyoukai, that is why I will never join that weaboo guild. 
    Please tell me how Kyoukai so far took balenos by themselves without any help? Lol k. Your dumb KFC alliance failed you. 
    Move on. 

    Grats skystrike. I'm happy not a bunch of salty losers took balenos. Hold that territory brother. 
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  6. α added a post in a topic Anti-P2W is NOT just about the money   

    I'm sorry I did not realise you were an outlier in the distribution of intelligence. No wonder what I wrote sounded like babbling. 
    This is my defeat indeed. 
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  7. α added a post in a topic Anti-P2W is NOT just about the money   

    Do you know what an argument is? Okay, lets suppose it is an inductive argument. Did you call an inductive argument invalid? 
    I don't think you know what that word means. Philosophically and scientifically. 
    Yes, majority of BDO players love EVERY aspect of BDO. Especially waiting for relic scroll boss to summon. So exciting. 
    So people who "work" at NPO for nothing isn't really work? Dude.. you should stop already. 

    The point of the thread was that there are reasons beyond money as to why some are anti-P2W. Whether you feel this is "valid" or not doesn't falsify people's perception.
    I mean I thought this shit was obvious from the title and the word "factor." 
    Also I did not support any of these "arguments" with premises. 

    Read what argument & validity means again, friend. Then try again. 
    You slander McDonald workers, yet your education level seems lower than the lowest of the McDonald workers. 
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  8. α added a post in a topic Anti-P2W is NOT just about the money   

    Do you own a strawman factory by any chance?

    Notice words like "not just about the money" and "other factors (besides money)."
    It should be pretty obvious I did not say money did not matter at all.

    2. When did I ever claim you SHOULD fight for grind spots? Grind spot fighting is a form of pvp that many pvp players enjoy. 

    3.What they said was they may implant cash shop to ingame currency transaction. They however, said they would not implement any elements that are clearly p2w. 

    Read my post at least 3x before posting next time.
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  9. α added a topic in General   

    Anti-P2W is NOT just about the money
    "If you have a job, you shouldn't care about P2W"
    This is such a shitty argument. I don't know which animal came up with this. Anyone with a half a brain could come up with a better argument. 
    Yet, I keep seeing this crap over and over. 

    3 other factors why people are against P2W 

    1. People who grinded hard until now, their work becomes little to nothing.
    This is an issue regarding sense of achievement & justice, not money. 

    2. Why grind? Why fight for grind spots? When you can work extra shifts and make more silver?
    This is a concern for the gaming experience. 

    3. Daum claimed no P2W. They broke their promise.
    This is an issue regarding trust.
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  10. α added a post in a topic ☯<Kyoukai> [Edan] R> Lvl 56+ & 400+ AP/DP Node War Focus Members | 18+ Age | Chill | Active | PvP & GvG & Node Wars | TS3 Mandatory | Guild Bosses/Buffs   

    nobody. barely got killed ever. I barely killed them too. nice try though trying to derail. 
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  11. α added a post in a topic ☯<Kyoukai> [Edan] R> Lvl 56+ & 400+ AP/DP Node War Focus Members | 18+ Age | Chill | Active | PvP & GvG & Node Wars | TS3 Mandatory | Guild Bosses/Buffs   

    Excessive gaming & social degenerates in the West tend to watch anime it seems. 
    Nothing about this guild makes sense. 
    By kyoukai, they probably meant "organisation" 協会; Like as in company, corporation, etc. 
    not 教会 church, or 境界 border.
    It is a Chinese loan word, I don't understand why they insist on using Japanese readings when so many homonyms exist. 

    Then the random Ying & Yang, coming from Daoism, which discourages organisation, strong ambition, aggressive wars, etc.  
    Completely contradicts how Kyoukai the guild is organised internally and their aims/objectives. 
    I'm not quite sure if they realise that they look like -----ing retards to Japanese people especially. 

    At the end of the day, I'm wasting my breathe. What can we honestly expect from people who worship a country because they like their cartoons? little to nothing.  
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  12. α added a post in a topic < Prey > Edan ll PVP ll NODE WAR ll TEAM PLAYER   

    Do you guys have a discord link? I have some questions about prey, im thinking of applying
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  13. α added a post in a topic How to fight field boss   

    thank you everyone, will give food and EES shot a try. 
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  14. α added a topic in Ranger   

    How to fight field boss
    so far, I've been using wotw -> shotgun spam.
    now with no stamina recovery for razor wind and TA, I don't know what I'm suppose to do when I run out of stamina.
    Do you guys just stand there looking at the boss until stamina recovers? 
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  15. α added a post in a topic ▷▶» <LeVeL> «◀◁ ● [EDAN] ● PvX - Life Skill Focus - Casual ● Discord ● Mature 20+ ● Active/Fun/Organize || *NEW Guild Boss Video & ScreenShots Inside || Gathering +2 Fishing +2, etc ||   

    Former member of LeVeL here. 
    This is a great guild. Probably has the highest knowledge regarding life skills.
    This is evident in how they dominate the top 30 life skill board on calphe2, which is quite a busy channel. 
    No elitists, and very diverse age group. Highly recommended. 
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  16. α added a post in a topic <PlayerKillers> A home for the homeless. (Edan Server)   

    If you are a carebear, just be the right kind. 
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  17. α added a post in a topic +15 Bheg's Gloves brag thread - Who has them ?   

    Did you farm the cobelinus gem? That thing is impossible to buy off auction house. 
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  18. α added a post in a topic Stop listening to carebears   

    lol I know, either they are in denial or they can't seem to understand that their elitist bullshit actually drives away those carebears.
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  19. α added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    You should not interpret people's positions into worst possible interpretation.

    It makes perfect sense. 
    Probability wise, yes, people who dedicate their lives to this game are more likely to spend money on the cashshop. Yet, those dysfunctional few are a small minority.
    Yes, casual players have higher turn over rate. Yes, they spend less. But there are TONS of them. Thus, they pay the bills. 
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  20. α added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


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  21. α added a post in a topic 135/157 Lvl 55 Wiz LFG   

    All I can tell you is don't join EMORTALS. Their members go around PKing people unnecessarily in an empty farming area. 
    Take one of their mobs by accident? Be farming in an area that they like?, despite similar alternative areas being open? Expect to get flagged and ganked. 
    I don't know, maybe they have a lot of autistic members. It is a "hardcore" guild after all. 
    Take it with a grain of salt though. Anecdotes don't represent the whole guild (less than 7 encounters). 
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  22. α added a post in a topic Why is Recruiting so difficult?   

    1. Guild description is vague & extremely general
    PvP focused + Family-like + helping lower members
    This description fits like almost every PvP guilds out there. It is so vague and unhelpful. 
    Solution: Action speaks louder than words. How are you going to help them? Perhaps giving them a taste of guides you had written could help. 
    In other words, bold vague claims about future is worthless
    (ie. I'm going to train members in pvp VS. here is the training regime for PvP I have designed. Here is the pdf, take a look) 
    Which one is better? 

    2. Strange promises
    This "family" thing is nonsensical. You can't force or even predict how members will react. Even with these so called family guilds, you often get bunch of cliques. So it is only family for probably you and few other older members. Why does this thing matter? Well this affects member retention. 
    Many are also aware that when guild cannot gain enough members, they resort to calling their guild family like environment. 
    3. Little incentive, high risk
    New guilds lack guild perks (ie. fishing bonus, protection) Thus, it is disadvantageous to join a new guild.  
    Many are aware of this fact. You need to be able to compensate them somehow. 

     Ask yourself
    a. How does your guild differ from hundreds of pvp focused guilds?
    b. Why should people join yours over them? 

    If you don't have good reply to these, you can't convince people to join.
    Also, it is never too late to start a guild. Just like Roman Empire, large guilds can and do collapse. 
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  23. α added a post in a topic Abandoned Monastary   

    That is a faulty analogy. The point of FPS is to kill the opponent to win the round. It is essential part of the game.
    Depriving other, just so you can farm better is not essential part of the game. 

    If working within the game mechanics is all that matters, do you sanction scamming fellow members, abusing guild power/money for personal benefit?

    I wouldn't because there are real human beings behind those characters.
    I'm going to treat them just like how I would like to be treated. If the spot is so contested to the point that sharing is just silly, then ask for 1v1, etc. 
    After an agreement, duke it out. That, I have no problem with.

    don't worry guys, many serial killers and rapists are very pleasant to interact with, unless you are the victim. It is irrelevant whether you are nice in some situations or not.  
    The essence of my post is that you can't arbitrarily claim shit then abuse your power the moment you have the chance. 
    If you aren't there when it spawned, it isn't yours.  
    Please break away from your delusional sense of entitlement,
    What you are doing is ethically wrong. If you want to be a massive ----- just because of all the frustration you have built up from faking nice in real life, then just say it. Stop trying to justify your malevolent actions. 
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  24. α added a post in a topic Abandoned Monastary   

    They are not YOUR mobs. You don't have a claim on them. The only mob you legitimately have a claim to is the one you are gathering. 
    I can't claim the public beach all mine just because I arrived first. 
    Even if I had the power, I wouldn't kick them out of the beach because they have much right to be there as I.

    Try thinking about other people for once. It will help you achieve stuff in real life.
    Consequently, you won't become such a deplorable loser to go autistic mode on meaningless virtual achievements. 
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  25. α added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger