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  1. Zameroth added a topic in Off-Topic   

    compute spec help!!
    hello guys right now i am running with a intel dual core 2.7ghz 6gig ram and gtx 120 and well it SUKS!!!! i have the option to buy this computer for 200$ but not sure if it will be worth it? can someone tell me what setting and approx what fps id get? Intel Core i7-2600 (8M cache, 3.4GHz) 16gig ram, AMD radeon HD6450 DDR3 graphics, i dont need to be max settings but would at least to be able to play the game properly specially if i could just update the video card and be golden????
    • 2 replies
  2. Zameroth added a post in a topic UPGRADE MY OLD PC!!!   

    Lame thats what i was afraid of, thank  god i can run on low settings for now thanks guys
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  3. Zameroth added a topic in General   

    hey guys i was just wondering if it is possible to replace just the processor right now in my pc? it seems to be the worst thing holding me back on the game at the moment? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001NW35HY/?tag=ataofhoco-20 is what i have for a crap PC or is there no Possessor compatible with that computer and ill have to buy a new RIG? i plan on upgrading the video card in the near future as well just dont have alot of spare cash atm
    • 4 replies
  4. Zameroth added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance December 22nd   

    yeah about ready to say fk BDO and leave again im getting fet up working 14hrs and coming home to down time everyday. or DC every 10mins
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  5. Zameroth added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance December 22nd   

    well that is super frustrating work 14hrs and look forward to coming home and playing my AWAKEN wizard to just to get sooo close to handing in awaken and poof down time... so annoying , they should have tested it before plopping it into the game ffs
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  6. Zameroth added a post in a topic [EVENT] Christmas Santa Drops   

    Hey guys what all does Santa Drop? just don't know if I will even continue to bother cause all I'm getting is the stuff I got on Halloween lol
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  7. Zameroth added a post in a topic Getting real tired of these back to back DC's   

    yah man 3 in the last 10mins trying to grind out 55 to 56 and with all the DCs no luck going to give up for the night its fkn ridiculous 
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  8. Zameroth added a post in a topic Unexpected error 900   

    im not really geared 152ap/177dp wizard where am i grinding to get fomr 50-56 for 2 hours?
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  9. Zameroth added a post in a topic Unexpected error 900   

    this really sucks, i need to push for 56 and and with all these downtimes and these dc's and erorrs thats never going to happen
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  10. Zameroth added a post in a topic Unexpected error 900   

    yeah just got dc and now have this error this is ridiculous all the issues im having with this game is making me really consider why i left everquest2 for this constant DC and errors. fix your darn game
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  11. Zameroth added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 14th   

    yeah it is i dont think there is much event lol
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  12. Zameroth added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 14th   

    so the event is just santa flying around dropping gifts? i dont collect crap to turn in for boxes or anything?
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  13. Zameroth added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 14th ** Updated **   

    for me its 2am its down so its in the evening for me lol

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  14. Zameroth added a post in a topic class for low FPS?   

    yeah ive been playing wizard just about 51 now thanks  so far so good
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  15. Zameroth added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 14th ** Updated **   

    anyone have any pics of wizard outfits for Christmas?
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