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  1. Tom added a post in a topic Why doesn't Jouska like me? :(   

    This thread is cancer
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  2. Tom added a post in a topic Potion Spamming: A possible solution   

    1 minute cooldowns, once per fight. We all have self heals, potions should be a one time per fight only deal.
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  3. Tom added a post in a topic How old are you and what is your favorite game?   

    23 and Star Wars Knights of the old Republic
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  4. Tom added a post in a topic [poll] Ok, im done with the tamer! Gief blader already!   

    Can we just stop with threads like these?
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  5. Tom added a post in a topic KR grindfest stigma   

    You guys don't know what grinding is unless you played the original Silkroad Online
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  6. Tom added a post in a topic Pre-order offers are now available!   

    The game is still in Closed Beta Testing, you'll have to wait until the game is released.
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  7. Tom added a post in a topic Night time is to dark   

    It is
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  8. Tom added a post in a topic Night time is to dark   

    Seriously? You're moaning about having to change colour filters? This is one of the few games that have dynamic weather systems, any games that used to have them got it taken away due to people crying about not being able to see, stop ruining this shit for people who actually want dynamic weather, who want it difficult to see because stormy weather isn't a walk in the park, because if I can train in the middle of the night, pitch black, with the wind and rain howling around me, that's how I want to bloody well train.
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  9. Tom added a post in a topic Night time is to dark   

    It isn't really dark so far, your monitor isn't set to a high enough brightness
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  10. Tom added a topic in Suggestions   

    Reduce price to recover Donkey.
    As it stands, it's currently 10,000 silver to recover your Donkey, I think that's a bit too steep for a beginner as you're not likely to have the donkey for very long other than the beginning.
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  11. Tom added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: Tom
    Family Name: Tom

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  12. Tom added a topic in General   

    Post your screenshots
    Hi guys, if you come across any fun bugs or sweet screenshots you've taken post them here  
    Here's one I took earlier..

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  13. Tom added a post in a topic Anyone know when CBT2 starts?   

    CBT2 will be a while after CBT1, at least a month or so, I think I saw a schedule but I can't remember.
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  14. Tom added a post in a topic Quick PSA about the Launcher   

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  15. Tom added a post in a topic The bestest of key giveways...   

    you suck, give me a key
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