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  1. Pusshi added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Person has a name that doesn't show
    So i was up by the Hexe Sanctuary and came across this gem. Tried to relog and yet nothing shows, neither family name nor character name. And since this doesn't happen with anyone else's character shouldn't this not be allowed? My guess is special characters were uses that the client doesn't recognize. But is it's just a bug it's a bit annoying that even without the ghillie suit suit i can't see his name.

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  2. Pusshi added a post in a topic pearl store   

    Patch notes would be nice. 
    you first, gtfo if you don't like the post.
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  3. Pusshi added a topic in General   

    Everyone is so angry about the launch
    And i just want the cash shop to be up. LET ME SPEND MONEY DAUM Q.Q
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  4. Pusshi added a post in a topic So right from start they mess up?   

    Game launched 4 days ago? Why are you so late to the party?
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  5. Pusshi added a post in a topic Launching a game 5 hours late looks really bad for a company.   

    What is all of this talk of a late launch? The launch was on the 28th, and it was awesome.
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  6. Pusshi added a post in a topic 6 hours maintenance on launch day?   

    Slight misinformation, the prices are not fixed, they are controlled by daum. That's why weapon blackstones were selling for 250k+/- and now are up for around 500k+/-
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  7. Pusshi added a post in a topic Auto run loop?!?!   

    I imagine it's because they want people to get gains while playing. Unlike fishing which has some rng to whether you get decent exp or not, horse and stamina training is linear.
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  8. Pusshi added a post in a topic Can you release the client patch already?   

    Same here man, if its a 1-2Gb patch i'm going to miss out on hours of my headstart.
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  9. Pusshi added a post in a topic Mechanical Keyboard   

    Anything Ducky is good in my book, I just wanted the RGB prettiness. More people need to know about these keyboards.
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  10. Pusshi added a post in a topic Mechanical Keyboard   

    its the way the keys themselves behave, thus why i use cherry reds for playing games. Such a glorious linear switch, but i want another ducky with blues for typing >.<
    Once you use a mech its hard to go back to the horrible experience that is membrane.
    Also I use a Ducky Shine 5 RGB
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  11. Pusshi added a post in a topic What will you be listening to while you level?   

    All of The Mars Volta's albums on loop the whole damn time!
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  12. Pusshi added a post in a topic Anyone else continually trying to patch their launcher   

    Yeah i'm waiting so i can go to sleep while it updates ( slow internet life)
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  13. Pusshi added a post in a topic The No GO´s of BDO!   

    then you wont have the fun of playing with real people, doing GvG warfare, coordinating attack plans and such.
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  14. Pusshi added a post in a topic The No GO´s of BDO!   

    I think of it like this, I will have to work, on my own, for my own achievements. If I'm broke, i have to fix that myself. And the bonus of it all is that its impossible to sell gold within a reasonable price point, since the only way i can think to do it is selling the whole account.
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  15. Pusshi added a post in a topic The No GO´s of BDO!   

    you don't and i LOVE it. None of that "gear up the old members and give them a free ride" bs that is the cancer of guilds.
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