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  1. Vesiga added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    1 month if you play it at least 8hrs a day, and know what you're doing. 
    2 months if you're a bit more casual, and are learning. 
    3 months max if RNG hates you. 
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  2. Vesiga added a post in a topic Shudad Costume Poll   

    That thread necro. 
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  3. Vesiga added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    ...lol there hasnt been an emergency maint in a very... very... very long time. chill out its not regular basis. 
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  4. Vesiga added a post in a topic Ahon Kirus Armor   

    movement speed elixir or foodbuff maybe? even though theres better food buffs out there, elixir might work out. 
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  5. Vesiga added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    okay, but it's still funny that people are acting so mad like if their faces are turning bright red. over 2hrs. 

    as you explained you've done server maints before for something, it could be different for games like this, as every game i've ever played maints are like this, and the community reacts like they're foaming at the mouth - Vindictus for an example on maints/community reaction, but literally any game i've played - other than warframe - has decently long maints.

    if you take it as an insult to the community - oh well. 
    it's still funny that people have to react that way. 

    People threaten to play another game, or stop spending money on this game over a emergency maint taking 2hrs. 
    y'all know you're gonna spend more, and cool off when the servers are back up lol. 
    You're gonna get bored of whatever you end up switching to, for a week. 

    People lose their chill too easy is my point. 
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  6. Vesiga added a post in a topic Ahon Kirus Armor   

    this is one of the best free costumes tbh
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  7. Vesiga added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    Seeing everyone complain is hilarious. 
    Especially the people writing like they're screeching as if they'd do it better or faster. 

    and then demanding compensation.

    Its 2hrs, go watch netflix, or take a nap, or eat, or go do something in life. 

    "Is jus gaem. why you heff to be mad"
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  8. Vesiga added a post in a topic Ive been kicked out of my spot   

    there's a few ways to fix this.

    Ignore them, forcing them to leave from being bored, or theyll try to flag on you instead (if they zip away wanting to play keep away, just go back to grinding ignore cat and mouse)

    Get some friends or guildies to pop on by, more people, more expendable karma, or more people to join your party and kill the whole map leaving the griefer to sit there waiting on respawns

    or dec on them if possible
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  9. Vesiga added a post in a topic DK Dande Pre-Order price?   

    I'll have like 2b ready for whenever I see a TET. Gotta camp the market hard. 
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  10. Vesiga added a post in a topic Fomorian Guild Recruiting!   

    Still recruiting~ 
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  11. Vesiga added a post in a topic Golden chest loot   

    ive found 2, but never had a key. 
    now I have a key and can never find them
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  12. Vesiga added a post in a topic Dark Knight lvl 56 Awakening skills and what they do!   

    That awakening buff skill though *-*
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  13. Vesiga added a post in a topic Fomorian Guild Recruiting!   

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