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  1. Dank added a post in a topic Pay Up   

    just dabbling into the forums a little, things aren't the same after the GMs let me be framed and merged my posts with an impostor :sob: 
    everything about these forums is pure cancer, I hope the new ones we get have at least better formatting. 
    you don't represent Edan, you just happen to be the only guild who actually wastes time fighting the lesser non Edan guilds. 
    i'm usually around valencia these days at pila ku, pls even if I do get pooped on I welcome the pvp break while grinding. 
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  2. Dank added a post in a topic kutum/nouver ?   

    why tho? So that the kutum gets use in pve an the saiyer in pvp and the nouver literally sits there?
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  3. Dank added a post in a topic Anyone know how to make a Human like Ears for DK?   

    Obviously not because it's not supposed to. 
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  4. Dank added a post in a topic Pay Up   

    like when you went after the new girl at susans while you knew I was at pirates today? 
    sure taught her didn't you. 

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  5. Dank added a post in a topic Pay Up   

    well color me *surprised* the only saltier person on BDO than me 
    When will you get memed on so hard you end PRX again? 
    Are you still kicking your members for calling themselves a lapdog guild? 

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  6. Dank added a post in a topic Pay Up   

    orwen cuckolds
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  7. Dank added a post in a topic Role of DK in node wars?   

    he's right, awakening turns every class face roll to begin with but the damage op af considering the aoe and distance range. Add in the fact all of our skills move us away from our enemies or closer to them if needed. 
    Literally don't see how anyone doesn't realize our kit is perfect 
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  8. Dank added a post in a topic I Member!   

    Have patience, 2017 ain't over yet. 
    The memes can only remain stale for so long.
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  9. Dank added a post in a topic Connection Issues   

    i can easily say that in my experience the issue is with those exact channels the guy I quoted listed but I thought you guys had already informed us we may experience an issue with those channels due to them being reverse proxied? 
    I'm not familiar with how internet infrastructure works but I'm fairly certain trying to research what the problem is would be redundant considering you all have already told us what the possible issues are with those channels so I hope that helps your teams find a resolution faster.
    I can possibly try a vpn and a different dns server address just to see if that works as a bandaid for now and have others try it as well.
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  10. Dank added a post in a topic Lazy Peon as Sorc "Game Sucks!" Lazy Peon as Wiz "Best MMORPG on the market"   

    how can anyone stand the non american accent and actually watch one of the videos
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  11. Dank added a post in a topic Dark Knight Discord Server   

    Red name WHEN???
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  12. Dank added a post in a topic HEAL   

    lol "15 hr sessions", GL with the pots for that
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  13. Dank added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    This is overall a real over reactive post, specially the title.
    Dude maybe if you didn't get that t4 and instead had 4 t3s you wouldn't have that issue
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  14. Dank added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    Same shit for margoria being a hub for lifeskillers none of you complained then
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  15. Dank added a post in a topic Valencia needs tweaks   

    leave it as it is that way you roaches stay at susans and pirates cesspool, bad enough gahaz is getting worse but I definitely like the fact it gates out many of the shit cans
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