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  1. Devia added a post in a topic Classes with PvE sustain   

    witch/wizards never need any pots -> they have two heals
    kunoichi has a very good sustain aoe which doesn't require them to have any pots either
    other classes no idea
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  2. Devia added a post in a topic How many Shakatu Seals can you get?   

    no one in this thread knows the actual answer
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  3. Devia added a post in a topic So in really tough grind spots (like Kamasylvia mobs), which classes grind best?   

    a couple KR streamers have said that the only classes that can solo farm kama mobs are wiz witch dk
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  4. Devia added a post in a topic Is it possible to only buy gear?   

    if you have to ask if you can afford to buy end-game pre-enhanced gear on forums, chances are you are far away from that reality.
    i have multiple tet gear and each one of them has been cheaper to enhance than straight up buy off market.
    both enhancing your own and buying off market are games of patience.
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  5. Devia added a post in a topic Pre Ordering (Witch) Dande Aad Sphera?   

    i got my tri dande wizard for 1.2bill after failing preorder @ 1.1bill
    i would assume the similar for witch
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  6. Devia added a post in a topic Let's Talk Gear And Controlled Market   

    these items are never in stock, and when one is listed up they are bid on by hundreds of players and instantly bought out. the prices would not go down - simple supply and demand. in fact, prices will skyrocket.
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  7. Devia added a post in a topic Help A Newbie Choose A Class?   

    while DK is the strongest at the moment, it's wiser to try out the classes and see which playstyle you see yourself not getting bored of after hundreds of hours of grinding.
    For example, I rolled a DK during the hype and kind of regret investing so much into gearing her up because her PVE rotation is 90% pressing shift+RMB.
    It's also important to note that in the developer interview, they explicitly said that all other classes will be getting buffed to be on par with DK/Witch/Wizards instead of nerfing DK/Witch/Wizards, so if you stick with whichever class you like, you will eventually see buffs for that class which will bring it in line to the OP ones.
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  8. Devia added a post in a topic Class that hit like a truck.   

    maewha probably has the only legitimate/reliable 1-hit-KO skill in the game.
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  9. Devia added a post in a topic Costume vouchers?   

    what vouchers?
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  10. Devia added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    what is the gearscore requirement to get in your guild? would love to join
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  11. Devia added a post in a topic Can you please add sPvP arenas?   

    right because you have experience in doing this...? They didn't add this in korea. they added a temporary battlefield JUST for events that requires a lot of customization by devs before each event to set up.
    P.S.  wasn't trying to be smirky, was just saying don't underestimate the amount of effort that goes into development of any feature - big or small.
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  12. Devia added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    they dont have a guild
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  13. Devia added a post in a topic Can you please add sPvP arenas?   

    As much as this forum likes to give crap to developers and the publisher, even you cannot be THIS ignorant as to call a big feature like that as 'nothing hard'
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  14. Devia added a post in a topic [Event] Book of Combat Exp and How i miss it   

    just keep playing and you get it from accumulating like 5000 hours played or something
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