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  1. Amira added a post in a topic witch/wiz Teleport   

    but then i need to learn a new class, so i would rater stick to the combo i know and then change once ultimate comes out.
    but thx for the help.
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  2. Amira added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    witch/wiz Teleport
    anyone know how to remove shift+ space teleport?(ofc without messing up the rest of the combos that uses shift)
    Im so used this skill not activate when doing the combo its messing with my skills.
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  3. Amira added a post in a topic Is there boss gear failstack guide?   

    all i have to say is git gud.
    RNG is RNG. tried using a different character?
    for some reason 1 character have better RNG then another one, and some even have better RNG at some items then others.
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  4. Amira added a post in a topic iiii actually hate the new trade in system.   

    let us turn in when overweight = most of the problem solved.
    dosnt matter if you bring a wagon/horse with you when you can max turn in 3-4k each turn due to weight of silver at the end.
    if you could turn the silver to gold bars at the same NPC then most of the problems would also be fixed(like at pirates and bandana hand in)
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  5. Amira added a post in a topic How to stack unlimited items of the same type on horse ?   

    yes the movement is lower, but to speed it up just take it all in your inventory wile riding and problem solved.
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  6. Amira added a post in a topic Black stone event needed   

    tbh i dont see the reason for these black stone events. they only push the price down.
    and if it wasnt for the shitty RNG event boxes there would not be a shortage on stones in the first place.
    just wait for the events to end and you will have the market full of stones again.
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  7. Amira added a post in a topic Pvp at boss = bann?   

    remove karma loss when killing same player for a period of  1h = remove karma bombers.
    remove the stupid guild ranking, were you cant declear on lower ranking guilds/clans and remove karma loss on unguilded players and remove the CD from you declear to declear hitt to 5 mins or instant.= removes karma bombers.
    as for pvp at boss:
    remove XP loss on World Bosses or remove PvP/GvG at World Bosses.
    since they removed XP loss in Pk kills people can still make people lose XP at world boss.
    inst that the same as Harassment/Ruining someones Game Experience?
    since they removed hotspots and placed them in the middle of the sea. killing afk fishers have become harder since they all hide in safe zones.
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  8. Amira added a post in a topic We need auto flag pvp areas such as Sausans   

    he means fix the damn Karma system and dont promote grifing as it is now.
    Loser only nothing. he can come back and back without a single loss except time -----ing with the other party(if you even call that a loss)
    Flagger lose Karma, at negative he lose gems and enchament(only to mobs/Guards)
    the Karma system is not fine it was never fine. im do agree that the XP loss was a good thing but it wasnt the best solution but it did make ppl stop grifing unless they had 0% XP.
    since the guy who losing the spot dont lose anything on death nobody can froce ppl out of a spot anymore unless they can declear on them, but hey they cant since 90% of the guild is a PvE guild and dont have wars or the high PvP guild cant dec them since the system is broken.
    EDIT: forogt to add that you also can protect your members making them Grife even in a War so GG.
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  9. Amira added a post in a topic looking for adivce   

    im running around with 233 DP and people have problem killing me(this is only from my Grunil armor and im full AP)
    doing RBF with good geared people and at some point me and another wiz had 200+ points and were constandly defending agaist 4-6 Sorcs(witch is OP again after patch)
    as a DP witch you can still do a lot of thing but your goal is AP since at some point your DP wont help you and i tink the DP build is starting to diminsh the longer the game stays alive.
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  10. Amira added a post in a topic Durability   

    ground wiz + dura = crap
    Horse wiz + dura = awsome.
    in the time my wiz on ground farming full inventory i have lost 80% of my dura.
    in the time my Horse wiz farming 170% overweight my dura have dropped max 30%
    so to put it short try and grind on horse back instead of on the ground.
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  11. Amira added a post in a topic Beating a dead horse   

    i have been using Steel since Day one and never had problem.
    only really you should go bronze is when you fighting higher lvl mobs.
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  12. Amira added a post in a topic Spell Awakening   

    go for debuffs on enemys
    move/attack speed 10% for 10 sec.
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  13. Amira added a post in a topic For People that say Wizard can't solo   

    i can solo pirates. how fast is depending on if im on mount or not. i would say im farming 3x slower then a group when on mount.
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  14. Amira added a post in a topic Witch - Grunil VS Taritas   

    2x cobelinus(200 HP extra)
    Offhand Black spirit crystal (100HP)
    buff food for 100 HP
    max health(290)
    max Guild bonus(100HP)
    rank III Infinty mastery.(300 HP)
    and i end up at 2201 HP.
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  15. Amira added a post in a topic People of Serendia - Brave Boy   

    found him west for Glish swamp node close to the cross road
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