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  1. Lurien added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    :Code 1 : 7044-6401-8A29-4991-940D unused
    Code 2 : 4B73-DCFE-C8D3-45A8-B280 unused
    Code 3 : 4834-6AE4-50D7-48D8-AAFA unused
    Code 4 : E63E-8C03-AC9A-4AEA-B54E unused

    JIKRKM2-3DJ0LPO-69OHN0Q-JVBU8    Unused    
    8K8OMM4-68UOSUQ-QKEFGAQ-2BURF    Unused    
    QDT3VT5-N1MKNVF-NIQ9K5U-4CLVQ    Unused    
    BVP56K6-TIT6OTQ-6T0I60B-RA778    Unused    
    L2FR64G-4QBP57E-P55HGFN-D3I1L    Unused    
    PHT6K2P-6HL1VBJ-2P8PM8P-SIKME    Unused    
    E3Q889H-K5JT2MB-SQK6KG8-6341M    Unused    
    2EIJ7I8-OAROVTR-AAD9S4I-QG8FK    Unused    
    S15BMED-TVOAV0F-69LKBKF-5TJTO    Unused    
    C2C0MLB-JTUMMO3-69EH9R9-I0DNL unused
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  2. Lurien added a post in a topic EU server rip again   

    GM's beginner lucky box aka black stone box as always...
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  3. Lurien added a post in a topic EU server rip again   

    Good job Kakao. Wanted spend some €€ in pearl shop but after this problems - hell no. Go ----- yourself greedy assholes. Tired after work want play some for fun and what is left after returning from work? Epic lags or server down. Thank you very much  
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  4. Lurien added a post in a topic Changes to the Black Spirit Quest Line   

    You are talking about new accounts or new alts? New character has shorter story line since CBT in Korea (2014/2015). New accounts have 
    (or should have) all cut scenes. Long time ago players were asking for let us activate full story line at alts but a lot of time has passed.
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  5. Lurien added a post in a topic Changes to the Black Spirit Quest Line   

    All cutscenes you can watch only once. At alts you should have shorter story line (some quests are skipped) - It's intended. You can't back them atm.
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  6. Lurien added a post in a topic Hands down best pve class?   

    Tamer > double aggro
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  7. Lurien added a post in a topic New launcher.   

  8. Lurien added a post in a topic FPS Capped at 64 GTX 1080 Driver 378.49   

    Joke. Last BDO update -----ed performance and FPS choose bad side of the force.
    How fix:
    Open game in window then switch to full screen or full screen to window
    then back to the previous configuration.
    After maintenance had in Heidel 16-22 FPS, after switch back to 40-90.
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  9. Lurien added a post in a topic FPS Capped at 64 GTX 1080 Driver 378.49   

    i7 4790k with win10 64
    980ti with latest nVidia drivers up to 90 FPS at 100Hz monitor
    so idk what is wrong with your PC.
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  10. Lurien added a post in a topic Valentines Day Events [Update]   

    Thank you very much for wrong translation. Cook items mean use utensil not simple cooking for 2 items, wrong now 3 items?! WTF kakao.
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  11. Lurien added a post in a topic [Video] the new official clips 2017 <3   

    In last 2 years they learned how create amazing trailes, hope so NA/EU version soon too
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  12. Lurien added a post in a topic Post your Dream Outfit!   

    For Tamer Asian dress!

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  13. Lurien added a post in a topic Server down on a weekend...   

    Wut server down? When?!
    Server is fine, was fine and will be fine. Just get better pc not toaster.
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  14. Lurien added a post in a topic value pack market bonus not working ?   

    Tax with Value pack is 15,5%.
    749 999 x 0.65 = 487 499 (without value pack)
    487 499 x 1,3 = 633 749 (how work value pack tax)
    749 999 x 0,845 = 633 749 (with value pack)
    Everything is fine, just check again you bank. Market show only value without value pack.
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