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  1. XanderHayes added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Same here. I didn't get the 30 days Armstrong Skill.
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  2. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Your T8 Horses Stats at lv 30   

    HI all. I think this is awesome that you are keeping a listing of the T8's and i'd like to add mine. I'v been playing around with training since start and its finally starting to pay off. part of my day is reading this topic and the Mega topic bu this is my first time posting.
    Currently i have 3 T8's but only 2 are level 30. Akira was my first, she is Pure White 8E and Excalibur was my second 8A, i do have another 8A named Chance but he is only level 4. All 3 are male and Akira is my fastest. I was thinking of turning him into a Pegasus as he does not have 2 seater, but im worried that he will lose the speed. Id really like to get the Black T8, but i cant seen to get the right color combos.

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  3. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Black Friday Hourly & Daily Sales Thread   

    10 PM Eastern/3 AM UTC – Warrior/Sorc/Berserker/Musa/Maehwa Raven Ear Cuff
    Jest tried to buy it, and on my paypal page, it said 12.50$ for Python Furniture Set. Check what you buy.
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  4. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Yep, it was one of the KR contest winners.
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  5. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Cuddlepuffs RNG SHRINE AKA (tickletwist) tickles altar   

    Love it!
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  6. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Horses exchange given by Daum   

    No, you can trade them into the imperial trade vender .
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  7. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Server Extremely Laggy!   

    In all honestly, i'v notice the difference a few weeks ago after they did the server overhaul. Many of my guild can see better distant objects, and the pop in seems to be better, but a few days after restart, been rubber banning, dsynk, dc'ed and can't interact with objects. Seems to be affecting all of us, and been chatting will pug members at sausans that see the same.
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  8. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Server Extremely Laggy!   

    I'v been having the same problems on Edan this week.
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  9. XanderHayes added a topic in Suggestions   

    Quality of life Improvements
    Hi  all. I must say that I really love playing this game. Before launch I played on the KR and RU servers to get a sense of what i'm in for before i dropped the money for it, and even with all the latest changes, i'm still loving each day.
    Now for the time i'v been in game, we have received many quality of life changes that made our game play better, from the "recover all" button for our workers, to auto  use shovel in the desert. But like many, I get annoyed by somethings that many or may not be easily changed. So I made a list below in hopes that some of these may be made into the game.
    A “Recover All” button on our pet interface much like our workers would be a great help. It's a little annoying to hit the food button 125 times to feed them with 4 pets.Disconnect/ Change Character Screen:
    Energy displayable per character on the disconnect/change character screen as in new KR patch.Order of characters displayed by level instead of created. Highest to Lowest.Use Player Character picture instead of basic class picture.Tote Box/ Saddle Bag:
    A box that can be placed in all Boats and Wagons inventory that you can place silver into as in the new KR patch. A Saddle Bag can be a similar version that a Horse or Camel can use to hold silver.Lure Perfume:
    A new craftable buff that makes NPC mobs hostile and will attack you regardless of level. This can be used during guild missions so that higher level players can form mobs instead of killing one at a time. Also, this would be great for small guild that have a hard time with the missions that have a time limit.Daily/ Weekly Boss Scrolls:
    From Black Spirit, please allow auto select while completing (example Confronting Bheg) instead of clicking the reward since there is only one option available.Once you gained knowledge of all Special 1(Daily)  or Special 2(Weekly) boss missions so that they now auto complete, allow the Black Spirit to now give you one Special 1(Daily)  or Special 2(Weekly) auto complete quest that lets you choose your reward, so all Special 1 (Daily) bosses like Bheg or Red Nose will be the reward for the single quest instead of them listing in there own auto complete quest.A resize of the spawn zones radius for the Special 1(Daily)  or Special 2(Weekly) and all craftable scrolls to what we have for the Black Spirit Co-op Main missions so  this would be more enjoyable for most and not so clustered. All the groups spawning them don't have to be on each other and NPC Boss bodies all over the ground hiding loot.A “Continuous” check box (like we have recovering Max Durability at a Repair NPC) on the pop up that asks if you are the leader of the party would save time and allow for one mission Turn In from the Black Spirit containing all reward from your scrolls. This would apply if you have more than one of the same kind in your inventory. If in a group of 5 with 7 scrolls or more it can take some time to do with all the animations and claiming the rewards. World Map:
    Party Members icons on main world map would be more useful if they scaled with zoom out much like our Horse, Cart and Boat icons. Our current green running man party member icon is hard to find on a zoomed out map as it does not scale and blends in with the green on the map. A blue tear shaped icon like our horse icon i think will make it better or even change the green running man to a different color like blue and let it scale so you can find them on the world map.For Field and World Bosses, a boss icon to appear on the world map when a boss is active.A countdown timer for the Field or World Boss spawn window on the node that contains the Boss. I feel that as time goes on and people come and go and that player owned sites that have Boss times will change and or fad away. This would let all players new and old who wish to know, can click on the node to see when the window is open for a boss and for thous who don't care, it will be hidden and not clutter their world map. I believe that this should be implemented as at some point we will all want to try them. 
    It is my hope that the community and Dev team read and likes my suggested improvements so that they may make it in game to improve our quality of life. I don't think any of them are to OP or too superficial, and as for investment time to develop these changes, only the Devs will know if its attainable. If you like any of them, or some that i have missed, tell me down below, and if possible, like and share.
    See you in Game ,)
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  10. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Increasing Disco Speed   

    I would like to see the spawn zone bigger, like the scrolls we get when leveling. Its really a pain having many groups spawning at the same point, and all the bodys on the ground getting in the way.
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  11. XanderHayes added a post in a topic The new outfits(Post screens if you got em!)   

    Hi all, these look great!
    I have a question, i wish to make Jarette armor but i need 3 supreme thin hide.I got and made everything else, all im missing this this. Would any one consider selling me some, i need 3, but i may buy more if you have some to spare. Im on the Edan server.
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  12. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Exp Event?   

    What happen to the XP event? Did it lag, DC'ed?
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  13. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Open up Outfit set bonuses to "mix & match" please   

    Id love for this to happen, i mix and match my alts, but i keep my main as a set for the bonus.
    If they did allow this, i think we would have more verity in the game so not all players would look the same. And it jest may attract some players to make small pearl buys for boots, gloves hats and so on.
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  14. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening Video   

    I'll take 2 please ,)
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  15. XanderHayes added a post in a topic Is this outfit in game? If not how does this person have it?   

    nO, ITS FROM THEIR NEW EVENT https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/142
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