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  1. bzgzd added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    SymphonyX goal was to get two lvl 2 nodes and participate in territory war to get some fun.
    We already had one lvl 2 node from monday and wanted to go at full strength on some friday node but we decided to try also with less players on thursday to maybe get some alliance or win if smaller guilds will fight there...
    After we realized that Ancestrall was also going on that same node our offer was to let them achieve easy win on thursday and we wanted help from them on friday with our second lvl 2 node.
    They declined and won that node in normal fight.
    After that they offered us help on friday node in exchange for our help during territory war. We agreed as it perfectly matched our goal.
    So I believe it is not a secret or anything but it was not "in the end" ... we destroyed Ancestrall fort on Serendia Srine without them defending it and we knew we will let them destroy our territory fort on saturday since thursday when we made that deal. So it was nothing against Futilez or High_Dawn or anyone as we had no idea who will be fighting there.
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  2. bzgzd added a post in a topic Siege duration shorten for EU   

    This game has issues with time since day 1.
    Like on EU servers Calpheon dailies seems in game as doable at local midnight but they are really doable only after 2:00 (UTC 0:00).
    Guild history is not working since daylight saving time is active... (workaround is to turn DST off in windows on local PC).
    Why is this game even considering local time? It should use UTC everywhere.
    Maybe it works in Korea when there are no different time zones, but client thinking that it is different time then what server is using makes all mess.
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  3. bzgzd added a post in a topic Rollback the patch?   

    I know about 2 problems.
    1. One of the big new features - bidding on items sold out in AH is not working
    2. Already working before patch - life skill advancement quests are again not available or not working or lost... i had quest for mining 70 gold at 50% done and it disappeared
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  4. bzgzd added a post in a topic Anyone buy anything through the pre-bid system yet?   

    not working...
    I had bid on Beer for 1200 and it was not realized.
    With still active bid I bought beer cheaper manually.
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  5. bzgzd added a post in a topic 2000 Energy a Day   

    24 * 60 = 1440 ≠ 2000
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  6. bzgzd added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


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  7. bzgzd added a post in a topic Node Name & Node Manager Master List   

    Thermian Cliff has Copper Ore gathering node.
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  8. bzgzd added a post in a topic Stop about the patch, there is no patch. CBT2 client is live client   

    There is no difference between CBT2 client and today downloaded full client from link in emails.
    Paz directory:
    3,817 Files
    34,003,595,808 bytes
    also from log file:
    [MSG] patch action is start.
    [MSG] patch file size 0
    [MSG] patch action is end.
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  9. bzgzd added a post in a topic Energy Question   

    This is not about energy but about CP.
    Every town major has button that you can click daily and rent some seal/medal from them. In Velia it is Igor Bartali and you need 20 CP then you talk to him again and receive Armor Black Stone and then immediately you can return that seal and get your 20 CP back.
    Here is that in Heidel it would be 60 CP but for weapon BS. Calpheon 100 CP for both stones (but it is probably better to use CP compared to have 100+ unused). 20 for Velia seems ok probably...

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  10. bzgzd added a post in a topic Energy Question   

    This was discussed today in this thread: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/23132-node-investing/
    Some people suggested better merchant prizes but I tried it and it is not true...
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  11. bzgzd added a post in a topic anyone else plans to cook alot?   

    I don't know... let's say you was tired
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  12. bzgzd added a post in a topic anyone else plans to cook alot?   

    I don't think they would change it for EU/NA version...
    And I tried it right now on RU server - 4 flour is enough and 1 fish.

    edit: 1 fish is equivalent to 2 dried fishes
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  13. bzgzd added a post in a topic Costume prices down 10% !!   

    "Costume sales will continue throughout the head start period" ???
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  14. bzgzd added a post in a topic PSA: Milk Tea Vendor Location (Experience Buff Food)   

    Lol no... no favor to community.
    As I wrote I plan on selling my own productions (90 minute version of milk tea).
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  15. bzgzd added a post in a topic Energy Recovery   

    I don't know for sure but I hope beds don't break...
    I had 2 beds in my Heidel house, one "Heidelian Bed" from quest http://bddatabase.net/us/item/2701/ and one from cash shop.
    They both had durability 10/10 but I was testing them, jumping on them, kicking them and 3 pets where pissing on them but still 10/10... I am still not 100% decided if I get underwear or bed from cash shop but I hope if you pay 5 Euro for bed it is not for 10 times lay down and gone.
    Cooking station is like tool 100 uses and gone and also Anvil for repairing and stuff like that but I hope beds not.

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