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  1. Listatta added a topic in Suggestions   

    Indoor Processing-Drying-not effected by weather
    ok the whole reason humanity moved indoors was so that weather had less effect on us. weather should not effect drying process when indoors! So how about houses are exempt from the weather restrictions? and the Calphon bank/warehouse too.
    and your snowstorms last way too long and are too frequent to have an effect on the drying process!
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  2. Listatta added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Market Place Idea
    OK Lets Have a Guild Market Listing! What I mean is it's still the same market BUT members of guilds HAVE THE OPTION to list items so that they are ONLY available to their guild members. So when you list an item, their is a check box "for guild member only" and it will be listed in the market BUT only be seen (or able to purchase) by that guild that listed it. So say you had a stack of 500 beehive cookies, you would list them and check the box, it would go up on the market and depending on how the coding wants to be done, it would show to everyone, but only guild member would be able to bid on it (maybe a green G in the upper corner if you can bid or gray if you can't, maybe it only shows to other guild members) OR maybe it's a whole separate tab of only guild listings (not sorted like the special deals page)
    The one rule still applies that the min and max values still apply or maybe we keep it that min sell value only or max only? no option to set your own price?
    And maybe we keep certain "rare" item not available to list on this option? like anything above +15 armor and weapons not allowed? no boss gear? this way a guild can not get an unfair advantage on the node wars?
    ok just to keep the gold scammers at bay, only members of the guild for 30+ days have access
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  3. Listatta added a topic in Suggestions   

    Crap that needs FIXED
    to accept a quest and complete a quest is TOO DAMN CLICKY! Let me click on a quest, read the stuff, and click accept. not click and click and click click....2 click to accept a quest NO MORE. To Complete a quest 1st remember my choices from the day before and don't ask to confirm after I've already clicked on the item, and if there is only one choice DON'T FREAKING ASK ME TO CONFIRM OR CHOOSE! Should take NO MORE THAN 2 CLICKS TO COMPLETE A QUEST!
    If something is below crotch height on my character IS SHOULD NOT PREVENT MOVEMENT OF MY CHARACTER. I shouldn't have to hit jump key/space bar every other second of the game! Look puzzle and hard to move around/maze type quest are fine ONCE IN A WHILE. IT IS BLOODY MISERABLE to deal with it on a daily quest! it's not fun, it's not difficult IT'S JUST FLIPPEN ANNOYING. Daily quest should not take more than 30 minuets TOTAL a day! and this crap of NPCs clogging the traffic ways of cities and roads JUST NEEDS TO GO AWAY!
    the worker list window needs to be sort-able by idle/not idle workers and sort-able by least to most hungry/thirsty.
    Queued for workers should mean they are idle because they lack materials/food to do the job, Idle needs to be used for unassigned workers
    when I click on a node that has a worker assigned, I should be able to see what city that workers is based out of!
    there should be no limitations on feeding pets, no matter what i'm doing i should be able to open the feed pet window and feed pets, same with workers.
    there should be a time-stamp on chats
    the indent of chat needs revamped! either reverse the indent so that the first line is indented by 5-10 spaces and then wrapped lines are not indented, or the 1st line is not and the rest of the wrapped lines are only indented 5 spaces instead of the whole [channel] [character_name] and it all should be time stamped
    Account names, NOT Character names should be used for chat
    and you all need to get your SOP outlined and learned! you can't do it one way one day and another way the next day! and you defiantly can not say to refer to forums for details of events and then post the information on the support web page! (and all this should of been fixed BEFORE LAUNCH)
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  4. Listatta added a post in a topic Update 11/23/2016 - Known Issues   

    this attitude from daum and the devs is the reason that so many good players have left and that so many have such a bad attitude toward the devs and daum.  WTF do you mean diligently on the hunt!?! I just want to fire up a game and play, not fight lag, freezing, bugs, glitches, boats in the air,pet skins not matching models... I can go on and on and on. and that you all have the $$#@%#&#$@$ to accuse me and other CUSTOMERS (people who pay your wages and salary) of "hunting" your f&@# ups and then going on to complain that we have to take to social media to get you to fix them is just insult to injury in this post.
    All profanity right back at you.
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  5. Listatta added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    So, pretty much it's a big old FU to anyone that supported the game from early on. With the constant changes to pets and breeding, the new cap of breeding different levels, and the new nerf to getting a horse or pet to teir up that they have conveniently hid under the carpet, and the bonuses to leveling up characters and skills that aren't retro??!! The crap is being done by Daum and PA are just a blatant cash grab at this point.
    Servers are completely borked with everything from rubber banding, unbelievable lag to the point of killing mobs and dying while your looting, freezing and crashing continually on certain channels and mobs just refusing to re-spawn, enter agro, or take damage. Oh and how about the over half a month to get 3 channels back up and running (WTF over 1/2 a month to get someone out to fix servers you have got to be kidding me, have you heard of an air plane?) and the overcrowded servers haven't been addressed (and that is by their standards not mine which you can see when you log in, and the assumption that i'm making is that when it's saying crowded or overrun it's a measurement of the load on the server not the # of clients logged in because this game is geared for afk, so that would mean demand of server resources is what is measured not # of players right?(but we can't even get a straight answer on this either))
    And lets just ignore the original problems that should of been fixed BEFORE launch and only worry about new content? like the ranger and beserker and there is sill no answer on how to "fix" the over +15 enchantment problems? (and this was a known issue at CBT2) and what about the auto-tracking endpoints being all screwed up and still not fixed? and and and... (I could go on for days)
    And Daum and PA refuse to give any semblance of an detailed answer to anything, but are more than glad to blow smoke up all our @$$ with vague and nonsense answers/fixes as these patch notes are prime examples of.
    Longevity of the game does not even come close to being a priority for Daum and PA.
    As for the players i know some of you are going to say "but it's a new game" and my answer is no it's not, it's been in release for well over a year (almost 2) in other countries and Daum and Pearl Abyss are the ones that announced the release, so they called the game done and client ready, which is is not. As for those of you who say, they didn't realize how popular, I cry FOUL on that, they knew the exact numbers they were going to have on head-start days before head start. In CBT2 there was a HUGE concern from the player base that everyday nonstop all the servers and channels were running at overrun and where showing problems because of it, and yet they hide their head in the sand.
    So yea I'm done, stick a fork in me and flip me over cause I'm burnt. My bad, I got my hopes up that a new game developer actually cared about making and releasing a game that worked. I really should of bailed and asked for my money back when head start was such a cluster.
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  6. Listatta added a post in a topic <Nefarious> Edan Server   

    Just join these guys and the discord convo is great!
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  7. Listatta added a topic in Suggestions   

    How am I not supposed to be angry when it's archage all over again?

    I am getting so sick of you all not fixing ANYTHING, seriously show me one thing you have fixed because I'm not seeing anything. Your servers still aren't working (even your half ass attempt at additional servers hasn't been fixed and just with in the last 24 hours they have gone down again, so no you haven't even fixed your server stability issues or internet connection/ping rates), the translation still isn't correct, the pop in for graphics is horrible, you can't explain ANY of the game mechanics, I'm still waiting on answer to tickets that are over a week old, the UI is completely glitchy and fubared, and the game freaks out when you try to run anything side by side with it (which you have to do because the game is so buggy and translated so badly), and it completely hates running on a second monitor and keep reverting to the "primary" monitor, the characters keep getting stuck in animations, and hijacking the cursor when you’re trying to do other things, and you still won't give an answer why you all are dragging your feet and being so slow to fix anything and not listening to anything said to you by your players, and you've allowed the forums to become a complete troll fest of hate and bullying, and the forums are completely broken so that following a thread or poster doesn’t work and no email are being sent by your forums no matter what user setting are use, along with the multitude of other crap that is wrong, and the only thing you can say is you didn't expect the game to be this popular, for !@#$!@#$ sake you were rated one of the most anticipated games back when archage was released!!!!!!!!!!!! (ps that is exactly what the archage people said)
    and here it is a month after release and a level 11 alchemy quest is so garbled that I can't even figure out what it is asking me to make and the 3 times I've tried to mix the ingredients that your directions tell me to make and I keep getting the error message "seems like this combination isn't working" and you've made crafting dependent on doing quest to get the knowledge for advance, but you won't fix the quest!!!!!!! and most of the tool tips are wrong and all your players know it and you refuse to fix it and you won't explain why.
    "To proceed with the quest, a Gathering Level of 25 or higher (Skilled Level 5) and Alchemy Level of 11 or higher (Apprentice Level 1) are recommended. Libero told you to find out how to make Elixir of Swiftness. Add another materials to Legendary Beast's Blood to find out how to make Elixir of Swiftness. 1. Get Elixir of Wind by combining 1 Wise Man's Blood, 5 Arrow Mushrooms, 2 Powder of Darkness, and 5 Birch Sap 2. Report to Libero You need Legendary Beast's Blood to make Elixir of Swiftness. "
    so you say add material to legendary beast blood, but then you say to use wise man's blood but this recipe doesn't work and doesn't match anything anyone has found to work or even anything from the Korean game.
    maybe they are right, it's archage all over again because you all are really really acting like it especially with the announcement of new content when the base game is so broken. New crap on broken crap won't fix anything.
    How am I not supposed to be flippen angry?

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  8. Listatta added a post in a topic Covenant of the Phoenix | Edan Server | www.CotP.info | VOIP | Multi-gaming | Join the Family   

    The game is so much better when you share!! It's really great finding a group of female gamers too!!
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  9. Listatta added a post in a topic Covenant of the Phoenix | Edan Server | www.CotP.info | VOIP | Multi-gaming | Join the Family   

    So many new faces, so much to learn and so many to learn from!!!
    Getting ready to smash through another set of guild quest, Family Game time about to begin for the evening!
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  10. Listatta added a post in a topic Covenant of the Phoenix | Edan Server | www.CotP.info | VOIP | Multi-gaming | Join the Family   

    Woo Hoo The Action got started last nigh!
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  11. Listatta added a post in a topic Covenant of the Phoenix | Edan Server | www.CotP.info | VOIP | Multi-gaming | Join the Family   

    WOW! Nice turn out for Conq's HeadStart!!
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  12. Listatta added a post in a topic Covenant of the Phoenix | Edan Server | www.CotP.info | VOIP | Multi-gaming | Join the Family   

    the quiet before the storm has arrived 
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  13. Listatta added a post in a topic Covenant of the Phoenix | Edan Server | www.CotP.info | VOIP | Multi-gaming | Join the Family   

    Ya know the saying a watched kettle never boils... I think time stops when you watch the clock too!
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