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  1. Akenai added a post in a topic Connection to the game server lost... constantly   

    Having the Same issue, however I do not have a new account, existing old account. Sign in and nothing is acknowledged when I speak to an NPC or try anything, moments later the game disconnects.  Started happening for me on 1/17/17

    EDIT: I have been able to log in successfully four times in a row after the FULL Margoria patch, the small patches that they were giving to help make the download cleaner, I believe might have been the cause since the start of the small patches is when my problem had begun and repairing/reinstalling would not work, I worked through multiple cmd prompt options with support and other things revolving my PC, nothing seemed to work but the moment the full patch had came through, I haven't had any problems...yet
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  2. Akenai added a post in a topic Enhancement & Failstack Costs/Strategies   

    Luck. Can't do anything about it other than keep going until that shit goes, I'd keep your stats for a pen attempt though and just start over on a another 55 stack, eventually something will go. The chance of whatever success rate in my opinion isn't even there, no matter how we look at it, it's just gunna be some random number which will be either good or bad for us. The guy who posted that stuff though, is just going off probability but rng is rng. Idk how he'll explain it other than probability but it doesn't guarantee anything. 
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  3. Akenai added a post in a topic [Urgent] Desync, Lag, Rubber Banding, FPS Drops   

    Would love to see it looked at, makes gameplay very disappointing, I got my ranger awakening but with the way the whole game has been with desync on this patch, I find myself turning the whole game off completely. It's just not fun to play with.
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  4. Akenai added a topic in Guides   

    Ranger Awakening quest Guide
    ~~Ranger Awakening Quest Guide~~
    *Quest Requirements*
    - Level 56

    Helpful Items:
    - Horse (Drift, instant accel and sprint helps a lot)
    - HP Pots
    - MP Pots
    - Decent gear in case pvp occurs and to kill mobs
    - Food
    - Horse
    1. Open the Black Spirit interface while standing beside a table located at the top of the tree at Longleaf Tree Sentry Post and accept the quest.
    2. After the quest has been accepted, speak to a book located on table right next to you which will complete part one of the quest, speak to the Black Spirit again to accept part two.
    3.  Run down the stairs and speak to a woman named Luwensley.
    4. Once you’ve spoken to her and accepted the third quest, jump off the tree and get to your horse. At this point you want to start heading to Kamalasive Temple and speak to Herawen(the lady in the chair).
    5. Herawen will give you three quests which require you to kill 100 mobs located at Hasla Cave (Hasrah Cliff), 5 Wilderness Golems and obtain 3 RNG item drops from Marni's 2nd Lab.
    6. Head to Hasla Cave first since it's going to be annoying competing in small rooms while everyone is trying to get kills.
    7. After killing 100 mobs at Hasla, run north east of Kamalasive Temple and start killing your 5 Wilderness Golems.
    8. Run all the way down to Marni's 2nd Lab and start killing mobs to obtain the three RNG items.
    9. Hand in the three quests to Herawen(the lady in the chair) and accept the rewards.
    10. At this point you should have your awakened weapon and Herawen will assign you with a tutorial quest start. Accept the quest and speak to a tree that is glowing. 
    11. Once you complete all of the above, you will be given a combo quest, complete the combo and speak to Herawen once again to be assigned to kill skeletons at Soldier's Grave.
    12. After you've killed 10 Skeleton's, speak to Herawen and you will be completely done. 

    ~~Location of Areas~~

    Longleaf Tree Sentry Post:

    Book Location:

    Kamalasive Temple, Wilderness Golem Location, Soldier's Grave and Hasla Cave(Hasrah Cliff):

    Marni’s 2nd Lab:

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  5. Akenai added a post in a topic RBF Bug?   

    Didn't lose anything, just got a death added onto the guild score which is no biggie, just figured I'd report it in case it does happen to someone else who could be negative or something. 
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  6. Akenai added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    RBF Bug?
    So I was in RBF and when the game had ended, I re-spawned in something that looked like the sky of the battleground or below it, I was unable to move here or anything. I decided to sign out and back into my character and I was still in the sky however I was able to move in the sky this time, after some movement the game decided to load the whole RBF and spawned me into the battlefield but not as part of the game so I had no points. I figured I'd try dying and see where it would take me since it was an RBF and nothing to lose. The death ended up counting as a normal death out of the game and went onto the guild kill score. I don't know if the player would have lost karma had we not been at war. Anyways After dying I tried to respawn but was told there was no place to respawn. Some time went by and the respawn to town option teleported me to Altinova when I started the RBF in Hiedel. The walk back felt bad. 
    Sky: https://gyazo.com/637a52d0530b3bea8f5ecc57b0133d69
    Spawning into RBF after sign in: https://gyazo.com/2a7509872c24bfcdd17958f0d20da454
    Being killed and it counting as a normal death: https://puu.sh/ro0yC.jpg
    Not being able to respawn: http://puu.sh/ro00M.jpg|
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  7. Akenai added a post in a topic Daum are you even aware   

    damn... level 59?
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  8. Akenai added a post in a topic No Maintenance on the 27th of July   

    Fixing it would be nice but it's just a small number display problem. Everything else with the Value pack seems fine to me. Only problem I've seen people having is the collect option but it still collects the correct amount, just the display number of what you will receive is bugged. Once you actually collect the money, if you look at your storage or inventory silver, you'll see the 30% was applied. Sorry if you weren't even talking about the 30% thingy, just figured it might've been! Hope it helped if it was!
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  9. Akenai added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Account Locked
    Okay my account was locked 4 days ago due to being compromised. I instantly changed all my information once I became aware of the issue. I sent a ticket in to inform that my account was compromised and I was told that I would need to give a photo ID taken in front of the ticket. I sent the photo ID as well as additional information regarding the account. After sending the information, I have been waiting multiple days for a response but I have not received a single one (even though multiple GM's have acknowledged my ticket). Originally I had a GM taking care of the issue (not going to put the exact GM's name in) but after having no communication about the situation for a couple days, my friend sent in a ticket and a new GM took over. I understand that the situation could take time to handle and process the correct information. However I have been waiting for multiple days like I mentioned and I am very upset that I have gotten no replies in regards to the situation. I would like an update at the very minimum on how things are going because being in the dark about my own account situation is very stressful especially after putting so much time into it. Please get back to me, thank you.
    Note: got fixed, thank you so much!
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  10. Akenai added a post in a topic marketplace collection 30% not working   

    Can confirm, the displayed number in the marketplace has not been fixed however you will receive the correct amount once you collect the price.
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  11. Akenai added a post in a topic Kzarka bundles more rare?   

    Not going to bother with you, you're too much.
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  12. Akenai added a post in a topic Kzarka bundles more rare?   

    Yes it was already posted sorry for that but  " nice job on making yourself look obnoxious tho." does make you come off as harassing and you can argue it all you'd like. Also if you want to get upset over someone posting something that has already been said then you're welcome to say that on almost every single forum ever created. On top of that  I never said you couldn't get loot for not having higher damage, you simply said that CM Jouska "he himself said it wasn't dps based" when he had a forum thread saying that DPS was a guaranteed loot, you can also get it from not having dps but that is RNG chosen. But since it's been linked multiple times now, I'm sure you know (;
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  13. Akenai added a post in a topic Kzarka bundles more rare?   


    Please look at he 6th reply by CM_Jouska himself before you make accusations and harass someone else. Thanks. 
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  14. Akenai added a post in a topic Ogre Spawn Map with Screenshots   

    I got my ogre ring with them all up (I think, I know I saw 9 for sure), however I've only seen this at ogres without anybody at all maybe twice in total? I saw mine on Valencia E3 on Edan at 5AM. I suppose it's just lucky timing, I did 1 full cycle twice and then someone else came. So I guess to answer your question, only twice. 
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  15. Akenai added a post in a topic Obtaining Kzarka S Knowledge - A Small Statistic   

    I have 230 knowledge when I started farming Kzarka for an S rank, I have the cash shop items to increase the chance and I've gone through 6 characters approximately 10 times each so 2,300 knowledge roughly (give or take a bit of energy on resets and) I just right now did my 10th time cycling through all my energy and I'm on a C, I can almost taste the S.
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