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  1. AJayIce added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  2. AJayIce added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    1. Trusty Boat

    2. Trusty Horse
    3. Unreliable Wagon

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  3. AJayIce added a post in a topic Energy to attack mobs - Updated with solution for energy   

    Oh I believed that the Korean one was the same as the Russian version, if it is like that I'd go for the Russian one.. or you know lets say after crafting an item a couple hundred times or reaching a certain rank we don't have to pay energy for certain things..
    Back on topic, yay and nay for energy on first hit.. yay so other people feel the pains of the crafter and nay because its a terrible idea.
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  4. AJayIce added a post in a topic Energy to attack mobs - Updated with solution for energy   

    Oh I would absolutely adore having that potion ^.^
    The tax thing though, I believe its a gold sink really and don't think they will change it... which is saddening.
    And yeah I know about the Korean game and that is what I am wishing for, though this is North America so.. I don't know if we will revert like how Russia switched, or we will stick with it. Also, thanks for not being angry! I usually stay out of forums due to things like that.
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  5. AJayIce added a post in a topic Chicken?   

    Actually.. Maybe if you reach 10,000 chickens (maybe more) you can craft them into a rubber chicken weapon (who wouldn't want one?)
    But yeah I see where you are coming from, and reversing them would help me quite a bit (love crafing, I don't dip into combat that often, sadly I can't help anyone as a crafter since no trading ^.^)
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  6. AJayIce added a post in a topic Chicken?   

    The logic here is too... real this is a fantasy game where chicken is a fruit and eggs are made from trees..
    But in reality chicken has no use, there are only a few, all of which are usually just a lesser buff of another food type. I'm all up for the first one (easiest would be allowing chicken to be used in certain meat dishes) But the second one, I believe its there since eggs are more valuable (I could be 100% incorrect, correct me if this isn't true) thus the lower rate which I am okay with.
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  7. AJayIce added a post in a topic Energy to attack mobs - Updated with solution for energy   

    I know this will bite me for doing this but...
    1. This might be for mine but he is around the 100 range (could be different for other guilds)
    2. Sure I guess.. I'll be under the crafters section, nothing to say.
    3. This is what I am curious about what elixir are you talking about? Seriously as a crafter I'd love to get one, since I kinda do everything one character ^.^
    I agree that the 35% is too high, maybe bring it down to 15% and that would be lovely.
    This post is probably a joke post, I'm assuming its because of how processing costs energy in our version which does not exist in any other version. Which (btw its which not witch) makes no sense in my opinion but I have only ended up hitting the skilled levels, so my views could change soon or later.
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  8. AJayIce added a post in a topic [Edan] White Wolf   

    Hello, everyone. As you can see our guild leader has organized this recruitment perfectly... He provides you with the great understanding that we prefer being a giant family instead of being just a number (if you want to be a number though we can think of a compromise, how about 80192 good number eh?)
    As of now we are still accepting members, and will greatly appreciate the use of another slave... err fellow friend! (Though if you want to be my man-slave...)
    Lastly we are super-duper serious and can't handle jokes as you can clearly see here! 
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