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Posts posted by Rinel

  1. After that teaser video I have this horrid feeling the Unicorn will be some thing that you catch in the wild where you have to fight with 50000 other players for each ultra-rare spawn. :S:D

    Unicorn for free and Kakao? Sorry to disappoint you,but its impossible xD 

  2. .. having 4x coursers that i do not know what to do with xD

    Aren't you gonna get all T9 types? ;D This is exactly what you need: main T8, 1 T8 for Pegasus, 1 T8 for Unicorn and 1 T8 for Hell-horse. Also we don't know how hard/easy they learn skills during lvling =\ So its always good to have another T8 in your stables

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  3. The day before last, I believe.. had a mishap. Feli was nice enough to try and throw a breed with one of her T8 males, so I threw my T71 female at him.

    Only.. she clicked the wrong one and I ended up breeding with a level 1 T8. xD (I didn't notice since breeds/horses of T7/T8 go fast, so I admittedly didn't stop to read as I should of)

    And to add insult to injury(accidental of course):

    X8VyW4m.png Male(1 lmao) + dXhS0q1.png Female(30) = N4yNWhR.png Female


    She sold me one of her T7I's to make up for it, though.<3 So while it hurt, i'm grateful she was willing to help me out on my lack of ladies.

    T5? omfg

  4. ew it colors the mane simply white? meh

    yeah, white with some blue blinks. But mane is not the worst part. This white transparent cloth looks like a bridal veil when you zoom in, but it looks like ugly white bedcover when you zoom out xD

  5. My hope on colors died today =(


    At least I got a T7 with 2 skill on lvl1 (his mother was a courser)


    PS. I got this horse gear and now I see that its kinda ugly:(

  6. Ah, so no change then - it is just the formal in-game notification of a system already in place.

    Considering I was getting ready to do exchanges of the most recent back of T7s I have, but didn't think I would be able to if they achieved courser so I was a bit nervous since my T7B is one skill from Courser (seriously, 18 hope stacks on Sideways Move. Apparently I am trying to beat @Rinel 's record of 20 stacks. I will know tonight I guess >.<)

    I had 21 and 23:( I was trying to get usual Side Move and S:Instant Accel for my potato with 12 skills

  7. Time for some humour, all this math hurts the head.  I now have a challenger for stable dumbass, meet Venus.  The question for you is How Many Skill Change Coupons and Premium Horse Appearance coupons would I need to fix her?  :D

    Why would you want to fix it? Its only T7 ರ_ರ

  8. Sorry, I will admit to a cursory reading of your original reply. But the theory still applies...

    Your horse's base stats don't apply to the randomness of their stats leveling. ie.. A T7 leveling from 1-30 can result in varying Speed, Accel, Braking, Turn, etc.. 

    Two T7's will end up with often widely different base stats. At each level up, the base stats increase at a random (RNG) rate. I don't know if I'd discount your friend's horse has being able to animation cancel (don't really know that that's really a thing since if it was possible anybody could do it).  Two identical tiers, with identical coats, can wind up with wildly different stats. ie.. my T8C which is one of the slowest of the T8's at start was lucky enough to average 1 full percentage point every level. But I've had other T8C's since then who's final speed attribute was a full 8-10% lower. 


    I know that speed is rng. Question is not about this. mb I wasnt clear enough, ok. I have T7 lvl 30.  My friend has T7 lvl 30. Same gear. Same skills. But his stats of speed/accel/turn/brake are 145/143/149/150 and  My stats are 148/143/137/134. So his animation of canceling IA (it means animation of drift) is faster than mine. Lets say his horse doesnt tilt down so much as mine does. So it allows him to be faster than me in general. Understand?

    Now I compare mine horse (turn/brake 137/134) vs pure white which never can get even 135% (correct me if Im wrong) for turn/brake (w/o gear ofc) but its still faster than my horse. 

    So what Im trying to say is that the white horse with black hair looks completely useless compared to pure white/black.

  9. Maybe having more turn/brake makes it easier to cancel out of the animation? I have always noticed in videos that certain people are cancelling far faster than I can, like my horse gets 10% through the animation before I can IA, whereas I am seeing the videos of people doing it in half the time.

    yeah, this is what Im talking about: 140+% of turn/brake speed allows you to cancel animation of instant accel faster than 130%, so black has turn/brake speed more than white with black hair, but white white black hair has turn/brake more than pure white. So how can be pure white T7 faster than white with black hair T7?

    From what I've experienced (and I've only just started monitoring it, so I could be wrong), is that Speed and Accel are two different entities when it comes to comparing tiers. A T8 with 130% speed will be faster than a T7 with 130% speed if you run side by side with just sprinting. However, that same mechanic doesn't seem to apply to the Accel stat which is much more readily apparent with the IA and S:IA skills. If a T7 has a higher Accel rating than a T8 Accel rating, then IA on the T7 will be faster. But the T8 has the S:IA for a second boost whereas the T7 doesn't.

    But like I've said, I've only just started monitoring it, so I could be wrong. But so far, that's the indications I've seen. I've also noticed that S:IA doesn't seem to deplete stamina as heavily as the normal IA does, so there's that too. My T8's with S:IA get a lot more distance vs stamina consumption than horses without S:IA.


    Im talking only about T7. T8 has another type of instant accel than T7. And it looks like S:IA is more about speed/acceleration, than turn/brake, so pure white T8 is much faster than any other T8

  10. The T8E is the fastest horse in the game (faster than the T7B and T8A by 4.5% at base), so I would imagine it getting down to an average of 10 seconds per tick with all +10 equipment for average tick time from Level 1-30 (probably would start off at 11-12 then get lower).

    I was always wondering about these fast horses. I had T7I (white body, black hair) before I got T8, and my friend has T7C (pure black) and he was always faster than me cause his horse didnt stuck in drift animation, so he drift faster and he move faster than me. I started to join races and I see that pure white T7 is faster than me T7, but how can it be? my T7 drift faster ⚆ _ ⚆

  11. @Rinel _ I have tried that switch out method a few times, starting very early and my experience differed from yours as I did not think it made any difference in the number of horse skills at all, but did help the horse learn better ones.  I've leveled 17 T8s so far. 

    So I am really glad it worked for you :D, but I would not say it was confirmed to work, but rather it may work for some.

    You cant be 100% sure about anything related to BDO ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I still need 2-3 more T8 and I don't want another potato =\ so Im gonna continue to reroll skills

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  12. I skillghanged FC everytime it popped, and once HC. I also skillchanged S:FC & S:HC when horse didnt learn anything for some lvls. I thought, if there is  some "hidden horse skill exp" maybe switching those expensive skills may help...

    Maybe I'll try to switch StartAcc on my  next t8 (if i'll ever breed it)

    yeah, try to change Start Accel as well. It should help. Also keep your eye on quick ride, quick stop, step back, steak jump, high jump - these skills pop up more often than S:kick/chop and caution (at least for my horses)

    I started to write down what skills my T6-T8 horses got recently. You can see what are the most popular skills:


  13. I used premium skin on it, and for now 8 skillchanges. Now it is 26 with 12 skills

    How exactly did you use these skill changes?

    E.c. I lvled my horse until its ~15lvl when I wasnt afk. I was changing start accel as soon as horse got it and continued to lvl it. This horse didnt get a chop/kick until ~12-13lvl.

  14. Another bit for the person who was asking for coupons - I am back up (again, on a different horse) to 14 coupons for Sideways Move (the last skill for Courser status, so not sure if that is why it is having trouble learning it).

    So, at $2 a pop, that's 28 bucks for nothing so far. Money sink, indeed.

    Only 14? man, I had 20+ for this skill =\ But I did it wrong way so rng punished me xD

    this might help Link

    ^ guide might help

    I had 3 potatoes with 11 skills and one with 12 skills. So I decided to use skill change coupons for my new T8. I was changing start accel and chop/kick. Start accel is the most annoying skill with highest chance to obtain it, according on my expirience. I got 18 skills in the end. I spent 14 skill coupons (that's too much tbh, I could spend 10, but I was abit stubborn). So I can confirm that it works.

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  15. Siege is ded.

    how is your T9 preparations coming along < far more interesting topic.



    RLXT (27) vs Alcyone+Echo

     We did pvp and it was.... low quality zerg alliance. 

    looks like you forgot smth important *trolle-kappa-face*

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