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  1. The_Unknown added a post in a topic Damn CM_Jouska, You Savage!   

    Shows for me!

    @CM_Jouska, You're the best!

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  2. The_Unknown added a post in a topic Traces   

    Mobs can drop traces but with a low chance.
    Check bddatabase.net/us
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  3. The_Unknown added a post in a topic Now that you have like 10 channels, make one for pve   

    I am far from being a pvper or wouldn't even be considered good at it since I am all about healing on my witch and nothing more than a baddie. I will probably be easy pickings, called a coward for running to safety or just getting killed without flagging so people would take the karma hit...
    I am okay with this. I joined this game knowing that once I hit 45 I am a target. I have taken my sweet time leveling due to this and haven't dinged 40 yet. I know when I hit 45 it will be me and my leveling buddy grinding together so we have each other's backs. I expect to get ganked. I expect to be pushed out of grinding spots and I expect to die at the hands of people quite often . I don't believe a pvp channel is on order as OWPvp has been known about this game for years.
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  4. The_Unknown added a post in a topic Costume Exchange Tickets: Where are they?   

    Yes, bring them out please! I am surprised this didn't come with launch but I don't mind waiting.
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  5. The_Unknown added a topic in Suggestions   

    Remove cost to rp channel
    It is nice you are thinking about roleplayers but adding a channel for us and then adding an energy limit won't fix anything. You are limiting people in roleplay. I understand you want to keep people from spamming/trolling but the limit will cause us to stick with general.
    Please remove it. Thanks!
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  6. The_Unknown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings / Progress   

    Let's hope she has a lot of skills.  
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  7. The_Unknown added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings / Progress   

    I keep putting females up. They instantly sell. I have one up however that wont. T2 female level 12? The game won't let me change the price so it is set for 1 million. ~_~
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  8. The_Unknown added a post in a topic PSA: They're looking into the Server Lag   

    Orwen, calpheon 2 crashes ALOT.
    I've lost out on about 4 horse tames with it crashing on the victory ride to the stables. The rubber banding is also getting out of hand. I hope they fix it soon.
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  9. The_Unknown added a post in a topic [NA Orwen] The Iron Hawks [PvE RP 18+]   

    Fun group! Did am event with them last night. Different varieties of role play throughout the entire group. Was refreshing and fun!
    They have my full support!
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  10. The_Unknown added a post in a topic Chat Limit, Still Too Short   

    *Chat limit increased to 350 characters
    *Energy 1:1 removed from posting in global (will be monitored)
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  11. The_Unknown added a topic in General   

    Can't progress in the game
    I am enjoying this game too much. I just tossed leveling out the window and am now on a mission to become a professional in everything. <3
    Breeding in Progress.
    (My horses on the market)

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  12. The_Unknown added a post in a topic This game +full-time job don't mix   

    Random knowledge discoveries.
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  13. The_Unknown added a post in a topic This game +full-time job don't mix   

    You are able to get a bookshelf in your home and read while you are at work. You are also able to fish while afk. You merely put the first cast out and walk away. You will catch a fish every 3 minutes automatically. Depending on the pole you have at least 30 times you can cast.
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  14. The_Unknown added a post in a topic Chat Limit, Still Too Short   

    Don't give up! Keep this going!
    We still highly support a roleplaying game that actually lets us roleplay! Give us an increase in chat limit, please and thank you!
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