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  1. GL added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    If I ask support for a Valencia Seal because I couldn't get into the game past the Start button, will I be given a Valencia Seal? I'm asking because most bugs I've sent have yet to be fixed (excluding event bugs) and were closed a day after reported with no replies.
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  2. GL added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   

    My 1min sketch of the Vagabond in Olvia offering to tell pirate stories to the Shai: 
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  3. GL added a post in a topic Mediah Update Part 2 Events   

    sweet, extended events~ 
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  4. GL added a topic in Suggestions   

    "Ending Soon"
    The "Ending Soon" phase is  joke! Once the Timer reaches 0 Players should not be able to gain any more points! Isn't the "Ending Soon" phase supposed to only confirm the resulting winning team and NOT buy time for the opposition to get 1 point ahead? A lot of close WINS happen in Red Battlefield, the team with the most points before the Timer reaches 0 should be the resulting winners. The "Ending Soon" phase gives a vague estimated time for the opposition to gain more points. The points gained and lost also follows a back-and-forward rubber band point gain, so the winning team DURRING the "Ending Soon" phase is more likely to offer more points via death to the losing opposition. 
    Please disable point gain AFTER the Timer Reaches 0 and DURRING the "Ending Soon" phase or just attach the Ending Soon phase INTO the actual Timer for better clarification on whether or not the Fight is actually over. There has been so many turn arounds due to the Ending Soon phase.
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  5. GL added a post in a topic Kaia Armor Set from Dobart   

    bumping. A picture of the Kaia set would be very much appreciated. 
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  6. GL added a post in a topic Journal is empty   

    bumping this. I need this log to work so I can kill random people multiple time for killing me multiple times.
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  7. GL added a post in a topic Black Spirit Appearance   

  8. GL added a post in a topic Extra Large Potions are Needed!   

    No, put some effort to make Refined Grain Juice. Its literally the easiest pot you can make AND it weighs less.
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  9. GL added a post in a topic Currency Exchange (Gold/Silver -> Pearls)   

    No, this will encourage botting heavily.
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  10. GL added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Disconnection when Character Switching
    Why is this still a thing? It's consistent and does this EVERYTIME. I am not exaggerating... This really pisses me off.
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  11. GL added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Missing Repeatable Calpheon Quests
    I have checked on Calpheon quests for contribution dailies for 3 days and non so far seems to have reset for me. When I check my Quest menu I only have The World of Knowledge & Exalted Character for 180 energy and 140 contribution points along with the Cron daily and Mob(giants/mansha/rhutums/catfish) daily. I tried going to the Jeweler at Calpheon as well as Becker to see if I had to speak to them for the Black Spirit to give me the missing quests but had no affect as the Quest option on the Jeweler was not present and Becker only had the Co-Op quest available for 30 Hexe mobs. I also have all the current Easter Quests except the 40 Life Egg trade for the decoration. I am not sure if it is worth mentioning but I did manage to accept these quests BEFORE the Easter Update, this was a known bug.

    I'm not sure if this is a common problem as my search for answers in the forums proved fruitless. I am also level 50 on my Wizard and have been for the past week.

    Please help, I am missing out on a lot of CP and tokens and would like to have this resolved swiftly.
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  12. GL added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  13. GL added a post in a topic Everything about fishing Hot Spots / Golden Spots + Current Location   

    This is great guys! Everyone try to find hotspots and post them here after the maintenance because I am unsure of whether or not they will change.
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  14. GL added a post in a topic Everything about fishing Hot Spots / Golden Spots + Current Location   

    Thanks for the info! Let's keep this thread updated!
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  15. GL added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Leona & Residence(Olvia) 2-4
    I'm reporting these two bugs here because support "solved" them 2 hours prior sending a ticket.

    Leona UI Bug: Orwen, Velia01, after guiding a Maid from a Contribution Quest in Calpheon.

    Olvia's Residence 2-4 "Stairs Room" cannot be customized in any way.

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