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  1. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    They are manually placing each egg in the forests and desert on each channel...it takes time lol

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  2. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    From someone who has had ACTUAL cancer.....stop crying and comparing a game to cancer, it's a game it's nowhere near as bad as cancer. Get over it.
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  3. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Good Luck to everyone tomorrow! I love these kinds of events, so much fun.
    I have my screenshots on Facebook and marked for public but doesn't show when I click on the hashtag so just making sure they get seen
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  4. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic Lantern Toggle Hotkey   

    +1111111111 tired of expired latern taking up my inventory space....same should be for fishing rod and rifle. Should be able to equip them permanently and just toggle between tools and weapons.
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  5. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic Delay Spawn-time when logging in, please   

    Ya definitely a 30 second invincibility when logging in would be great....
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  6. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic Light up cities.   

    I second this....
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  7. ChaoticPisces added a topic in Suggestions   

    Private Horse Sales
    I took this up with one CM but I want to see how many would really like something like this. I asked if we could have an option to do private sales through the horse market so that we are able to sell specific horses to friends, guildmates or just to people on the forums. I recently tried to sell a very nice T8 horse to my guild master but as soon as it was posted in the market it was gone instantly. People were saying that it was probably a bot, which is pretty unfair. The CM said that private sales would negatively effect the economy and make it too easy for lazy people. But I disagree, if the amount of the sale through the market in a private sale is the same as in the regular market, how does it effect the economy? The taxes collected will be the same etc. Also some people are not interested in horse breeding and they should be able to buy a decent horse since nobody is putting anything good into the market now. I just think it's a really good idea for people who want to buy good horses and horse breeders alike. I know a fellow horse breeder who gets all females and I get mostly males and many times she wants to buy males from me and I females from her.
    I was thinking that in the horse market when you go to register the horse just make an option saying public sale or private sale and then an option to put the persons family name and then when the person goes into the market they are the only ones who can see it and buy it. The amount should be a fixed amount just like the regular market just not available for just anyone to buy, especially bots.
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  8. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic Lavientia's Event Guide   

    I'm having Halloween candy deja vu
    Been grinding and mining and fishing like crazy and only 1 pearl in three days...
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  9. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic Canadian Guild Uno Server   

    Hi, I am on Valencia U1 channel near Lara in Hiedel if anyone can send me a guild invite
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  10. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic Home Server Selection   

    I forsee a lot of cluster f*&king going on after this merge. So glad I only really played on one server
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  11. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic Canadian Guild Uno Server   

    Thanks, I live in Ontario too lol I will hold out till then. Can't wait to join the team . I didn't even say my class or anything lol. I'm a Valk level 56. My first guild was pretty dead all the time and had to mostly do solo stuff so haven't done many boss scrolls and things like that. Looking forward to doing things with a group. 
    Family name: ThePhoenix
    Character name: ChaoticPisces
    I completed the application on GamerLaunch
    Thank you Nadan
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  12. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 23rd   

  13. ChaoticPisces added a topic in US Guild   

    Canadian Guild Uno Server
    Hi I'm a casual player who loves both pve and a little pvp. I am active but I AFK a lot due to life and health issues but would like to join a friendly guild who like to chat and do things together but not too structured and demanding. Thanks Come find me in Valencia U1/U2 usually in Hiedel leveling my horses
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  14. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic Winners: Awakening Event Series - Valkyrie   

    This sucks...My Valk is like my only character and finished the quests within the first hour of the servers being up after maintenance and still never got in top 100. People should not be able to get the title multiple times if they already have the title....Thanks greedy people who rushed to get the title on your alts!
    Me too, had a friend message me as soon as servers were up so I could get on and do it still didn't get it.
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  15. ChaoticPisces added a post in a topic Your T8 Horses Stats at lv 30   

    I had two T8D's and they learned all theirs skills within the first 20 levels and nothing after level 20, but I just got a T8A and he didn't gain many skills the first 10 levels but now after level 20 he is getting a lot more. Currently 12 skills at level 23. So far most of the good skills too, Drift, Sprint, IA, Sideways Move. No S: IA yet or Two-Seater. But fingers crossed he gets most of the skills lol.
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