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  1. Andaro added a post in a topic Fishing boat stops dead and starts sinking   

    Its the devs way of telling us we are getting submarines....:P or maybe bucket accessories needed to bail water....perhaps we have found the "Bermuda Triangle Easter Egg", or perhaps you found the sea monsters lair and he had chili for supper and just had some very bad gas...all that methane bubbling up caused your boat to loose bouyancy .....
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  2. Andaro added a post in a topic [Notice] Log in / Connectivity Issues - 1/21   

    Thanks for keeping an eye on us :3 
    Always wondered if you have an audible server alarm when certain connections aren't processing correctly....might be something worthwhile devving 
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  3. Andaro added a post in a topic Welcome Two New Members To The CM Team!   

    Howdy! Glad to meet ya! Please don't let our.....occasionally salty pitchforks dismay you from your time here....we can be a bunch of knuckleheads, but only because we do love our game. Many wishes, some high hopes, some down and outs, but fine tuning a game is a long road.  Glad to have you with us for the journey!
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  4. Andaro added a post in a topic Loyalty Shop Additions - what do you suggest?   

    I believe that fair is relative among the player base, that will be natural, however, the general trend that I have noticed through the forum over the past couple months is that the players generally don't mind a high loyalty price for items that they can at least have a chance at obtaining in game.  For example, even though 5000 loyalty is 50 days or almost 2 months of playing, that you have to save up for to possibly get 1 - Basic Pet, by suggesting you are ok with it taking that long to get the item as long as you can at some point, say a great deal in the matter of cash-shop items.
    And I believe that such feedback is definitely on the right track of things.
    Players are content. Having long term players helps to ensure the longevity of the game because, obviously MMO's are really about playing with other people.  But long term players get dismayed when they feel there is nothing they can get from their investment of time.  Thats what loyalty shops are designed for, and achievement systems.  To reward those that just play....its a way of repaying back the players in a manner of speaking for "being content".
     great suggestions so far, lets see some more!
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  5. Andaro added a post in a topic Loyalty Shop Additions - what do you suggest?   

    What Loyalty Price would you consider fair?
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  6. Andaro added a topic in General   

    Loyalty Shop Additions - what do you suggest?
    So seeing some of the event items that we have had, I thought "hey, this would make a great loyalty shop item!"
    Such as the "Crystal Extraction Tool" (that most everyone got today as a login reward..  Or, the Hot Black Tea, or Warm Milk.....
    What items do you think we should have in the loyalty shop? And about what price would you consider fairly reasonable to place on them?
    I'm thinking maybe 1200 Loyalty for the CET......perhaps 200 Loyalty for the Tea/Milk
    Your suggestions?
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  7. Andaro added a post in a topic Protected Guild got declared   

    Personal opinion, but there shouldn't be a "protected" feature at all....just saying 
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  8. Andaro added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Graphic Error - Chandelier
     one of the candles on my chandelier isn't lit up....you can see the wick has a red tip like the other 2, but no flame.....trivial matter, not important i suppose
    must be a 60watt chandelier instead of a 90watt
    *Bianstimi's Chandelier (Fluorescent) *

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  9. Andaro added a post in a topic Kakao just lost 2 customers - paymentwall   

    Cant really comment on the problem at hand....but just to throw this out there....
    I use paypal and have zero issues with the payment system. I see no issue with the system or the transaction network service used by the company.
    My purchases have always gone through immediately with absolutely zero delay, and the pearls are available the moment I hit submit.
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  10. Andaro added a post in a topic Patch Notes - January 11th   

    The new furniture looks spiffy, I like the partitions. The furniture section of the pearl shop is getting a bit clustered with all the additions though, may want to consider a better organizational UI in the Pearl Shop.....somewhat similar to our current Marketplace, where things are grouped by category (Sofa's, Floor, Wall, Ceiling, Dining, Living Room, etc)
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  11. Andaro added a post in a topic Whats the use of a boat nowadays?   

    Well.....I tried to tie some barrels to my wagon and get my horses to wear flippers, but unfortunately they refused, and the barrels came untied, and my wagon sank to the bottom of the ocean.  So long live my boat.
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  12. Andaro added a post in a topic Sick of being dced and unable to log in!   

    I've been solidly connected since maintenance last week, without a single disconnect.
    What most don't understand is that from your computer to the servers, there are MANY MANY points (nodes) which route (host, pass along) your connection.  If any of these points are experiencing issues (think of pot holes in the road on a highway from one city to the other), then you can experience issues with your connection.
    try using tracert command to trace the route of your connection to the servers and see if any of the hops have higher response times than others.
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  13. Andaro added a post in a topic Facebook Login   

    Good news! And thanks for looking, now we know how to help others with the same issue  I believe an article should be created on the Help & Support pages for that, if the staff would be so kind @GM_Dew
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  14. Andaro added a post in a topic Facebook Login   

    And , not a single tech answer.....well we know the majority of this crowd.
    Try clearing your browser cache, including the cookies
    There may even be a separate cache for the Coherent UI
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  15. Andaro added a post in a topic Bugg: when your enemy is slain through a dot after an Duell. It counts as PK   

    I just meant to make sure to do so
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