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  1. Kozuka added a post in a topic Memory Fragment market (Eu)   

    I suspect the problem is is self perpetuating. 
    Because of the shortage of fragments on EU, players who run scrolls do it to keep the memory fragments for themselves rather than sell them on the market. 

    I have shit loads of fragments in my bank that I know I WILL need, just not right now. I'd rather keep than potentially have to buy them back later at a higher price. The fear of loss is leading to low supply and nothing will probably change short of some kind of huge relic/book event for EU servers.
    The downside to a EU specific event though would be uproar from NA servers because euros got something they didn't. 

    Why the shortage occured in the first place I have no idea, but I suspect its a symptom of a problem long since fixed (population difference).  It's also possible that EU is more economically savy, and since running scrolls group is technically more profitable than just buying the fragments due to the extra blackstones acquired, a slightly different culture has emerged. 
    It's also possible that because of language differences, random scroll groups are less popular on EU even though the populations are broadly similar. On NA everyone speaks english, so the entire population can participate in groups advertised via channel chat. On EU servers there may be German, Italian, Spanish, French players etc who only speak their native language and can't participate in publicly advertised activities, meaning the overall group turn over is lower than NA. 
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  2. Kozuka added a post in a topic BDO makes a truly wretched first impression   

    1-50 is basically the tutorial, that's why it seemed super easy. On the flip side though the combat in this game is probably too fast paced for someone as old as you, so you are probably making the right decision, orbitting the red crosses in Eve online might be more your kind of pace.
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  3. Kozuka added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    I feel like while ranger does become more melee focused, its still like a 40/60 split between bow/awakening. Many classes don't go back to their main hand weapon at all. If the balance could be changed to 50/50 I think that would be perfect, but it's honestly not that far away from that. 

    If you never use your bow at all you are probably playing the class wrong tbh. 
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  4. Kozuka added a post in a topic Black Desert Online it is not a PvP game. It is a PVE game with 1-2 PvP features.   

    Honestly it seems really short sighted to not run just at least 1 perma pvp channel.

    I don't have particularly strong feelings for or against pvp in this game.  I play casually and enjoy pvp when it happens but don't actively seek it out anymore. The removal of xp loss was needed to create a fair environment for casual players as the gap between the hardcore and the average gets wider, but in return I feel like adding 1 perma pvp channel with karma disabled for anyone that wants it would be a great feature. 

    There are no side effects that I can see that would spill over onto the other channels. Gankers would still play on normal channels with the same penalties so the risk would still exist, but the open PvP channel would create new opportunities for emergent gameplay that would be entirely consensual - if you don't like it, you just don't join the channel. 

    To anyone that hates PvP so much they would deny it to other people, after the removal of xp loss I would say "What have you got to lose?" just because you don't enjoy something, it shouldn't deny other people the chance to enjoy it, if its in a way that doesn't impact you. 
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  5. Kozuka added a post in a topic If value packs 30% marketplace boost stays..   

    Unironically posting in a 9 month old thread :ok:
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  6. Kozuka added a post in a topic Results of Ryzen and BDO (✿◡‿◡)   

    N64 > Playstation hands down its not even a contest ok.
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  7. Kozuka added a post in a topic Dont get rekt by kakao about pet exchange   

    Good point, I mean if one unrelated thing is wrong, then everything else must be wrong. If you have any extra tin foil hats could you pass me one, that way I won't make the same mistake again. 
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  8. Kozuka added a post in a topic Dont get rekt by kakao about pet exchange   

    I mean the information in the pet breeding window literally says 'When high level pets are used, there is a higher chance to get an upgrade to the next tier'. Whilst this isn't 'conclusive proof' its such a hard thing to accurately test because of the cost involved in creating an appropriate sample size. In this case you will just have to trust that what the developers have written about their game is accurate.  
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  9. Kozuka added a post in a topic Returning Ranger questions   

    recently returning 57 ranger - can confirm that at 56 bow/sword are basically the same damage and you will probably be split 60/40 between the two. At 56 once your awakening abilities are on CD you basically do no damage unless you switch back to bow. 
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  10. Kozuka added a post in a topic [Poll] Ranger Group Buff viable ?   

    They could also make the DP debuff that wotw applies affect the melee attacks of party members.
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  11. Kozuka added a post in a topic Ranger keybindings a bit unnatural?   

    I always drop F onto my side mouse button which I find makes kick cancelling, penetrating wind combo and wotw alot easier (although its less relevant after awakening) but it also works nicely for waltz. Although this doesn't apply directly to the skills you mentioned, for me it means my fingers can rest more easily and with 1 less key to think about combos don't feel awkward. 
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  12. Kozuka added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    inb4 another 1 hour delay
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  13. Kozuka added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

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  14. Kozuka added a post in a topic State of the Game 2017 (Sodium free edition)   

    Great reply, thanks for your perspective. 
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  15. Kozuka added a post in a topic State of the Game 2017 (Sodium free edition)   

    Yeah in this instance I will eat humble pie and stand corrected, only one dude actually gave me a decent reply there.

    In my defence the last time I used this forum the front page was just 9000 threads whining about ghillie suits and how 'TEH BAD MAN KILLED ME IN PVP IZ UNFAIR'.
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