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  1. Naria added a post in a topic Why Man Up & Barcode are no longer allies   

    ddos me u wont
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  2. Naria added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    I'm the guild leader of barcode so I know exactly where we'd place, and I'd say we'll be right beneath GOATGOATGOATGOAT. Bump us down a few rankings since we're lifeskill guild
    In all honesty, I think we should be either A+ or A since we're not looking to ally or use any other guilds. We will lose against zerg 100% of the time because we're stubborn. A guild with known weakness has no place in S tier.
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  3. Naria added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    Barcode from NA is with you brothers.
    I speak for at least 50 people in the guild as well as a few of the others in the server. We as individuals don't get affected directly by the change. However, this will kill the game. We do not see the exit of players and we want healthy population in the servers. We want to continue playing the game! We want to stick around to see awakening and what not, but we don't want to play a dead game... And dead game is coming.
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  4. Naria added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I've spent 700 USD on this game so far and I'm not afraid of spending more. I could say I'm one of the most geared ranger on NA with the highest AP in both NA/EU, and it just goes to show how much I enjoy the game. I haven't missed a single day of login on two accounts and I'm looking at about several thousand hours into the game, accounting for all of my 4 accounts.
    I was pretty certain about what I wanted in the game coming into the game, and it's been a fun ride. I would gladly spend more money on this game if it continued to support its hardcore community... Except the recent changes have been more and more catering to the casual players and it sounds like THIS change most definitely will make a lot of players leave the game. BDO will soon become not worthy of spending more on, if it continues to go this direction.
    Don't get me wrong, if p2w mechanic comes, i'll be enjoying the extra 2-300mil I can get by putting in a few real life hours into the game. But I don't want this change to make a mass exodus of existing players (which is already starting anyway) and I don't want this game to take drastic turns like ArcheAge has in the past. Our CM already knows this as well. Jouska may be working under a different name now, but he was a part of a pretty hardcore gaming group himself in Outcry and saw the downfall of ArcheAge himself. PLEASE remember what happened when Auroria came out.
    Fact of the matter is, this change makes no difference to the people who have been putting in a lot of effort into the game, and gearing up in the top-tier. Gear that the top 1% want is never around auction house anyway. What this helps is the newer / lazier folks who can't/refuses to acquire gold via playing the game, and it is the same group that will complain about the fact that game is too grindy or game has too much RNG. The same type of folks that will get their milked and get booted out the door when they get 1-shot by geared players.
    I'd ask Daum to turn from the direction they're going towards right now. because the players that they will lose from this change is the players like us, who aren't afraid to spend more than a few hundred dollars in a span of a few months. And when we're gone, all they have left is the newcomers that will chargeback after a few months.
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  5. Naria added a topic in General   

    So with the 96 headstart, are there any +15s yet?
    How ahead are the conquerers?
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  6. Naria added a post in a topic Rage Quit!! 13 Stacks no +12!!   

    5 stacks to +15
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  7. Naria added a post in a topic NA First boys   

    both his post & reddit posts have 2000+ views. While people pretend to not care, people definitely care
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  8. Naria added a post in a topic NA First boys   

    na dud u definitely exploit
    took u a day to post a guide? sounds like you tried hard to come up with lies
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  9. Naria added a post in a topic NA First boys   

    same NA first boys
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  10. Naria added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    Focus: PVEVoIP: SkypeWebsite: noneRecruitment thread: noneServer Uno
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  11. Naria added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Charcter Name: Naria
    Family Name: Naria
    1 million karma
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