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  1. Kyoukai's GM Here Uh let me see we were not even in the siege last Saturday uh only reason we actually went to merc was due to that monday Node. We were going to Honor that 1vs1 regardless our main job was we were hired were to just kill any ally u had due to a lot of dishonesty / backstabbing. We had no intention to get in the way of your 1vs1 mainly to just focus on any Allied that was brought along,

    (psst, its a meme, just follow along and shut up so you dont look stupid)

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  2. I would rather fight 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3, than do some dogshit as many guilds as you can possibly bring zerg fight. Its not healthy for the game or community, and its not healthy for any of the guilds you have to bring to help you.

    for example, refer to this beautiful document made by Skuldisir (big thanks) because this has been a reoccurring issue with many guilds: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kV17QvxRP1AQgPQ4-JaGIsAx7nsQksOxgj3NLHedSiU/edit#gid=1627623236

    There's a reason why ManUp's zerg is already dying out after one fight. Look at guilds like Kyoukai, Hikikomori, TradeFederation, Daybreak and Limitless for example: During the 10v6 Siege against Barcode these guilds were able to field 10-15+ members

    Now you have guilds like Kyoukai and Critical, guilds that used to have moderate strength, falling off into complete irrelevancy. What Lacari is doing is wrong. It's horrible for the game, and can only be enjoyable for those who are in his guild and have best in slot gear and PC's.

    Anyone who actually bought into the "For Edan" bullshit besides Kyoukai and Hikikomori were literally being played like a fiddle. The only reason I an going to stay out of Valencia is because I think Lacari will at least rotate the castle between all of the guilds who came to help him which would be ok.  But then the whole "For Edan" bullshit just became a "For ManUp".meme.

    There's a difference between Mercenary work and just being straight up -----ing slaves, but yeah, "For Edan" am i right guys xd?

    Unlike Lacari, I take full pride in what happened today, it was simply something that had to be done in order to avoid getting 6v1 zerg.

    I owe a debt of gratitude to every single guild that will come to help me next week.

    TLDR: In my opinion, a 1v1 would have been a lot of fun. The only thing that was gained from this was top tier memes, reference Lacari's next video for more information.


  3. 810358a4a817611a4f333445d405d9d5.png





    I'm sorry everyone, I was prepping for a 1vs1 this weekend and I failed to provide the zerg vs zerg content.

    I guess we'll be back the next week for content!

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  4. you play the PR game well

    Yeah this game is literally Black PR online and the other person spinning against me is actually black so I gotta do what I gotta do

    I am hurt Audacity is not listed as a merc guild, we are pretty merc-ish, Unless you are a traitorous scum then we shall bring our wrath upon your steps and shiet on your parade.

    But hey all business amirite Gravity?

    I listed it as region guild instead but I guess audacity is now out of region, so I put it back up as merc guild

  5. It looks like the extent of 'wanting to PvP' for a lot of players in siege guilds is fighting over elites at Gahaz where they heavily outgear the other people farming and/or joining alt guilds to stomp undergeared/underleveled players and secure that guild a node so they fill out a tower spot if anyone ever comes to siege the castle.

    Don't know about anyone else, but I'm pretty sure barcode is sniping ManUp, and I don't think us showing up to T3 nodes counts as "stomping undergeared / underleveled players", especially since we're getting stomped by ManUp most of the time. [Source: I lead barcode]

    We've been having a lot of fun and frustration on these, just like a node war should be. it doesn't interfere with smaller guilds and no one else was going to contest anyway. Unless anyone's actually going to fight ManUp on even terms, just let it happen and dodge the node both Barcode and ManUp are showing for. You can even ask me where we're going, I'll tell you straight up. Not even a big deal.

    Barcode mentality for you.

    Also I don't deny that we're zerging, but I don't recall zerging anyone else than ManUp. I guess we 2v1'd LotD once. In fact, I recall getting zerged literally all of 2016, and the only guilds that haven't zerged us is Vision and LotD, (and I guess any guilds that haven't actually fought us ever).

    I don't think you have the right to complain about Barcode until you actually get zerged and see what it feels like.

    That is, unless you're from ManUp (you're trying to zerg me back)
    Vision (complaint already received, ssssSSSssss)
    LotD (muchos gracias for shitting on my chrismas eve) 
    go fu-- follow my stream and ki-- subscribe yourself.



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  6. Fact: For some very stupid reason, it appeared as if Gravity wanted to take Cal 2 from Barcode by force but was never on to try to do it. Think I'm wrong, then why was Cal 2 made the main channel and keep a perma-dec up on them? And Greggy, weren't these perma decs part of the reason you left?

    Tbh fam we gonna let you guys have calpheon fam. Tbh fam we are followers of Valencian sun fam and my fams wanted to conquer the Valencia 1 - 6 channels fam tbh.


    Tbh I don't even know what our home channel is anymore fam, I find myself in velia more than anywhere these days fam. Back to old uno habits I guess fam dam Sam ham wam wam



    S+ TIER: ManUp, Vision

    S TIER: ilililililililil

    A+ TIER: LotD, FML

    A TIER:  Alloy, BlackRose

    B TIER: ChoNation

    C TIER: Audacity, Illuminati

    Vision: top dog of the server, been farming ManUp at open world lately.

    ManUp : Since the Gravity merge, taking the region wars more seriously. Recruiting enemy guilds and neutral guilds alike to amass a zerg for upcoming siege. After calling themselves the overlord of BDO, they got zerged by 8 guilds. Now asking for forgiveness to low tier guilds they called 'disappointing' and started asking for favors from said guilds.

    ilililililililil: The zerging guild at the moment.

    Alloy: their 1v2 loss to LotD and Cynical explains this very well. Very even in power to other guilds, but requires allies for siege.

    LotD: They come through once again with the ability to hire small guild and now down Alloy's fort. Huehuehuehue indeed.

    ChoNation: These chicken worshippers got smashed by vegetables and smoking sunglasses. Tried to make nippon steel out of dogshit and got pooped on by a zerg.

    BlackRose: They showed huge improvement in both numbers and gear lately, but probably had issue with unifying the new players. Threw a winning fight against FML. Expect to see them as a region holder soon.

    FML: these Vladimir poutine loving guild showed what it means to be unified and geared. Strong potential with small numbers and ability to smash nippon steel and vegetable alike.




    Mercenaries+ Tier: BlackRose, ChoNation, NewEra, Audacity, Fortune, Equilibrium, Insomnia, DeadSerious, Critical


    Mercenaries- Tier: Ascendants, TradeFederationRepublic, Hikikomori, Support, NQPZ, Eternidad


    Most of these mercenary guilds have 'factions' associated with them, but due to drama, things change.

    ChoNation, TradeFederation, NewEra, Hikikomori, Eternidad: ManUp favored

    Audacity, Fortune, Support: Vision favored

    BlackRose, Insomnia, Republic: ilililslilililil favored

    Equilibrium, Ascendants, NQPZ, DeadSerious, Spectrum: Neutral at the moment


    Let me know if I missed guilds. These are based on my observation and may not be completely true, but if you wish to change the ranking, give me a footage of node/siege where the guild in question gets smashed. 

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  8. Why is PRX making propaganda for Uno? Love the doge by the way, I think it captures my character very well! :$

  9. gravity smashed barcode today at node today in 5 minutes

    I didn't know the diggers were this strong, I finally realized what Lacari feared for months.

    Gravity deserves to go up to S Rank