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  1. MChrome added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    That's white knighting poor design decisions in a game which tries to have "an economy". 
    If one person did all the gathering and another all the processing they'd be twice as efficient. But this is made impossible because of an irrational fear of 'gold sellers' and a pathological need to not actually personally maintain the game they've created.
    There is no reason whatsoever to work together for 99% of the playerbase - And the 1% which is psychopathic enough to derive all their pleasure from killing others is being blinded by the fact that other games do this a thousand times better.
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  2. MChrome added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    When will people realize that there is no economy in BDO?
    The marketplace is so tightly regulated that it might well be an RNG stocked NPC vendor, and there's no player to player trading.
    A regulated, single marketplace does not an economy make.
    If PA wanted to create an actual economy, three things need to happen: 
    - P2P trading needs to be enabled.
    - The marketplace needs to be deregulated.
    - Following these two, PA needs to keep an eye on raw material and silver drop rates. 
    If anyone - here or at PA - thinks that a game economy 'just works' by trying to automate *everything*, they're idiots. 
    Sure, P2P trading will make gold selling more problematic, but here's the kicker:
    If gold sellers are THE ONLY ARGUMENT for why the so called "economy" works like it does now, doesn't this tell you that you should combat  gold selling instead of making life a living hell for your actual players?
    Seriously! It's like banning all cars from the roads because they might cause an accident. And the worst part is, most people here would be thankful if all cars are banned "because they might cause accidents". Guess what, that's what laws and law enforcement are for - PA/Kakao need to stop trying to automate everything and take literal, personal responsibility for the running of their game.
    This is like saying a baker should farm all his own grain and construct his own ovens. 
    Or that a software developer should design and build their own computer and the internet, and their own programming language to go with it.
    Or that a car manufacturer should build and operate their own iron and rare earth mines.
    That's not how an economy works. 
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  3. MChrome added a post in a topic Anyone else kinda bored of the game right now?   

    I've gotten bored because there's literally nothing you can do *together* with the game mechanics, except for node wars and sieges. There's the occasional random PvP you can get, but that's it. 
    It's a singleplayer game pretending to be an MMO, and this is increasingly worrying.
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  4. MChrome added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    This smells *very* Korean.
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  5. MChrome added a post in a topic Just goes to show how many dont have PEN   

    Kakao pulled the numbers straight from the database.
    If anything there are *at most* as many items as the infographic mentions. It's not "it must be more because i say so".
    While Kakao hasn't confirmed this, by *far* the most likely explanation for the amount of PENs is that they never removed the gamescom items, as that event happened on the live servers.
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  6. MChrome added a post in a topic as a new player im proud of this   

    Hey, the log gathering *does* provide me with 3-6 shards/hour, so it's not all 'wasted'
    Aside from that, lots of gathering + processing XP and some decently sellable secondary produce.
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  7. MChrome added a post in a topic as a new player im proud of this   

    Still 300 timber to go. Damn those logs are a ----- to gather
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  8. MChrome added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   


    This game has a rule:
    Don't enchant what you can't afford to lose.
    Basically: You've been rage-enchanting after a certain point. Don't fall into that trap! 
    Be patient. Don't go enchant 'because you think it should work', only go enchant when you have something to fall back on (like a tri blue awakening or something similar, or even another duo or tri dande). 
    This is a mistake a lot of people make. They gamble their entire fortunes away, believing that 'it should work this time'. They have no backup, and start rage-enchanting at a certain point. And then, they get frustrated, end up with a PRI awakening and come here to post
    Just be aware of this! BDO is not a game where you rush to max level. It is a game where you take your time, and bide it!
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  9. MChrome added a post in a topic Where to farm a truckload of Tungrade Earrings?   

    You get them from a Fine Accessory Box, from the attendance rewards - They've been given out twice before (or 3 times?). 
    Normally you can only get them from the Aakman and Hystria dungeons. One dungeon drops the Red Fragment and the other drops the Black Fragment.
    Combining one of each gives you a Tungrade Earring.
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  10. MChrome added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

  11. MChrome added a post in a topic Valencia.   

    200 exchange - 3 milThis one is odd - It's a far better exchange rate than *any* other option. 
    Maybe make it 250 for 2.5m or 200 for 2m, or 300 for 3m to keep it in line, and/or make 500 = 5.5m and 1000 = 12m or something.
    Otherwise, increasing scroll drops in Valencia can also help a lot. Relic shards are more economical to get *and* use. The only advantage mediah and valencia scrolls have is less time needed to do them, but everything else leading up to it is a bit meh.
    Another option is to *nerf* pirates (and sausans), rather than buff valencia...
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  12. MChrome added a post in a topic Character creator, head size option.   

    Completely agree. The heads of some of the characters mean you have to make the body very small for it to look believable... Ranger has the same problem for example.
    It's an odd omission to allow changing body height so drastically, but not let us change the head size along with it.
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  13. MChrome added a post in a topic Is this game still p2w?   

    If it even *is* P2W is still arguable tbh.
    For example, yes, you can get to full PEN gear faster. But you can never, ever get better gear than that. There's no super crystals you can buy, there are no HEX items possible in the game. You can only get ahead for a limited time.
    Eventually, the 'hardcore' players will catch up, and you'll have 2 people in equal gear. Arguably, the hardcore player has the advantage, even in TET, simply because he has had more actual playing experience and thus knows how the game works mechanically. Gear alone does not guarantee victory.
    Think about it this way: Whales are to hardcore players what hardcore players are to casual players. The hardcore players get their PEN gear sooner than the casual ones, but you don't see them complaining about it (much). 
    The only items you could put into the P2W pile in the cash shop are the desert and treant costumes, since they give an effect you can never get using ingame methods. Otherwise, unless lifeskill ranking actually matters to you, it's all more pay for convenience than pay to win.
    Unless, of course, you view BDO as a race to the finish line (max level/gear), but then you're probably not playing the right game tbh (using "you" in a general sense, not aimed at the one i'm replying to, fyi).
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  14. MChrome added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    @CM_Aethon @CM_Yukimura 
    Can you explain the logic behind removing items from the cash shop?
    They don't cost anything to maintain and you're only preventing future players from spending more money on the game. A 'gold rush' in the item before it's gone will not compensate for the complete inability to buy it afterward.
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  15. MChrome added a post in a topic Pop in and Draw Distance   

    If you can, that would be nice

    I made the same switch - Upgraded to a gtx 970 and an ssd, and while pop-in was reduced it wasn't as much as you would think. It's still very noticable.
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