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  1. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Balenos siege   

    When you kill a guilds base inside of 15 mins and...

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  2. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Basic Player Convenience Systems   

    Have been, and no thanks, but if they want to swap between all 13 of my characters for me when I am looking for something, I'd be happy to let them sit through all the wait load screens.  Now move along troll.

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  3. MrGrumpleton added a topic in Suggestions   

    Basic Player Convenience Systems
    To start things off, this is a list of things I have thought about and talked with others about that would make the game's compulsive need to have every player level every class or at least most of them for perks more convenient.  Some of the items would probably be fairly easy, some of them would probably be more difficult but all of them should make the game considerably more convenient for the majority of the player base.  I personally like the direction that the game is heading with the content and look forward to seeing you make more changes and enhancements so here are some things I would like to see added/ changed.
    While in game have a view list of the inventory contents for each character past the beginning Black Spirit Tutorial Quest .  (The reason I say past that point is that you can't even use the map before then, so this point makes sense to me.
    While in game or from at least the character load screen have a view list of each mount that is currently checked out of stable per character including mount inventory contents.  A different way would be simply make this view from the stable keeper on any character with designations for which character each mount is associated with and a button to open a view of the mounts contents.  Not sure which would be easier, but either would work.  Probably would want to do the same thing for boats since they are technically a different class of mount than land based mounts.
    Allow players to invest energy to nodes from any character at the cost of energy from the active character.  I would suggest a drop down menu at energy investment similar to the worker drop down menu for work nodes.  Only it would obviously be a list of characters with the amount of energy available and an invest button.
    Allow players to sell unusable pearl items back to pearl shop for refund of pearls.  I personally have a couple extra bank slot boxes for a couple regions in my pearl inventory that I can't even use because at launch we didn't know how many bank slots each region could be opened up to.  I don't really care about the money, but they annoy me just sitting there and writing a ticket for this seems like a waste of time so I haven't bothered.  But if I could simply refund them to the pearl shop that would save the ticket process and free up more pearls for me to invest in things in the shop.  I wouldn't say do this for items that simply haven't been used, but for things the game can identify as unusable it should prompt you to resell them to the cash shop for a pearl refund when it notices you can't use them.
    Mainly for new players to come into the game.  I would perhaps make a class tutorial for every class at the beginning of the game to allow a basic play through of awakened and non awakened skills so that they can see for sure which class they like the play style of.  I played a game called Skyforge that for all it's faults did this one thing very well.  I would encourage something similar to this in your game as well.  Nothing is worse as a new player than leveling your first class to what ever level and realizing you can't stand it's end state play style no matter how cool it looks. 
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  4. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic BDO - P2W Explanation   

    There is no winning, PEN Ogre Ring will Devour your sould.  So no p2w even possible.
    I take your point and really at that point the question isn't about p2w but understanding what is available in the game with out the cash shop and figuring out if you would be willing to play the game with only those things.  I was recently talking with someone and they claimed to have close to 800 weight with out purchasing LT from the cash shop.  That person chose not to spend money on the game but seems to have found a way to work around it.
    I personally wouldn't play the game with out a decent amount of the items fromt eh cash shop, but that is me.  I expect not everyone will have that requirement.  Besides the obvious, and I joked at the beginning, there is no set parameter for winning in this game so p2w can't really exist.  If you take p2w to mean be unbeatable in pvp, it isn't possible, you can get yourself some more efficient gear leveling in the cash shop but that is as close as it gets and even at that the rng in the game more than compensates for any money you may try to throw at your gear.  If your goal is to be as efficient as is possible to be in the game then not only do you need a ton of cash to invest ($1000+) you need a schedule that allows you to check on the game every couple of hours all day every day.  Other than that if you are setting your goals in contradiction to your desired monetary investment of the game you are simply setting yourself up for failure.  In no way is that the games fault.  This game has issues, and some really bad ones, no need to manufacture issues for yourself that don't exist. 
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  5. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Game UNPLAYABLE   

    Yep, what ever you do.  Do not attempt to relog, you will not get back in.
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  6. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    Probably the best and most reasonable suggestion. I would also suggest as an alternative with the same basis, make the pearl shop version last for 7-10 days as opposed to 1 if it is going to cost 1400 pearls.  This way no matter how the pack evolves both sides get the same and get them consistently enough that they are worth having.  As a player that doesn't mind paying a bit to play a game when it suits me, I would still pay for the cash one but would prefer to see the portion of the population of the game that can't spend what I do not need to spend all of their loyalty for a once ever two weeks buff that I get every day for no loyalty which I can then use for other niceties.  
    On another note while it is easy to miss evaluate it at first, I know I did for a little bit.
    Marketplace Collection Tax reduced by 30%
    For the duration of the Value Package players will receive a 30% reduction in the amount of tax applied from items sold on the Auction House. For instance: You sell an item for 100% of its value - Minus 30% of taxe - Minus 5% of local taxes = So you get 65% of the original value. With this item you get an extra 30% of those 65% => 84.5%
    Isn't really a way to get pay to win (or pay to gain a pretty strong monetary edge monetarily over other players) since there is an in game mechanic that literally lets you grind and bypass the tax system all together as long as there are 2 or more people in your party, and frankly most of us do it anyways because it makes gaining money so much faster and you only wind up with turn ins, trade items, vendor items, and silver being added to your weight which means you can sustain grinding mobs for longer periods of time.
    It will allow people to farm more effectively solo, but that is a choice, and duo parties will still be avoiding 15.5% more tax rate, so it is actually a trade off.
    I think if anything you could claim that it comes off as a pay 2 win feature, but in reality it isn't really.  Just the cost of the Pearl shop one is way to high or the buff is too short.
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  7. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Griefing; Fix it Daum   

    Short and simple of it is, both players (OP and Dingus) were playing like dip shits.  I see it regularly with members of the guild I am in.  The game gives you options, you make the choice.  You can not like the choices you have available, which ultimately may cause you to stop playing the game.  But they are still choices.  
    To many the play style of, this is my spot and I'll kill anyone that breathes near it, is stupid and shitty for those that aren't specifically playing the game towards it's pvp elements.
    To many the play style of, I have nothing to lose so I am going to continue to follow this person that flagged on me and killed me until they are - 1million karma, is petty, spiteful and doubtful to have been an intended way to play the game.  Though we won't know if that is an intended play style for sure until a Dev actually responds to a direct inquiry, which so far they have not done.
    Neither of these groups of players is innocent, and neither of them can claim the status of victim.  But at present, one of them is preventable, you can't force another player to flag on you, so you can't force another player to dump a million karma at you.  Asking to have the systems adjusted is completely valid, just as it was valid for people to ask for a change from the last system that existed.
    I personally don't think that adding the % xp loss is a good deterrent, it had little effect before as people would just tear, and it limits new players from being able to figure out the game.  An idea towards fixing the problem could be adding an increasing re-spawn timer to players killed in pvp by the same person repeatedly.  Another possibility could be to add in a dueling system to players that attack the same mob that offers a 0 karma penalty to figuring out who is getting those mobs for a period of time. Yet another could be a system where karma is deducted for killing a player, but then returned for repeatedly killing that player over and over again in a short amount of time.   I think the best solution to this though is to use your imagination and deal with the issue when it comes up to the best of your ability and accept that when two people are farming in the same spot, someone is going to lose, it will be you sometimes.  Spread your Karma out.
    Warrior, don't kill them, just repeatedly pick them up and go about your farming.  Kill half a pack as fast as possible and move on.
    Valkyrie, knock down during and high dmg skills and spam shield throw.  Kill half the pack then move to next pack.
    Wizard/ Witch, just rotate high dmg cool downs and focus most densely populated mob packs until mostly dead and move on.
    Ranger, frankly if someone is out farming you, shotgun your own face and leave the area.
    Tamer, use pet to out pull large packs and skip smaller packs.
    Giant, pick up and put them down with out killing and then move to mobs while deflagged and bring below 50%.
    Most people seem to get pretty annoyed and leave when you won't play into their hands, and each class has it's strong suits.  You won't get everyone to leave, but you will get most of them until the karma system is fixed or outlined as working as intended.
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  8. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Griefing; Fix it Daum   

    Pardon the lengthy absence from the discussion, so here are some things I would like to point out that were brought up while I was gone.
    @Samuraijin , @Tatsumaki Jim
    You seem to both only be looking at this from your respective perspectives.  The actual solution to this situation is going to need to be one that works for the majority of situation possible in an OWPVP situation.
    Aslo on the note of 
    So I think here is the part of the problem and there are 2 sides to this problem.  You can't claim this game as a PVE only game or that you are a PVE only player and more than a PVP only player could make the PVP claims that plague the PVP community.
    This game can and seems to be meant to be played both ways, more importantly it seems meant to be played with a little bit of both by each player.  Mostly PVEing mobs to enable you to be stronger at PVPing during sieges and GvG's and the occasional killing of the odd player in your way or for sport.
    The question I would pose is, do you think the developers are trying to design the karma system to be balanced?  So far from my observations, I don't think they are intending it to be balanced at all, I think they wanted deaths to have some weight, but they don't see as much value in balancing OWPVP (PK) for both sides so much as developing deterrents from flagging to begin with.

    You probably should have just taken the time to read the whole thing, I made that point, and while my posts tend to be lengthy, complete thoughts often require more than a sentence or 2 to convey.  Before you even got to the point you chose to comment on, you should have notice I pointed out I do not like this style of game play.  I do understand where it comes from, even if I am not a fan of where it comes from.  
     You can't possibly get the breadth of this issue down into one or two sentences.  There are too many aspects to cover.  To do so would suppose that your personal opinions on PvP and PvE are the only correct ones and that is usually where these conversations break down.
     I think some questions that are important to ask that have been completely over looked in the first place in the OP's particular case are:
    1) Why did Dirtydingus choose a set of mobs to farm that were being camped by other players already?
        It doesn't make much sense from the standpoint of efficiently clearing the quest, it doesn't make much sense of a PVE only aspect to continue to return to that spot or follow the players around that were killing him/ her.  
    2) Why not take a moment to ask what the other player was doing before PKing them?  
        Maybe it is just personal experience, but if you ask most people to move to another area, they will about 90% of the time if you were already farming in said area.  The ones that won't, well that is where creativity comes in to play.  
    3) What else could have been done aside from driving yourself into the negative to convince the other player to leave?
    4)Finally I would pose the questions @CM_Aethon, @GM_Gemu  Is the scenario described in the OP's post something that you see as an issue?  If so could you give a clear message to the community that it is.  If it is not an issue in your eyes and things are running as planned to you express that?  That way players can make the decision accurately on how they will choose to deal with these situations as they present themselves in the future.
    And just hope they choose to answer those questions.
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  9. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Griefing; Fix it Daum   

    I think this is a case of going from A to D while acknowledging that B and C exist and somehow leaving them out of the formula.
    A) You are grinding in a spot or arrive at a desired spot to grind at
    B) Another player arrive or is already there
    C) You choose to either share the spot if other player is willing, flag up and take/ defend the spot, or leave
    D) if pvp ensues whether it is in the form of PK (other player refuses to fight back) or flat out pvp (other player actually fights back) then karma is lost by the player that flags.
    Where these discussions get derailed for me as a moderate player who is not opposed to pvping or "pking", but I don't make a regular practice out of it, is this.  The game tells you when you leave town you are entering a combat area where you can be attacked by other players, by going into those area you are consenting that pvp is possible.  As the agressing player in a scenario where player A ends up fighting player B, no matter who is who, you both consented the moment you entered the area where that activity is possible.  Should the aggressor lose something, that is a parameter determined by the game and frankly I am perfectly fine with the possibility of a loss of something, that gives value to karma.  Should the non-aggresive player lose something, who cares, the game says no at present, I can't say I have ever thought to myself "lets go kill that guy so he/ she loses 1% xp or what ever".  But you can't make the argument that at no time were you party to pvp because you chose not to fight back against an aggressive player. That argument holds about as much water as the favorite of the hardcore pvp'r that suggests if you are not here for the pvp you should leave.  Neither of those arguments make any sense given the current game construction.  You could make the case quite easily that pvp in a 1vX setting using flagging is highly discouraged by the game devs and meant to be used as an understood bandit type play style where you will be treated as a bandit.  You could make the argument that some people don't want to pvp in the game and will refuse to do it, taking any meaningful pvp opportunity away from a player who is aggressive towards them.  What you can't do is go into an area, which is anywhere outside of a safe zone, and claim that you were simply murdered by an aggressive player and you had no knowledge or form of recourse of the pvp scenario that was being thrust upon you.  The game informs you every time you enter an area where pvp is possible, by entering those area you agree to the chance someone could attack you, and you make the choice, just as the aggressive player does to be in that area and take that chance on being attacked.
    The only way you could "murder" someone in this game would be if players couldn't log out and you killed a player that was afk, or the idiots that run around killing afk fishers and auto pathers that are obviously afk and that is just silly.  Those are the kinds of players that are after that bandit life style and they either don't care about the karma consequences or they care and enjoy them.  Other than those options, there is literally no reason to take part in those activities.
    I find fault in your logic, the player the OP killed knowingly went back to an area where he knew he could expect to be killed over and over and over again.  That is not a pk, that is just plain stupid on both parties ends.  There isn't a legitimate reason for the play style anymore than there is a reason to flag up and kill an afk fisher or pather.
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  10. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic fastest grinding class after awakening   

    Fastest grinding class post awakening will likely be Berzerker.  Clear speed of a well geared zerk will be unmatched and I say this because I see several of our very geared rangers making deals to carry zerkers to 58 with them right now with the understanding that the zerk will return the favor after awakenings hit.
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  11. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Griefing; Fix it Daum   

    I am pretty sure a miscommunication is happening here on my part, I was using you as a generalization, not referring to you specifically in my past posts unless in direct reference to a specific question posed or point that was made.  I'll have to apologize for that.  I have actually looked at Pantheon, it is a very long way off and I am not really convinced it will add anything to the genre, but who knows.  They don't even have most of their systems in place for the game as far as I know just a very rough play through with nearly no features and frankly will just wait until I can see a more finished product to decide whether or not it is going to see any funds from me.
    Also, and I am not sure if I mis-wrote it or you mis-read it, but I am not of the mind set that if you aren't a predominantly pvp player this game isn't for you.  Honestly the notion that this game is only for pvp'rs is silly.   Though my tone towards you being new to the genre may have simply come from the understanding that most of the PVE only players in the game seem to be behind quite a bit in gearing and in levels, so not so much that you would be new to the game or genre, just that there are two different sets of players to be considered and I do believe in most cases I specify which group I am referring to.
    I will say I didn't share your disdain for Wildstar or Tera, I thought both were fairly good iterations of Action combat mmo's and Tera at least still has a pretty decent population of active players and is constantly trying to bring new content that moves players in a forward direction.  I have enjoyed several other games in past years aswell, though I think you have definitely been playing longer than I since I didn't start into mmo's until WoW was in BC, but have played nearly every major title to be released since then.  Aion and Rift having been two of my favorites during their opening years.  
    At any rate, archeage was crap from day one, and I mean I played it day one, logged out after 15 minutes and just said screw that.  Haven't played WoW for years, but it was fun for a time, just can't bring myself back to tab targeting. D3 hasn't had a cash shop for years, and is a good afternoon distraction for killing time I suppose, but it is sort of the same thing as here, grinding the same sets of mobs over and over and over for no real reason once you are at a certain point.
    Since you mentioned you are purely a PVE player, I am curious to get your take on what drives you forward in the game with out the PVP components though.  I noticed you said you have a self bred T7 horse, I also have a grip of T6 and have failed numerous T7 breed attempts which is okay with me frankly, and I enjoy fishing, and hunting now that it is here.  But what else do you fill your time with and why?
    As a player with an eye on sieges, that is pretty much the only thing I have been focusing on in my day to day gaming and I use the other systems to help me not get burnt out as quickly as others have.  But I must say it is annoying to me to be "wasting time" doing things that are no where near as valuable as grinding in the areas I am capable of grinding.  I also often wonder if i would be capable of enjoying the game more if I simply didn't care what was most efficient or whether or not I was doing what I "need" to be doing at any given point in time.  
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  12. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Griefing; Fix it Daum   

    So some games on a purely PVE aspect would probably be Wildstar, or Tera off the top of my head.  I am not sure what the current state of Wildstar is but the PVE content when I did play it was at least more diverse and you had a reason to do a variety of things. Tera is just older now, but it had good, albeit slower combat systems that were fun and probably still are, again haven't played it in some time.  The player portion of combat in this game is far superior and I like the lack of telegraphs on the ground, but as a whole the content was of a higher caliber in Wildstar than here so far.
    While I grant you, the game systems for crafting and taming in this game are nice, they will net you nowhere near the reward as just straight farming mobs in an ideal location or even a semi ideal location.
    If you don't have time and or money in this game...I feel for you, personal thing. If I hadn't maxed my storage in a few cities and hadn't maxed my weight and personal inventory space I think I would hate grinding in this game even more. I tend to carry like 200 to 300 pots out to the desert and then add in some wp pots and some anise tea and water along with food and elixirs and the weight really starts to add up. So do the bag slots.
    As far as the games you mentioned for pvp, you are referring to FPS and mobas in a discussion about mmorpgs, not really the same thing. Would be the same as being suggested Diablo 3 or PoE for a pve game as opposed to this.
    In the end, it is all about what you are looking for in a game, it sounds like this game is at a happy point for you and that is good, for you.  Not necessarily so for many though which is what sparks these forum threads.  My issue in these threads is much like our friend VipeR up there has illustrated, many can't seem to articulate points and or suggestions with out plaguing their own posts with comments and sentiment that will only server to diminish the over all meaning.  This leads to no one taking the suggestions seriously and leaves their voices unheard. On top of that, if you are going to offer suggestions on how to fix a portion of a game, you should probably take the time to evaluate in depth what your actual issue is before soliciting fixes.  This would likely alleviate the situation most gamers find themselves in where they ask for something in a game, it gets put in then they hate it.  
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  13. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Griefing; Fix it Daum   

    Firstly for contested areas, the minimum amount of players to make an area contested would be 2-3 not 20-30 since there is no reason to farm any of the luck drop areas anything other than solo and most of them only have 2-3 reasonable groupings of mob packs to pull per channel.
    The only other issue I see with this is that just because you are hear for the PVE and are not interested in PVP doesn't mean you may not want some of the better gear, and all of the best grinding spots for money will be heavily contested too.  So no simply buying the gear at a reasonable rate from the AH.  Does it matter objectively, no not really, but frankly unless you are just here because the game looks pretty there are better PVE driven games out there that would offer a more fulfilling experience in the long run.  This game is pretty limited in the PVE content department and even more limited in the non-contested good PVE areas to engage in.
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  14. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Griefing; Fix it Daum   

    So to start, whether you find lower level players or new players who want to not lose xp annoying or not, you start off with a statement which will detract from anything else you say.
    I take your point on the leveling time frame because I can level from 1-50 in this game on most classes in less than 6 hours.  However, no one is making players do that and if you choose to you could spend months doing the grind from 1-55.  Especially depending on how many hours a day and days per week you can play.
    I have the experience personally of a player that was 55 at Mediah release, but frankly, I am not opposed to understanding the needs of players that don't play as much as I do.  Personally I think all aspects of pvp should have xp losses associated with them and I am fine with de-leveling due to loss of xp, but I think most would cringe at this and I can appreciate those points of view too.
    also copied from VipeR...
        My suggestion, is change the system to a sliding scale of XP loss.
        It doesn't need to be HOURS of time lost for one death. 1-30 minutes is more reasonable (1 minute for lower levels, 30 minutes for higher), and base the % XP loss off of this  approximation. 
    Not a terrible idea upfront I suppose, though I would rather see it be worth more time even at lower levels than at less time at all levels, if you are going to do it, it should have weight.
        So, for those WHINERS that think 1% XP loss at lvl 50 is the end of the world.
        You lost 2 minutes of play time.
        Wake up and quit being a baby. You are literally killing the game's immersion and excitement by whining on the forums and devs trying to be nice to you by thinking that is what everyone      wants.
    This last bit honestly looses me completely.  I get the sense that you are irritated and not sure how to deal with that irritation.  How does the fact that another player isn't losing xp ruin your immersion in a game where you spend 80-90% of your active game time killing 7-10 replicas at a time of the same mob repeatedly for hours on end.  I have an issue with the play style personally, but I can't say that it would affect my "immersion" if this game could even boast such a feature to people that are already 57+.  
    If anything honestly I would say to people that haven't figured out how to deal with "griefers" and the annoying tactics they employ, it just takes some imagination.  I play a warrior and I have out farmed entire groups of people who were "stealing camps".  Also found a way to make griefing completely useless with just one other player where 5 people failed.  There is really nothing to it.  And where it doesn't work, you go do something else, the other player did it better, that is it, end of story.  
    There are countless problems with this game, I have been personally waning on my playtime and refuse to spend more money because it is frankly boring me and I don't see the things that bore me changing ever.  Other players not losing xp because I chose to kill them is not on the top 10 list of issues I would make.  Bare in mind as well that this issue existed before they did away with that to basically the same degree, the only difference being when you killed them for the 50th time you assumed they had spent money and lost something.
    The only way this game could gain immersion while trying to be competitive would be to start over and redesign most of the systems in the game.  It has it's fun aspects, but immersive, not a part of the top end leveling/ gearing play field.
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  15. MrGrumpleton added a post in a topic Griefing; Fix it Daum   

    I think that much of the comments and suggestions of this thread and many like it over look the general and overwhelmingly obvious intent of BDO's design for implementing strife in day to day play.
    First, I should state that I don't like this type of game play when carried out to a certain extent and preferred % xp loss in the game for any type of death.
    Things that need to be taken into account though when evaluating the decision to make the change at a logical level as opposed to personal preference opinion.
    1) Mobs do not belong to any particular player regardless of time spent in an area or desire to camp a group of spawns.  There is literally no MMO that gives ownership of farming areas to a specific group of people for a specified amount of time in an open world setting.  It would not make any sense to do so.
    2) The "courtesy factor" many of us get confused or more likely complacent in our acceptance that we own an area because inter-guild relations and player courtesy give us that sense of ownership over an area.  The guild I am in notoriously claim spots that we want on channels that we "own" and we are happy to play that way because we can, how ever we enjoy a good challenge for the most part, so we are not afraid to war over spots and or PK if needed.  We also play the game a lot and are not likely to be pushed out of an area with out a reason for leaving.  But we also are not going to send the whole guild to help one person deal with one person, unless that person is "on the radar" so to speak. 
    3) % xp loss will discourage newer/ lower level players from investing more time in the game. This by itself doesn't seem like a big issue or even to make much sense, but when tied into 4) it begins to shed a new light on how it is actually a big problem and can not be ignored.
    4) There is no (NO) compelling PVE content in this game.  The closest thing to interesting PVE content is probably +15 gear at the Kzarka world boss, which most of us are past.  Where the compelling nature is meant to come into effect is by herding all of the player base at given (gear and level) intervals into very confined numbers of efficient spawn locations.  This is the basic design of the game, it is the only thing that makes sense given how the game operates.  Take Valencia for example, in this portion of the map there are (Fogans x unk, Basilisks x 2-3, Cresent Shrine x 3-4, Cadry x 1, Bandits x2-3, Naga's x unk, Lizardy things ( I don't remember their names and it doesn't matter, if there isn't a guild quest there you are not going there on purpose), useless humanoid story mobs down south (same as lizards).
    (Solo or Group) Fogans drop nothing and give crappy monetary return for time invested but they do give decent xp.  I don't farm these so I can't tell you how many decent spots there are, but I am sure there are a couple and not more than a few based on conversations with guildies.
    (Solo Only) Basilisks drop the BIS belt that is extremely rare and there are really only 2 with a possible third decent spot to farm them for the belt, xp gains are extremely minimal.
    (Solo Only) Cresent Shrine drops the BIS ring that is extremely rare and while there are possibly 4 good farming locations in there, if you don't have one of them you are fairly out of luck to get mobs to pull. The XP at 57 is doable though not good and the money is fairly crap and if you aren't getting decent luck on scrolls and rings you are really just wasting your time.
    (Solo Only) Bandits like I said there are 2-3 decent spots to farm these, but outside of a guild quest or completing the quests in the area which are easy and give decent contribution there is no reason to ever go here. money is crap, xp is crap, 0 luck drops.
    (Group or Solo)Nagas, group xp farming spot, only 1 decent spot that I know of and money is pretty poor.
    (Who cares)Lizards, if you find yourself grinding here...leave, just leave.
    (Who cares) Humanoid story mobs, honestly these guys are fun because the groups are somewhat diverse in composition, they are not in any way worth farming.  But they are easy and right in side of Valencia so if you want to go to Valencia and are looking for a quiet place that maybe you can handle farming at a slightly under geared/ leveled state then these may work for you, but Sausans/ Pirates would be better. 
    (Solo or small group) Then there are Pirates and Sausans from Mediah, still arguably the best two spots in the game for money and XP even at 57-58. Each containing exactly 2 good grinding spots, both of which can be farmed completely by a solo 56+ ranger in +17/18 gear.
    (Solo) Lastly we have everyone's favorite since day 1...Ogre's.  No mobs illustrate the developers intention better than Ogres.  10 mobs total, 15 minute respawn and they drop by far and a way the single best accessory in the game which is extremely rare, and extremely difficult to enchant successfully.  But if you want to be on top of the min/maxing curve you need a few of these and you need to get really lucky on those enchants.  Even if you constantly control all 10 ogre spawns for 8 hours a day it can take a week or more to see one of these bad boys drop, so good luck. Bare in mind that means these are being farmed constantly by 50-58 characters.  There is no incentive to farm these on a level appropriate character.
    As a player base we are funneled into these areas to jockey for position to get the (best) only spots for constant grinding that actually matter and they are not always level appropriate. This is coupled with the open world sieges comprise the player tension in the world that are meant to drive you toward/ and help you set your goals.  It is why arenas are merely practicing tools to use and not something that is ranked.  You may not like these things, but it doesn't change what they are or that they are the driving forces in this game.  If the developers had any intention of avoiding this they could have simply made all luck drops capable of being dropped by any mobs or spread mobs types out or done any number of things to confront this style of interaction.  But it is far easier to allow players to cause themselves strife from a coding stand point that to have to develop pve content that matters in each range of the leveling/ gearing curve.
    So when you are farming in an area and someone comes in to "kill your mobs" it is a fundamental misunderstanding of how the world of this game works that leads you to get upset.  Ultimately that leads some players to go far far into the negative, which if you are +18 you are a fool for doing because you will lose that shit quick at -1 mil karma.
    This is the element of the game meant to give you strife like it or not, you are meant to fight over the mobs, that doesn't strictly mean by killing the other player if possible.  It means out farming them, killing them, flagging and ccing them and letting mobs kill them over and over again until they get the hint, or any other means needed to compete for the spot that both of you want until one of you is willing to relent.  That is how this game has been designed and coming to that realization will probably save many of you the aneurysms that some seem to be developing over these practices.  With that said, there is nothing wrong with an invested player (which we all are) coming to the forums and expressing an opinion, but if you actually want to see anything accomplished understanding the root cause of the issue will help make suggestions that are likely to be taken seriously as opposed to being seen as a rant or moan or complaint.
    5) As a final level of strife (just for a more complete understanding of the other bane of most players) I present to you RNG, the idea that after all the players and mobs you have killed to get those two Ogre Rings and you put in all the money and effort to get that 30 fail stack and now you are ready, you do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around in your favorite spot in the town that is luckiest for you and you salute a magpie or what ever and click that magical enhancement button and.....poof!!!  Time to do it all over again, but hey at least you have a 31 stack now.
    RNG just makes all of the previously mentioned systems that much more of a struggle.  RNG when it isn't going your way can be infuriating to the tune of billions of silver invested with no reward as an outcome.  I personally think that the RNG system needs to be reworked for accessories with more realistic fail safes in play for players desiring to enhance gear.  At present no one can afford to enhance good accessories past a low threshold and players that do not play 40 hours per week or more really have no reasonable mechanism to do so and this is about to be even more exacerbated by the actual introduction of sieges.  Where some players are going to have sums of money for being in guilds that hold castles that would require weeks of game play for those not in these guilds to accumulate.
    Those are some things I find most people investing time in this game completely over look or never bother to think about entirely when expressing opinions about how the game does, or should, or shouldn't operate.
    Thanks for your time,
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    Gave me a...

    My own creation:

    Of course I use a more understated looking set for GvG's.
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    Is there a particular issue you have with the OP's making a suggestion that would benefit them and people in their predicament, or do you simply not understand why certain people can not log in on a daily basis for reasons that shouldn't need explaining.  I don't think even this MMO suggests you should forgo any part of your life to play it every single day.  
    Did you intentionally derail your original post by going from a reasonable request about perhaps accumulating daily login rewards for a couple or even a few days to suggesting that all daily quests should fall under that umbrella as well?
    While I couldn't really see an issue with the original post as a stand alone post, there is an inherent danger that has been brought out in the way this conversation has progressed.  It has gone from a simple desire for people who log a decent number of hours but do to life don't have access to the game every single day of the week to, lumping all dailies into a category which gives the player that does play daily an edge rightfully.
     @Nurvus I do not think by your tone that you would presume to be more valuable a player than say a working parent that can only log in a couple hours per day and chooses to use that time to perform daily quests opposed to other things just because you can log more hours in a given week would you?
    @Myssy As a player that doesn't log in on a daily basis would it have bugged you if instead of daily rewards the game had weekly login rewards either from launch or as a transition?  
    These are two completely different scenarios involving two different sets of criteria and they are quantifiable as to why one could be considered reasonable and the other is simply asking to take commitment which some can put towards a game and negate it.  These things should be looked at from both sides.
    To start, there is a key difference between login bonuses and daily quests.  The difference being obviously that you only have to login to the game to achieve one, or in many cases as this game rewards AFK time spent as well you simply need to change channels/ characters to attain the bonuses.  These are effective at gaining important things in game such as bonus weight and 24 hour buffs among other things.  They require no effort on the player to attain other than having access to the game on a daily basis.  Perhaps it isn't too unreasonable to suggest that these be larger and simply made a weekly buff, personally wouldn't care and I don't see how a reasonable argument could be made that it is crucial to force people "login daily" as it doesn't assure any form of daily game play or regular activity.
    In the case of Daily Quests, which is a completely different suggestion altogether, there is a required amount of effort in order to achieve the objectives daily which help to influence the game over all.  These quests affect the game economy, game activity level, encounter rates of other players, and of course the amount of regular activity the game publishers can report in real world quarterly meetings which helps to drive the amount and quality of content you see in game.
    The one suggestion alone for perhaps login rewards having a different timer than daily could be perceived as harmless, but when paired with how quickly it went from that to all daily activity.  I find it hard to accept that if it were adopted it would not be long before the conversation of why can't I only log in once per week come up again, which is in no one's interest.
    People, as they pursue their daily lives have to remember that MMO's are striving to achieve a level of immersion these days that borders on another world to exist in.  They reward effort, and regular game play as a basis of promoting a healthy level of activity from the communities that involve themselves in them.  They are different from other genre for that reason.  They aren't meant to be a level playing field where you log in and everyone is right where you left them.  They evolve with the players, the other people you interact with through them.  Choosing to partake in one of these games is meant to be an experience, even if you aren't the top player, you can still enjoy the game and what it has to offer if you choose to.
    Thanks for your time,
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    I actually really like this suggestion, which so far is the first actual suggestion despite the forum heading this topic resides in.
    I haven't yet understood how the developers missed this aspect of the game so completely even though all of the pieces already exist.  
    The skill for training is there, the pet models are there, the game mechanics for the mini game are in place, and it adds a level of depth to pets which currently does not exist. Plus I seriously doubt it would affect pet sales in any way at all.  I think if you could buy even T5 horses in the cash shop for $10-15 people would. Like wise I can only imagine that if say, pets could be tamed in game, people would probably tame them and enjoy them.  Most likely the people that are buying them in game would still buy them to save from the trouble of having to deal with taming them just as in the case of the horses.  Not only that but it is just a fun idea.
    I personally would probably still do both, I enjoy my T4 and 3 pets, and I don't mind paying for them, I also tame horses on occassion so I can't see me not taming a few pets here and there just to have done it.  In fact, make a title or two towards having tamed like 10-20 or 5-10 and people will do it just for that.  
    Either way, Good on you for actually posting a suggestion in the SUGGESTIONS forum. Nice Job
    Thanks for your time,
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    Honestly, never paid attention to the anvil, probably never will unless there is a massive buff to it.  It takes no time to hit a blacksmith and pay 70,000(ish) to repair my gear which is more than most people will face.  So if the gear I am repairing has less than 90 durability to recover and I spend more than 5 mins repairing it...I would be wasting time.  Not to mention, every where there is a house in this game for the most part there is a blacksmith in fairly close proximity, which means that any time you are thinking of using an anvil you will either need to buy and upkeep 1 in every house you own, or there will likely be a black smith closer to you anyways.
    In this game above all else, time is money, so having a mechanic that is both costly in time and money is a double whammy of a mechanic that shouldn't be used.  Absolutely no reason to.  Now if you want it to be worth the cost or time...it should have extra benefits like:
    1) Anvil repairs not only recover durability but give a chance to proc a bonus effect to the item for a short period of time based on your processing level (this way a new life skill isn't required)
    2) Anvil repairs could have a chance to recover overall durability to an item to it's max durability based on processing level.
    3) Anvil repairs could cost nothing other than anvil durability but the anvil can't be purchased other than by amity and (combine with one or more of the others).
    4) Allow the Anvil to repair numerous pieces of gear at a time and keep the ability to repair while offline.
    5) Make repairing with the anvil have a chance to upgrade your gear quality to the next tier based upon your processing. (only applies at +15 or above)
    6) Make multiple different Anvils which can be produced in game and have each one give a desired buff to armor and weapons when used to repair, with an increase to the buff with each consecutive repair and a time limit that refreshes with each repair.
    Just some thoughts to make this a relevant feature.
    Thanks for your time,
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    Hopefully I can add some much needed perspective to this conversation, because frankly almost everything in here so far is either wrong or at the very least just short sighted.
    I should preface I both, play this game a lot and, have 2 Kzarka's and Bheg gloves, and at the least 2 full sets of PRI accessories. By my count I have made approximately 50 attempts at PRI's of all types.  At present as the game demands, as a forward looking player, I use all of my 202 energy per 10 characters to gather in hopes of gaining as many Sharp/ Hard black spirit shards as possible for +18 gear on the 1st.  I presently avg approximately 1 shard per 100 energy and am aware of players that average slightly better odds than me and much worse than I get. Ranging anywhere from 1/80 to 1/400.
    First, the game is heavily RNG based, that is a fact, you can't ignore it.  The equations that the games systems are based upon are proof of it.  But you can prevent the RNG nature of the game from slowing you down too severely.  
    The OP has a valid point, though it is expressed in a manner that will never achieve it's intended goal, and isn't what comes across as the main point of the thread.
    The game in the current state favors the player that puts in far more time over the player that plays much much less.  This is a basic rule of the game and there are rare exceptions as there is with any rule.  
    Gear can most certainly be purchased, though not reliably do to exploiting and hackers playing, which is an issue for the managers of the game not a flaw in the game itself. However, not every server has the same gear available on the markets nor are they all available for the same amounts of time.  And I know what you are thinking, "...but Grumps, that Kzarka you got and sold gave you a monetary edge too." Not really, honestly, if I had the chance I'd have given it to a guild mate as opposed to selling it.  Taxes int his game are extremely high and as such even if you a Kzarka at the highest price (which I did) you still only net about 60 million, which is about a day and a half of hard grinding and smart node management.
    As I said I have full PRI accessories, in the case of every single one of them outside of my PRI Schultz belt I would have simply spent less time acquiring them and significantly less silver had I just purchased them.  I could have purchased a TRI Mark of shadows by the time I was done putting in fail stacks and other Marks of shadows to make my first PRI.  I ran me more than 400 million silver do to a bad rash of failing to produce decent stacks, lack of understanding, at the time, about methods used to created stacks more efficiently and my increasing belief that I would have better odds with much much higher stacks.  Knowing what I know now thanks to research and largely do to guild mates sharing valuable information, I could easily cut that cost in half and most likely produce a DUO mark.  Doing so would still be a gamble though.
    Perspective is key in evaluating this game too.  If you are trying to be on the cutting edge of an MMO then 2-3 hours per day has never cut it and likely never will in a game that is truly immersive.  It is a whole other world to exist in and as such the more you put into it the more you are likely to get out of it.  If you are playing with the attitude that the game isn't about pvp then gear probably really shouldn't matter anyways, only levels.  Nothing you are facing in this game requires or even rewards you for having full boss gear or Highest tiers of accessories. So don't stress about those things.  If you are of the persuasion that PVP is the main reason to play the game then you know that playing well and having solid gear sets with proper gems and enhanced understanding of the classes you are facing matters more than most gear.  All the gear is giving you is the opportunity to make mistakes. With that being said, it does help.  
    There are certainly areas that can be regularly farmed by groups of people utilizing the group looting options correctly to produce 4-5 million silver an hour in Mediah with out a single luck drop even being available.  Those spots are heavily contested though and as someone that regularly farms them I can tell you that if you aren't playing at off times, or in a capable group of players (2-5 depending on gear/lvl/classes) you will not last there long or get much out of the time there.  A couple places are Sausan Garrison, Pirate Island (which has luck drops but you don't need them to clear 4 mil an hour in a good group), and depending on your class possibly even Elric Shrine if your node is tiered up, though it will likely only result in about 2-3 mil per hour.
    Node management is a key as well, and having a goal in mind to create money from the crafting systems if that is your goal.  Or you can use your nodes to create things to augment your play style.  Like setting out crafting nodes to gather things you need to craft armor so you can build fail stacks. So you can make more attempts at getting higher levels of accessories or even higher tiers of armor and weapon soon.  I could delve into particular nodes and things to learn about them, but the information already exists in numerous forum posts, "Youtube" videos, twitch videos, Reddit forum topics.  If you were ever going to read it or learn it you probably have and this post is going to be long enough as is.  If you are new and need the information, go to one of those forums mentioned and research to your hearts content.  Needless to say, just as in real life, (make a plan, research your plan, figure out how to implement your plan, implement and observe your plan, then adjust as needed) or (Flounder around aimlessly) it's your choice.
    These are just a couple of things that could help a person negate the degree of RNG they are facing in BDO, but soon we will have node and siege wars.  Node and siege wars are primarily where people get the idea of this being a PVP game by the way.  They are integral to the game, and they change the rate at which a player can make attempts towards higher tiers of gear.  If you are worried about your gear, and you are worried about progression of the game you will have found yourself in a guild that intends to take nodes and/or a castle.  They are very profitable to members of any guild that holds them and even more so to guild that keep them for longer stretches of time. 
    Play this game the way it fits into your life, and enjoy what it has to offer.  No matter what your amount of play time or perceived level of luck, there is always something you could be doing to increase your odds, and a chance to fail regardless of what those odds are.
    Thanks for your time,
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    @aznboy568 I liked some things you wrote there, so I thought I might add to the discussion.
    I agree that certain classes really "need" either awakenings or some tweaks to make Valencia I and II viable to farm/pvp effectively past +16 gear. I do not, however see how the reason you cited...
       "2. Gameplay
                Black desert atm for me at least feels a bit meh. There's no real reason to level besides some lvl 54-55 skills and beyond that there's zero reason really expect 100hp which is meh."
    ...is really a good enough reason for awakenings to be put into the game at present.  By that rationale, it would be reasonable to assume that a few months after awakenings are released you will be bored again and need something else equally as game changing to encourage you to stay.
    Would putting most of the awakenings in the game cause problems with balance? Yes, most likely at least in some forms of pvp.
    Is game content stagnant at the moment? depending on what you play for, yes most definitely.
    But I think the main reason the game has sort become tedious at present is simply because node wars and castle sieges aren't available yet.  All of the players that are going to be viable in node and castle sieges are already 54+ (mostly 55+) and in at the very least full PRI accessories and Full +15 armor with solid gems. For those people who are attempting to stay up on the power curve to be ready for castle and node sieges, the wars will be the point when we start putting together TRI and beyond jewelry which frankly at this point unless you are extremely lucky, are just too costly to make more than a few attempts at.  Owning maps and nodes will offer those players the monetary boost needed to make those attempts and go beyond the current gear/class dynamics we have.
    The wars should add that zing back into the step of any beleaguered players out there tired of the constant grind, sitting on a few hundred million silver waiting for the "night vendor" to get added so they can catch those rare and often extremely over priced glimpses at boss gear.  However, there is a serious danger to adding the wars right now as hacking is still an absolute appalling issue in the game being used by entire guilds to do anything from the frivolous player harassment to taking down world bosses like Kzarka with only 4 people attacking by more than 10% per minute.  These are just a couple of things personally witnessed and reported in the last 48 hours.  I can say with all certainty, the confidence of the vast majority of players I interact with on a daily basis, that DAUM will handle hackers before the wars is quickly eroding away with each day the wars draw closer to release and each blatant encounter with these kinds of players. 
    Then there is the simple issue of a lack of confidence in the servers to reasonably handle the load of hundreds of players casting spells at the same time with in the same confined space. DAUM simply couldn't afford having the servers pack it in during the initial wars because DAUM simply didn't anticipate this many players and hasn't been able to adjust (hopefully I am wrong on that part) to the needs of the volume of clients they have in either market they are overseeing.
    Beyond those things, which once solved should help cure the boredom from the grind at present, awakenings are a breath of content which add to dynamics in fights.  The need for them to be placed in the game is predicated around the current version of the game and the knowledge base coming over from Kr/ Jp/ and Ru, which we do not have a copy of any of those clients.  To resolve the issue of needing to implement awakenings before they are comfortable doing so, DAUM simply needs to and should identify before Valencia I goes live which classes perform weakest with that content and or struggle to (clear content/ survive and kill in pvp) on par with the best classes and change the scaling of the classes that need it to suit the content which is being offered as a challenge.  If this is done, I wouldn't hold your breath for proactive changes as opposed to reactive (which would likely be too late to affect the initial release of sieges which are vital to the more competitive guilds), then the needs cited all over the forums would be moot and invalidated.  I would even go a step beyond that, stating that in the long run if performed properly and in a timely manner (again don't hold your breath) this could actually help alleviate the existence of classes that once awakening comes out simply put on the awakening skills and never use their old game play styles again because they are now completely obsolete.
    In short, if the game stays as is, awakenings will be needed by a couple classes to help them keep up with the "top shelf" classes.  However, if the proper changes are put in place to help the classes that we already know given the current build are going to suffer past +16 gearing in all avenues of the game then delaying the awakenings could make the NA/ EU version better pre-awakening than the previous markets have had.  (Again, don't hold your breath on that, this will likely be a missed opportunity as this team seems to be overwhelmed and understaffed or prioritized improperly just dealing with the basics at present.)
    Thanks for your time,
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    Have gotten 2 now.  So have a couple others in guild.
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    Firstly, what you are saying makes very little sense and you are taking a tone that is a bit hypocritical.  Just because some people can and choose devote more time to gaming than others doesn't mean it is unhealthy for those people.  Each person chooses to live their lives the way they want to or need to with the circumstances they have either created for themselves or stumbled into. One could say that devoting more than half your life to work for people who would happily remove you from their company if it saved them $100 (exaggerated) is a complete waste of a life. Many people choose to work for themselves so they don't have worry about such things and so they can control when they do what they want to do. Just a thought.  
    Secondly, if the guy that works at DAUM EU didn't want to stay late on a Friday afternoon perhaps game server administrator was a poor choice of career.  Above that, this patch was far from "emergency in nature" based on the notes. A one second delay to a joke battlefield and skill for a basic pet, oh and lets not forget a catch up feature released less than 2 months after the game was released.   I seriously doubt they looked and said to themselves, "eh screw it, I don't care about that.  A more likely scenario is that they passed down order for the update and said, "eh, give them 15 minutes notice and then bring it down."  With out bothering to look at server activity.
    Thirdly, and this is the part that makes me think that they just haven't bothered to look.  Their are separate servers for EU and NA, so why are the folks from EU not getting the patches during their low acivity periods and NA during our low activity periods.  Instead all of them are brought down at the same time (which is during EU peak hours normally).  I was thinking it is being done to keep the servers in sync so that EU doesn't have patches earlier than NA, but they are different servers...so who cares if they are 8 hours ahead.
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    TBH, I was up all night because I am usually up all night.  But a good number of people were up all night for that reason.  I don't expect people who aren't playing to be first at or min/max everything to understand, but for those that are trying to stay at that mark, waiting up is just a standard practice.  
    The post was mainly meant to be funny though, while this is annoying, and I don't personally care about this update, I am sure many are and frankly the times zones covered by this market are too vast to try and do updates at a time that works for everyone.  
    Checking to make sure that they didn't just spawn a world boss that is almost dead is a pretty easy thing to do and would have delayed maintenance by maybe 5 mins. 
    FYI:  Kzarka has a spawn window of time, which we were getting close to the end of by the time it did spawn, so it was pretty much guaranteed to come up as a side note.
    My level of salt however is something like tasty and light popcorn.
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