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  1. Alicization added a post in a topic Elephants   

    Okay, thanks!
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  2. Alicization added a post in a topic Elephants   

    I'm guessing the second part is the confusing part, and I may be talking about stuff that has nothing to do with the NA version. Rewording: are guild elephants obtained using the mini elephant that you receive from the quest you linked? I'm not familiar with a lot of NA mechanics, do you know where I could find a guide to the NA way of getting guild elephants? Thanks for the link about the quests for the mini elephant.
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  3. Alicization added a topic in General   

    I have seen pages online saying that the small elephants are obtained by capturing them similar to horses, and pages saying that they are obtained by using ~35 million silver and doing various quests. Which way is in the NA version, or both?
    Also, are the small elephants obtained through one of these ways the baby elephants that are used for raising a guild elephant?
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  4. Alicization added a topic in General   

    Merv's Palette Question
    Left the game for a while and came back, so the first assumption I am going to make is that Merv's Palette still resets your dyed armor back to it's undyed state, even if you used dye on it before Merv's Palette. If this is still true, does armor that isn't dyed revert back to its undyed state too?
    For example, if I have a Grunil helmet dyed before using the Palette, but leave it alone and dye my costume helmet using the Palette, will the Grunil helmet loose it's dye too once the Palette expires?
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  5. Alicization added a post in a topic First boss fight -no loot   

    I have a feeling a lot of it is just rng. I've hit a boss with a stick a couple times with a lvl 18 wizard and got loot, and fought for an entire fight with a leveled and geared character and got nothing.
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  6. Alicization added a post in a topic Valencia Update Events !   

    I'm not even going to bother, no need to waste my time on you. Re-read what I said and figure it out.
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  7. Alicization added a topic in Suggestions   

    The Map in the Desert
    The desert is designed so that the player icon does not appear, which I find very enjoyable, and is what makes the desert such an unique place to explore. However, the design isn't really functional, because the map still displays in a way that shows you exactly where you are, which ruins the entire idea.

    The map appears with you in the middle, just like normal, so you know your general area. Even worse is that all these circles still appear so you can nearly pinpoint your location.
    My suggestion is to remove the circles, and when you open your map while you are in the desert, the map opens to show the middle of the desert instead of your location. This way, you can actually experience the challenge of exploring the desert the way it was supposed to be.
    Edit: Well nvm, turns out I wasn't paying enough attention, just ignore this. The function works like it is supposed to, and is awesome.
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  8. Alicization added a post in a topic Valencia Update Events !   

    I'm find with spending a lot of time on the event, my issue is how boring it is. With the eggs you had to find them or fight mobs, with the petals you had to run around and gather them then farm them, with this soccer event you fight mobs, but with this one you aren't doing anything. That is my issue with it, it is a long time of doing nothing.
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  9. Alicization added a post in a topic Valencia Update Events !   

    @CM_Tytyes the quest for the scarabs requires 50 and 150, is this correct or are the patch notes how it is supposed to be? I don't think anyone wants to sit in one place and dig for an hour, so I hope that 10 and 30 are correct.
    Also, I just did the math and if we really need 200 of these, and it takes 20 seconds to dig up a scarab, even if we pretend that the time it takes to claim the items and start digging again doesn't exist, it would still take almost 1 hour and 7 minutes of doing nothing but digging. No one wants that.
    Edit: Time probably goes down if you increase your gathering rank, but it's still more time doing something boring than I'd prefer. I would recommend changing the number down to what it says in the patch notes, but make the drop rate lower for the scarabs (it is currently 100%). At least that makes it seem like you are actually hunting for them, not just sitting in one place hitting a button over and over.
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  10. Alicization added a topic in General   

    Pressing "Enter"
    Is there another button that works in place of pressing enter when talking with an npc? The only spot "enter" is shown in the settings is for chat, so as far as I know I can't change it through that. It's just annoying having every key I need so close together and then there is "enter" all the way on the other side of the keyboard.
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  11. Alicization added a topic in Musa   

    Question About Leveling Slice
    So I have been gone from the game for a while and have recently returned, and I have noticed that the Slice skill for the Musa that I have recently created is auto leveling, and does not reset when a skill reset is used. Also, Retaliation I was automatically acquired, and also does not reset.

    Is this supposed to be happening, and can someone explain the change in how skills are earned that apparently happened while I was gone?
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  12. Alicization added a post in a topic Blader/Musa Skill Guide   

    How is it possible to not have ratal 1? It was automatically unlocked for me and skill resets won't remove it.
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  13. Alicization added a topic in General   

    Looking For a New House, Any Recommendations?
    I have been using Heidel 9-4 so far because I love the balcony, but the angled walls and floor design aren't amazing compared to some other houses like Heidel 9-3. What houses do you all like and for what reasons? Heidel is my town of preference, but I am also looking for possible houses in other towns that I can use for when I am in those towns. I love balconies and great window views, but am willing to look at others too.
    • 8 replies
  14. Alicization added a post in a topic How is the game faring so far?   

    You're going to hear a lot from both sides, so I'm just going to give you the whatever information I can
    1. The goldsellers have been taken care of. They added a function that filters out any messages containing whatever you set it to. So just add www and wvvw and you should be fine. I haven't seen one for weeks with the filters I am using.
    2. The game in not pay to win, but could be considered pay for convenience. For example, extra inv space or a whistle that allows you to call your mount from farther away. The only item that actually gives anyone a real advantage is a type of plant-costume that hides your name tag that appears above your character while you are wearing it. However, the community sucks, and these people will complain about EVERYTHING. Because of this one item, lots of players will scream that this game is completely pay to win. Anyone who has played a game that is actually pay to win will understand that this is not the case for BDO.
    3. As for the grinding vs casual, my answer would be both. If you want to be a hardcore pvp-er then you will need to grind day and night (unless you are ridiculously lucky with RNG). However, there are a ton of other things to do in this game. I have been playing very casually ever since the conq head start and have been fine. There is gathering, crafting, fishing, whaling, cooking taming, breeding, farming, you could be a traveling merchant, there are literally thousands of quests, world bosses, and guild wars. Plus there will be node wars and castle sieges, along with lots of naval stuff coming out later. I focus on all of these types of things instead of pvp. I have gone weeks without fighting a mob and only done naval exploration and other non-combat activities like cooking and horse taming/breeding. So no matter which play style you have, you should be fine. Even if you do not have much time to play every day, there are many afk activities you can have your character do to help make up for it, including leveling up horses, fishing, and having workers gather items for you.
    Summary: Avoid the toxic community at all costs, and you will love the game. Like seriously, never leave the Announcements, Events, and Patch Notes pages of the forums. The people on these forums are 90% trolls, have no idea what they are talking about, or angry kids. Other than that, the game itself is amazing.
    Edit: This is all from a more casual experience perspective. It isn't including some negatives such as class imbalances that only matter in pvp (and sometimes world bosses but I don't find it too much of a big deal for them), but I would rather just choose a class that has fun play style anyways
    Edit 2: If you are on NA servers, I would recommend Uno or Orwen, I've heard more negative things about Edan than the other two.
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  15. Alicization added a post in a topic No Maintenance?   

    The We are Family! event was supposed to end with maintenance. Will the event still be considered active or will you be considering the time where maintenance would have started the cut off.
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