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  1. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Suggested re-build @ 45?   

    but but, magic shield is really important for pvp
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  2. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic What skill should be awakened?   

    np, good luck on your awakening stats
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  3. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic What skill should be awakened?   

    you don't need RL cash to re-roll, you need some item i think it's called sage dream or something like that, you get some of them via some boss scroll summon, you get that scroll getting 5 relic crystal shard (idk the right name) and making a cross symbol with them on your inventory (as one in the middle and the other 4 on each side), i got 3 of them yesterday so 3 rerolls
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  4. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic 9 Hours and everything is even more bugged   

    yeah, npcs are bugged, warehouses are empty, oh well
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  5. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    so i'm pretty pretty sure we will see this happening on march 3rd:

    They will delete our pre-order items to then give us the coupon to reclaim then again within another 24 hrs, which means we will be getting them on march 4th, i really love this company's bussiness model, i mean, they tell you "you will get ALL this awesome stuff for a little more money" but they never tell you when, then they just keep pushing the date but who cares, you already paid.

    They are really smart, i mean i'm sure they will lose a lot of potential pearl buyers since they don't take all this seriously and is just a joke for them, but well played
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  6. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Despite the discount the prices need to go down.   

    and a good solution would be to just realease outfits more often with different prices.

    Let's say, if outfit A, costs 30$ , then outfit B gets released at 30 and outfit A now costs 15$, people who bought outfit A will get mad, and eventually just buyevery costume at A price, which might lead to some LOOOW profit seasons.

    instead just have some outfits at 15 - some others at 30 then limited editions with higher prices, that way people can buy cheap ones, and spend more money for that 30 outfit they loved and even more with special editions, just like LoL does with their skins, theyhave a nice system
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  7. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Despite the discount the prices need to go down.   

    i think the best solution like someone said above, is to have a variety of prices, have some regular costumes at 15, then some flashier ones at 30 and i'd love if they release limited editions way more expensive only if they are released just 1 time, if they release the same one every year (like some games do with "limited") stuff then i'd be mad if they are higher than flashier ones
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  8. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Despite the discount the prices need to go down.   

    oh no, i don't say they should stay at this price, i DO agree it is expensive, compared to other games, but we need to compare the quality of the outfits also, it's higher, and i also agree they would make more money if they were cheaper, but i don't get all this issue and complains for 4$, since most of the people agree the price should be 25$, i would be complaining also if the price was idk, 40+ dollars, since, like you said, you will only buy that outfit once
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  9. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Why are people complaining about the Cash Shop   

    the issue i have with your arguments is that you compare real life stuff with virtual in-game stuff, they don't have the same value, real stuff are more valuable than virtual ones, because like you said they have unlimited materials (which we don't have in real life) and even in game you are paying for the effort that some designers put into that outfit (which in some way you can say is limited, since not everyone in the world is a good designer), is not the same to let's say, but an outfit that is not detailed, flat, ugly and costs 30$ than buying one detailed cool looking outfit for the same price.
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  10. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Despite the discount the prices need to go down.   

    outfits beiong account wide is not a good business model, since you won't be buying stuff often, and just think about it, if people will not buy stuff cause they are expensive, it'll be worse if they make them account shared, they need people to buy stuff, and we always make alts and feel that need to make it look different, which leads to more money used, anyways i hope they figure out how to make this right
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  11. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Despite the discount the prices need to go down.   

    i'll take maplestory as an example, i have to agree i do think 29 dollars is expensive, i do, but i still will buy some stuff, maybe not  lot of costumes but i will, back to maplestory, the fact that they have A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of costumes makes it easy to lower prices and you still feel unique with combinations, i don't think that can apply here atm, if they lower prices you will see a lot of people, 1/4 of them with your same outfit since we have like 4 choices only, and then we will complain about the variety we got.

    The smartest thing to do, and i do hope they do it is to lower the prices when they release more variety, not now, and again, i might be wrong, that why i don't run a company
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  12. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Despite the discount the prices need to go down.   

    well i actually prefer some cooler expensive outfits than cheaper less detailed ones, anyways like i said in other posts, everything you buy in any kind of game is a waste of money, since they are in-game stuff rather that real life things, it's all about how much money you want to throw away, and i don't have any issues with current prices, i still can live pretty good, and i actually see the value on those items, maybe i'm wrong but i see it
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  13. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic What if you can't get in tonight   

    being realistic, i expect to get in-game with no issues like at 9-10 am utc time, if i manage to play before than i'll be happy
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  14. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Why are people complaining about the Cash Shop   

    well, any ammount of money is just expensive for virtual stuff in - game, and the majority in the world agree with that, with the fact that you are wasting your money buying virtual stuff that don't benefit you in real life, but does it stops you? you buy them anyways, and being honest, is a waste, you can save to buy REAL LIFE stuff
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  15. Ban Hammer added a post in a topic Despite the discount the prices need to go down.   

    so the solution is that we (the people who don't have any issue with prices) don't buy anything so the people who want this company to put the prices they want, can buy stuff cause they don't see the value where we see it?

    Is like saying, no one should buy expensive cars until everyone can afford them
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