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  1. Lilinith added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    What if my screenshot have fps counter in the corner? Can I crop it or I might be disqualified because of the rule "Screenshots cannot be edited in any way in external software outside of the game."? Can my screenshot win with that counter in the corner? ^^' It's just an example screenshot.

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  2. Lilinith added a post in a topic <FerrumAeternum>   

    Bump ^^
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  3. Lilinith added a topic in European Guild   

    Ferrum Aeternum 
    Who we are
    FerrumAeternum is an old existing guild since EU release that has been on stand-by for awhile, but now we are restoring it to its former glory. We are active since a few months back and currently we are filling our ranks with new, likeminded people who is here for the fun part in game but who is also willing to help with the guild progression. Our future goal is to take part in Node Wars and other bigger aspects of the game.
    What we do
    We are a small scale PvE guild (with a goal to become PvX in the nearest future) with a friendly atmosphere and active player base from all across Europe, enjoying everything the game has to offer. Whether you like exploring, crafting, leveling, life-skilling or grinding, you are most welcome to join us. We have a mix of players so you will certainly find someone that has the same goal as you. We strive to do guild bosses every weekend as well as relic runs for those who wants to, as well as teaming up for desert explorations or other fun guild activities.
    What we expect from you
    • Have a friendly attitude
    • Be active (We would like to see you once or twice every week, atleast) 
    • Help the guild grow (By doing guild quests and always promoting the guild in the best way you can) 
    • To have reached level 56+
    (But if you have a go-ahead spirit with a will to always learn more and make fast progression within your class, you are welcome to join us even if you haven’t reached the level requirement just yet)
    We use Discord on daily basis, and we welcome all new players to do it as well even if you don’t have a mic, that is not necessary.
    If you feel that FerrumAeternum is for you, it might be a match!
    You are welcome to send a message in-game to
    or to one of our officers
     PeePeeRider or Lilinith
    if you are interested to join and build the guild with us!

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  4. Lilinith added a post in a topic Wedding rings   

    I agree. Marriage system is what we want!  and maybe special houses for couples? ^^
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  5. Lilinith added a post in a topic Lifeskills to be account-wide and not character bound   

    but if your sister have so much high knowledge about world like you, its okay?  
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  6. Lilinith added a post in a topic <delete>   

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  7. Lilinith added a topic in General   

    Mysterious emote
    Hi o/ I'm wondering how to get that emote.. if is it possible at all? I've found on bddatabase that those titles are only possible to get from administrator of the game (GM?). But it's a side made by ppl and everyone can write there what they want so I wont give up ^^ Anyone ever tried to find an answer? 

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  8. Lilinith added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

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  9. Lilinith added a post in a topic <deleted>   

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  10. Lilinith added a post in a topic So disappointed about Margoria...   

    For example? Residences, costume mill, furniture workshop.. workshops at all ^^ It's a city with own markeplace, untill Margoria expansion every city with marketplace has their own workshops
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  11. Lilinith added a post in a topic New guild?   

    Hi o/ I just made new topic about my (empty atm) guild. Read it if you like http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/128846-ferrumaeternum/ .
    Guild already has some lvls and points spent for some bonus stats
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  12. Lilinith added a topic in European Guild   

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  13. Lilinith added a post in a topic What kind of Bartle are you?   

    In my personal opinion order should looks like that:
    1. Explorer
    2. Achiever
    3. Socializer
    4. Killer
    Some answers were like I would choose both.. or something like I would looks kinda fearsome doesn't mean I wanna kill everything that moves around me.. but that kind of answer counts for Killer :< It's just kind of rp part of my in game character ^^

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  14. Lilinith added a post in a topic For those all who couldnt see surprise from Kakao last night!   

    hah its really great feeling that i made so many ppl happy just by one video
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  15. Lilinith added a topic in General   

    For those all who couldnt see surprise from Kakao last night!
    Me and my boyfriend made a video last night to show really awesome fireworks in Heidel
    Enjoy! \o/
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