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  1. Atrius added a post in a topic Sea-gathering question   

    I don't know the exact respawn time, but it's over an hour.
    I'd clear all the coral reef areas on the east side of Lema Island, change channel, clear the reef again, change back to my home channel and it still won't have respawned. After that amount of time swimming/gathering I get the urge to do something else.
    The only thing I could recommend would be to keep changing channel so you don't have to wait around.
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  2. Atrius added a post in a topic Golden Pearl crafting issue?   

    I can confirm it can be obtained by Drying the Giant Pearl Oyster. Obtaining the Golden Pearl is effectively a 'proc' when drying so it's RNG unfortunately.
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  3. Atrius added a post in a topic Why everytime i post "WTB Deneve Set for Witch" i got insults?   

    Fun fact; a person weighing 50kg contains approximately 200g of salt (40 teaspoons), but given the increasing number of overweight/obese people this means that although we are all created equally, some will be more salty than others.
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  4. Atrius added a post in a topic Dark knight Awakening(Trailer)   

    New link, found via Reddit:
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  5. Atrius added a post in a topic How to start Dismal and Mysterious Man quest.   

    Try going to Emma Bartali near Velia, I think you will have unlocked her new quest chain, which links back to Lara at the end and the missing bits of knowledge you need.
    Here is the quest chain for Dismal & Mysterious Man and the pre-requisites: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2028/2/
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  6. Atrius added a post in a topic Road to 100% Knowledge-Titles-Energy Completionist need answers   

    The wild seed that is not one of the regular plants is probably this: http://bddatabase.net/us/npc/1215/
    I've found a few of the Everlasting Herbs in the mountains north of Bree Tree Ruins, and they require Gathering Skilled lvl5 to harvest.
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  7. Atrius added a post in a topic Characters have inherent RNG luck? Bit like hidden stats?   

    There could be a number of reasons for the differences on mob rare drops:
    What Luck stat do the players have (in Profile screen 0-5)What knowledge do the players have on mobs they're farming, S rank or lower?Do they have the same level of investment on the nodes they farm at?Enchanting might be influenced by the Luck stat on players I guess, but other than that its probably just down to RNG.
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  8. Atrius added a post in a topic Fisher's Token   

    According to bddatabase the tokens can be traded to 3 NPC's for various fish:
    "Fisher" in Calpheon - located somewhere to the right of the third bridge on the north side of the river.
    "Baggio" - located to the left of Velia at the river just beyond the T-juction, and south of the 2nd bridge.
    "Kurio" - located in Epheria Port by the docks (I think it's Epheria, I haven't been there yet)
    Source: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/42378/
    Click on the Item Exchange List tab to see the NPC's, then click on the NPC's names to see their supposed location.
    I'm at work so I can't check, plus I dropped all my Fisher Token's. If anyone else can confirm that'd be great.
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  9. Atrius added a post in a topic World Bosses as a Melee   

    I did a test last night on my level 41 alt (Valkyrie) against the Giant Mudster near Glish Ruins, where everyone else was over 45.
    I only used Celestial Spear and Shield Throw for ranged attacks since the chances of actually landing a hit were low. I died 4 times, but managed to land several hits throughout the fight - indicated by the 'Back Attack' and occasional 'Critical' text (not sure if 'Immune' counts as a hit). In the end I got 1x Weapon Blackstone, 1x Gold Bar and 3x Hunter's Seals.
    It's likely that there were less than 40 players involved in the fight, but if you have any ranged attacks as a melee class it's still possible to take part and earn some items - even if everyone else around you thinks you're a nub for trying. The same should apply to Musa & Maehwa as their secondary weapon is a bow so you can keep your distance.
    If there are less than 40 players at a boss fight and you have some form of ranged attack as a melee class, give it a go. You might still come away with some goodies.
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  10. Atrius added a post in a topic An apology to the man i just kidnapped.   

    PK without karma loss confirmed 
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  11. Atrius added a post in a topic The game is pretty incredible, but what is your biggest peeve with it? (Just list one)   

    The constant shoulder bumping against NPC's and other players in towns/cities.
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  12. Atrius added a post in a topic The "What did you name your horse & pets" thread!   

    I tried to name my Donkey "That'll do" (shrek reference), but it wouldn't accept the apostrophe.
    Settled on "Eeyore" (Name of the Donkey in Winnie The Pooh, and an old Slipknot song).
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  13. Atrius added a post in a topic If There Was One Single Item You Could Add To The Cash Store ...   

    For those asking for Cat Ears, they appear to be available in the Korean version.
    Not sure if it's part of the entire costume or if it can be purchased separately.
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  14. Atrius added a post in a topic 400 000 + pre orders counter[LAST STATUS UPDATE - THERE WILL BE NO MORE UPDATES - WHY? READ INFO]   

    Your payment has been completed!
    Thank you for your purchase.
    Order number : 201602080261373
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