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  1. Phelix added a post in a topic Petition to delete the PVP category off the Forums   

    And what is PvP to you? Like what specifically is it, that you do, that you consider PvP and why doesn't have a point?
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  2. Phelix added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Merger Tool.
    Here is my suggestion:
    With there being so many smaller guilds, running around together, why not have a simple, "Guild Merger" tool that only GM's can initiate.
    The Guilds name will be the same as whichever guild initiated the, "Merger".
    Each member will get a, "Your Guild Master has called for a Merger between X and X guild, press Accept to join, or Cancel to leave guild."
    Ofcoarse there will be a, "Are you sure" box that appears with a bit of text of what's going on.
    Members who get on, after the merger has been initiated will receive the same, pop-up message.
    The guild that is merging into the other one, will lose half of it's guild funds, and new contracts will be signed once the merger is complete.
    Reason for suggestion:
    Well it's simple really, when two or more guilds decide that a merger will be needed, it is awfully hard to get everyone swapped over, due to the 24 hour waiting window, that and members are lost, either not getting an invite or they logged off prior to joining, ect.
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  3. Phelix added a post in a topic Alliances in Node Wars   

    But OP, that's how alliances work, you team together with other guilds that share similar motives/needs/wants/goals ect. and as a group/alliance you work towards an objective that all guilds in the alliance have agreed on.
    Now I know it's frustrating to know for a fact that your guild can fight off and win against similar sized guilds in a GvG battle, however in BDO it seems that people prefer to do whatever it is they can, to ensure a victory.
    My opinion, get yourself into an alliance, recruit more people, or merge in with another guild.
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  4. Phelix added a post in a topic [Poll] nature of PVP in this game.   

    PvP in this game is WAY too Gear/Level dependent, personal skill besides knowing your classes combos/ani-cancels, matters not. The RNG in this game is outrageous, it needs to be balanced, I'm not saying make it easier for items to drop, but one should be able to see rewards for their efforts, and not be shut down.
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  5. Phelix added a post in a topic You are new?   

    You mad, or nah?
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  6. Phelix added a post in a topic Node Wars - what would you change   

    I would change the damn time that they begin for us, EST folks. 9:00PM EST might not sound late to you guys/gals, but for those who work nights, or have to go to bed early for early shifts, or heck people who have life constraints, having it be late night, makes it impossible for people to enjoy it, if you can't be there.
    Heck, I disbanded my guild due to this, because it makes no sense for me as a guild leader not to be able to lead during those times...
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  7. Phelix added a post in a topic Unable to Join a Party - Bug?   

    Thanks for the advice, he's had this going on for two weeks now, no idea what it could be, he's not in a party, and he hasn't got the duel feature on, so I don't know what's going on, but he's really annoyed and has stopped playing due to it. I don't know if @CM_Jouska could pass it on to Daum and maybe get his account looked at, because he's submitted a ticket and hasn't heard back for over a week now.
    Sucks, because he's a good friend of mine.
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  8. Phelix added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Unable to Join a Party - Bug?
    So recently, a friend of mine who plays BDO with me, has been experiencing not being able to be invited to a party, either through chat or standing next to him. The only way he is able to party up, is be the one who invites first, and this makes it really hard for him to group up for things like grinding at sausans, ect.
    I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and was able to come up with a solution, besides quitting, lol...
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  9. Phelix added a post in a topic The Sorceres now SuckS   

    What's to know? Sorceresses bound around with their iFrame leaps, come in for a KD, and then DF, over and over. The only other time they use anything but, is when their keeping up pressure, or finishing off a running/dying target.
    IF and I say, IF, you have 1 ability to use and ONLY 1 to use in PvP, and aren't like, "Hey we have other abilities, but not ones like DF", then I do feel sorry for you, because it must be terrifying to only have one ability to use in PvP, and have it changed so.
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  10. Phelix added a post in a topic The Sorceres now SuckS   

    Let's start blaming the player and not the class, hmm?
    This is a case of, "Learn to play", because if all it took to be a Sorc was to spam one skill, over and over, then maybe it's time to use those other neat abilities that the class has, right? I mean gosh, their not there for decoration, right, so maybe instead of using one broken skill to insta-win in PvP, you can learn to use a combo like the rest of us plebs?
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  11. Phelix added a post in a topic You are new?   

    There is no problem, the skill was bugged to always crit 100% of the time, so Sorceresses got used to that skill being really strong. Now that the skill has been changed into it's intended use, and requiring Sorceresses to use Accuracy off-hands like every other class does for PvP, everyone has lost their damn minds, that their beloved brokenly strong skill has been changed, and they all now need to learn to use a combination of skills to PvP as opposed to spamming one, over and over.
    But as things would have it, and how they always seem to go in today's gaming communities, the whining tantrum-throwing playerbase that cries the most, get's their hearts desire. We've seen it with the Musa/Maewha changes, we've seen it with the changes to PvP, ect. The group that whines the loudest wins.
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  12. Phelix added a post in a topic Anyword on Sorc fix? ranger fix?   

    Just how every other class has seen it's share of changes/nerfs so that when Awakenings do come, they'll all get evened out.
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  13. Phelix added a post in a topic Anyword on Sorc fix? ranger fix?   

    Yes yes, both Sorcs and Rangers are indeed broken, if by broken you mean not OP/EZGG classes anymore then yes, they are indeed broken...
    Now all you Sorcs/Rangers get to experience what other classes like to call, "Justice".
    But yeah, keep saying they're bugged/broken, just increases the level of irony that prior to this change, all you Sorcs/Rangers going to other classes forums and saying, "You guys are fine". or "Working as intended.".
    Enjoy that hole you all dug, you should all be snug in there with all the FotM/OP re-rollers, lol.
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  14. Phelix added a post in a topic You are new?   

    These poor poor, Sorceresses, that can no longer just spam one-skill and annihilate anyone they come across. Maybe the next time some class comes around to being labled as, "OP", you people will roll something else, instead of just going with the insta-win class.
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  15. Phelix added a post in a topic GL missclicked and appointed someone else Leader   

    You get this big warning window, before you even attempt to hand over the guild to someone else, maybe he/she should have read it, before just spamming, "Ok".
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