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  1. Eran added a post in a topic deleting my cash shop dye colors when upgrading armor rarity   

    They need to replace the dyes from your upgraded armor, by putting them back onto your pallet.
    Simple and easy solution.
    Now to get them to be do it....not so easy.
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  2. Eran added a post in a topic Why alienate the people with actual buying power?   

    This especially!
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  3. Eran added a post in a topic Certain Costumes & Long Hair [FIX]   

    Sadly a fix for this is just a pipe dream. On many of the $30 costumes that we can buy, there is clipping within the costume itself. I certainly don't find that acceptable but evidently they do. So sadly a fix for something like hair I don't see them addressing which is too bad.
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  4. Eran added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    My Silver Samurai Maewha, I really like how she came out, and the silver makeup helped lead to a great backstory for her!

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  5. Eran added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    Is it possible to get a refund on pearl items bought for Plum/Maewa? If I had truly known the class would be broken, I never would have spent a dime on it.
    Man, I've never felt like a game just outright stole from me like this.
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  6. Eran added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    CM_Jouska, can we get an update or some sort of feedback on what the initial response from the Dev team is to these issues?
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  7. Eran added a post in a topic Random Freeze   

    I crash often, yes, my board is an 1155 too.
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  8. Eran added a post in a topic Game Crash   

    There are numerous threads by many of us with the same crash issue.
    It is listed on the known issues pinned thread, but with no solutions offered.
    Dev responses are nil. I was looking forward to Bless online, but damned if I will invest on another game Daum controls if they can't even make their BDO cash cow run smoothly.
    Doesn't matter how awesome I think the game is. If it won't run reliably.
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  9. Eran added a post in a topic S rank or A+ to aim for, for better loot-chance?   

    Yay, makes sense it would... But you never know. Thanks for clarifying.
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  10. Eran added a post in a topic S rank or A+ to aim for, for better loot-chance?   

    and are these bonuses cumulative? Does S rank give the same bonuses from B and A+ as well as the loot?
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  11. Eran added a post in a topic Well thats an insult   

    It does seem counter-intuitive, I mean if their country is an EU member state....logic seems to suggest they play on the Europe server.
    Kind of a no-brainer, really!
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  12. Eran added a post in a topic Outfit (mixing)   

    I have mixed pieces from several outfits together just fine. Helm here, gloves there. Have not had the experience of the OP.
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  13. Eran added a post in a topic DC Black Desert   

    Me too, on several channels on Orwen. I'm guessing it is tied to the same issues a few other posts here have alluded too, but nothing is being shared with us about any sort of fix.
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  14. Eran added a post in a topic Comprehensive Hair Bug thread   

    We know it is not likely to ever be 'fixed', so we just all changed our lighter haired characters to dark haired ones.
    Outside of the Valkyries redheads, lighter hair colors are nowhere near as common as they were in CBT when we were all new and learning.
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  15. Eran added a post in a topic Can you have more than 10 hotkeys   

    Sure wish we could!
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