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Solid Snack

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  1. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Server merge was a bad idea -.-   

    I think i just miss the community aspect of the smaller servers. I don't really care about it on the bigger ones.
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  2. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Striker class (Poll)   

    I like the way the class looks but I won't re roll or anything until I get to play it and see its awakening. For all we know it will be awful.
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  3. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Hype for anniversary sales   

    I'm still waiting on some of these costumes we haven't received yet. They are really taking there time with them.
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  4. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Dark Knight   

    From watching some streams on Twitch it does look like its the berserkers offhand. An ornamental knot.
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  5. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Prediction - Dark Knight will be the largest played class.   

    I think a lot of people will wait to see what her awakening is first. She does look fun though. 
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  6. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Do You Hate Your Awakening? What Next?   

    I love the maehwa playstyle until i got the awakening. I just find it slow. I started leveling a Ninja and Musa to try them out to see how I like them. i like them far more then Maehwa and now I'm trying to figure out which one I want to main until Dark Knight to try her out.
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  7. Solid Snack added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Website cash shop issue
    I purchased a Snowkid from the sale and It posted multiple on my account page. I called my bank and I was only charged once. I just thought I would let you know.

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  8. Solid Snack added a post in a topic KR patch note for 15th December   

    Doesn't it take awhile to get those seals anyway? People are saying a year or something for some of those items. I don't mind it if it takes that long to get them.
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  9. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Not really liking the new DARK KNIGHT weapon of choice, whats your thoughts   

    That would be bad ass and very unique. I don't think I've seen this in an MMO before. It would also look very cool in BDO because the animations in this are pretty awesome.
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  10. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Dark Knight Trailer   

    I think it looks cool. It just wasn't impressive. The trailer had more of a been there done that kind of thing going on. Looking forward to trying her out whenever she comes out in NA/EU.
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  11. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Not really liking the new DARK KNIGHT weapon of choice, whats your thoughts   

    I am surprised we haven't seen a war hammer yet. I feel like it would fit in pretty well in BDO.
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  12. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Did not receive my pearls   

    This happened to me last week. It took them 3 days to give me back the daum cash. They told me I had to wait 24 hours to possibly receive my pearls. I never got the pearls but instead they gave me the daum cash back.
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  13. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Dark Knight Armor and Combat Animations   

    That looked awesome. Thanks for this Dulfy
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  14. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Modify the Relic scrolls   

    I agree. I stockpile them to get ready to do them all. Then I get lazy and end up selling them lol 
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  15. Solid Snack added a post in a topic Casual player returning after months. How screwed am I?   

    I've taken multiple breaks from this game and I consider myself pretty casual. I'm so far behind in gear that it doesn't bother me too much. I still enjoy my time in this game whether its life skills or grinding for a bit.
    I would also give it a shot since they are doing special attendance events right now which could help you with gear. Starting tomorrow they are bringing back a black stone event that increases black stone drop chance as well as a black spirit board game that gets you even more things. So i would say now isn't a bad time to come back but I wouldn't expect to be competitive anytime soon.
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