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  1. WinterFox added a post in a topic PvP toggle keybind - help needed   

    Rebind the Awakened key ?
    I'm always hitting C by mistake, so I shifted it to 1
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  2. WinterFox added a post in a topic Seagulls don't have feathers   

    Update:  I'm still getting a lot of messages, and no feathers.
    I did get 2 Balenos Seagull feathers the other night, and turned them in.
    But today I got 3 messages, and 1 Lustrous Feather.  Huh ?   Crio doesn't want those, and neither do I.
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  3. WinterFox added a post in a topic Chat setting won't take.   

    You aren't the only one with this problem. Mine reverts to showing everything after I've been idle.


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  4. WinterFox added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Chat Tab settings don't stay applied
    Chat tab checkboxes seem to be broken, or at least not working as I thought they were intended.  There isn't a way to check only some of the boxes under the System section without checking 'System'  which I think my be part of the problem.
    I've tried and tried to set my Tab 4 to JUST  'Private Item ,'Worker' and 'Farmimg', with a side of 'Combat'.
    It will NOT stay that way.  It's fine as long as I'm doing something actively.  But if I AFK fish, or auto-ride, or even just do
    nothing but point the boat south and sail home, it reverts to posting everything as if all the boxes are checked.
    Marketplace, Guild decs, other peoples enhancement fails/success and others level-up notices ... 
    Makes it really hard to find what I was doing in my chat log, when I need to scroll back through 10 inches or more of (useless) chat to see what I caught last, or if a Worker job has finished and I need to start a new task.
    That's if it's even there.  Half the time the top of the chat tab is empty, as if I've just logged in.
    I finally set up Tab 3 with only Combat, so I can at least see who killed me while I was AFK     That Tab, so far, hasn't decided to change.
    I've reset the Tab, deleted the Tab, and reset it again. And again. Nothing seems to work for long. Only thing that seems to fix it becoming active again, but if I'm idle too long it goes back to spamming all the System info.
    I started brewing some beer, went away to get some lunch, and this is what I see when I get back.  No beer notices at all. 

    I'm not sure if my cat qualifies as a private item;  funny thing is, I fed him twice - but the first notice for a Hunger Gauge increase of 70 isn't there.
    I'd really appreciate it if somebody could look into this, thanks.
       yes, that's Chat Tab 4, but apparently I didn't get that part in the snap
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  5. WinterFox added a post in a topic House Windows   

    Add on info:
    My house windows in Velia  # 3-1 shift between the 2 modes.  They're sometimes paned when I log into it, sometimes clear.
    It sometimes starts as clear, but if I lay down on the bed, THEN not only do the original windows show up, but all the mold and waterstains come back. This persists in the entire house, until I leave and come back in, then it goes to clear.
    But it's not consistant; sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.  I haven't figured out what triggers it yet.  I've also had it happen in Heidel  1-2.

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  6. WinterFox added a post in a topic Honest question about gameplay style   

    No. Crates are for Trading to the Traders, not for selling on Marketplace.
    As others said, you don't need much if you want to play the game at your own pace.  You will need silver (and LOTS of it) for buying things off the Marketplace, unless you want to craft them yourself.  And some things almost never seem to be available on MP.
    So, grind, gather up the loot, trash loot especially, and turn it in for silver.  Rinse and repeat. A pet is very helpful, but not mandatory.
    The bottom line is do what you enjoy, and enjoy doing it. 
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  7. WinterFox added a post in a topic Horses not learning new skills   

    Seeing the same thing here.  I've got a T4 that hasn't learned a single skill in the past 3 weeks I've been riding him.   He was Level 3 & had 2 skills when I took him out of stable storage, after not riding him for a few months.  He's just turned Level 12, and still has only 2 skills.
    Reaching Level 12 with no new skills is beyond even my experience with horrible RNG.
    Also, my Training alt hasn't been able to get any skills for the horses she's been attempting to level.    I say attempting, because with the current constant desync and loading screen popup, auto-loop is a bad joke lately.  I've about given up on trying to AFK train horses.
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  8. WinterFox added a post in a topic House Windows   

    Same thing in Velia
    ALSO - I just noticed that my Tulip Lights in Heidel have lost their pink glass, and are now clearly showing the candle inside

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  9. WinterFox added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Seagulls don't have feathers
    I've been doing the the quest "Those Seagulls!" from Crio for a few weeks, trying to level my Hunting.
    Used to be you shot a gull, then collected the feathers to hand in after completing the quest.
    Lately though, they don't have feathers.  There's a loot icon, but when either I or my pet goes to gather there isn't anything there.  Sometimes I get the message 'this slot is empty', sometimes I just scrabble in the dirt until I stand up by moving.
    Maybe 1 out of 10 has a feather, but the majority just seem to be featherless. 
    It's cold there on the shore - can the gulls have their feathers back, please ?
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  10. WinterFox added a post in a topic Wall paper removing Windows in house 2-3 Tarif   

    Same problem, different city - the wallpaper Plaster Wall has changed the look of my windows from diamond pane to clear in Velia.  Think it's 3-1, not sure and not logged in right now to check. 
    Also, the bird poop is still staining the wallpaper over the door 
    See :  http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/132656-house-windows/  for more info on windows
    And furthermore, my Tulip Lamps have lost their pink glass and are now showing the candle inside the frame.

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  11. WinterFox added a post in a topic How many mobs do I need to kill to learn on them?   

    Turn in the byproducts from cooking for CP, silvers, and XP
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  12. WinterFox added a post in a topic PSA: Dont open Valentines Box on Life Skill Char   

    Thanks for the heads up   I normally let the Lifer open most of the mail.  Won't this time.
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  13. WinterFox added a post in a topic Enable ships to be dyeable   

    If not the entire boat, at least part of it.  The pennons would be nice for the Fishing Boat.  Set it up for 2 colours like they currently are.
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  14. WinterFox added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Galleys need own Wharf
    The new ships are lovely, however, they're a bit too big 
    You can't see your way into Velia Harbor there are so many there.  Threading between them gets difficult, at times.
    Would it be possible to move the Guild Wharf manager from the main docks over to the new shipyard area ?
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  15. WinterFox added a post in a topic Is Sailing EXP Bugged?   

    Likewise.  Thanks for asking about it.  Now I know, too 
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