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  1. mb52 added a post in a topic Maehwa broken with last patch   

    A great way to deal with paying customers! But its ok, cause the focus is on the awakening classes! They are the ones bringing in the cash right now! So they get their bugs insta fixed.. right?
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  2. mb52 added a post in a topic Awakened Weapons, Night Vendor, and further Imbalances   

    Fact is.. every person who plays a class.. is always going to claim their class is under powered and broken. Either way, does not make the unfairness of this system any better.
    (YOu know, 2 wrongs, dont make a right?)
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  3. mb52 added a post in a topic 4 months till we get our awakening   

    Care to explain how coming here to tell us we don't have to wait months, only weeks.. helps... oh wait.. Mae has a 4 month wait!
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  4. mb52 added a post in a topic gear question   

    Talking like getting tri gloves is easy!
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  5. mb52 added a post in a topic 4 months till we get our awakening   

    We aren't in korea.
    They have them all mostly ready now, they can do it the proper way. Its not a 2 week wait, its 4-5 month wait for some.
    Way too many people use the 'well korea did it this way' excuse too often.
    (Korea also had the other classes patched to be competitive w/o it right?)
    Either way.. a 4 month wait is what. a 3rd of the game's life so far? its too much.
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  6. mb52 added a post in a topic Maehwa should get her awakening along with Warrior on Aug 31st   

    Just saying... no matter what we should get them all at once. None of this staggering them BS. 
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  7. mb52 added a post in a topic Maehwa should get her awakening along with Warrior on Aug 31st   

    I think.. if they wanted time to balance and test each awakening.. hey should do it all at once. So right now.. they are going to release warrior.. which will be OP compared to the other classes.. so they nerf it? And then... the next come out... same thing over and over... in the end we end up with a very screwed up balance.
    In the mean time... the first batch of awakenings get a heads up on the grind, gear and can learn how to use the awakening way before the others. (I mean.4-6 month head start on all that.. is crazy bad)
    I'd vote we ALL wait 4-5 months and get them all at once after they get tested. or we get them all now.. and deal with a messed up balance for a bit.
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  8. mb52 added a post in a topic 4 months till we get our awakening   

    Its just bad taste.. to let some players into the new content but gate everyone else. 4 months headstart for warriors..  By the time we get our awakenings they will outlevel us, out gear us and be more skilled since they have more time to practice/learn the awakening.
    How is it fair to the player base to do this? The devs are simply causing a fracture in the community.
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  9. mb52 added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    So those of us that can't do any of the new content, cause its geared for those with Awakenings. What should we do? Should we just sit in the corner and watch everyone else enjoy the game? or quit?
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  10. mb52 added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    This is great! So you are releasing this great content.. but I can't do any of it until.. what december? GG
    How far behind am I going to be when I finally get it?
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  11. mb52 added a post in a topic Do NOT use horse skill change coupon   

    I used a skill change to get rid of Caution... got quick back instead (I think?) but my horse still has the 'caution' skill.. and refuses to run off cliffs... even .. small little drops. *sigh* can't win.
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  12. mb52 added a post in a topic Regarding Maehwa Accuracy   

    Aye.. I am looking at getting a +15.. or even Pri liverto.. by selling some stuff. ( only need 30 mil more to reach the 'current' price) So thats one goal for sure!
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  13. mb52 added a post in a topic Regarding Maehwa Accuracy   

    So for someone who has atm only full +15 (grunil) and yuria/blackhorn warrior bow... what would you suggest to move to?
    Ultimate goal is Liverto.. but I'm saving up.. should I look to the market and snag a +15 white horn bow and use both depending on circumstances? Or sell off my +15 blackhorn warrior bow and just use the white horn bow?
    *note* I mostly... do PVE stuff with the occasional 1 vs 1 duel in the arena. I'm not that huge on mass PVP stuff.
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  14. mb52 added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    Probably forgotten for more important things. Like cash shop changes.
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  15. mb52 added a post in a topic Regarding Maehwa Accuracy   

    Its a shame that all this knowledge just has to be almost second hand opinion, because of all the hidden stats.
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