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  1. Mythz added a post in a topic BDO is a One time visit Themepark.   

    did this flat earth mother -----er really just say BDO is a WoW clone....HOLY SHIT LOL
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  2. Mythz added a post in a topic Please explain why this game is not pay 2 win?   

    its not P2W because im not trying to beat anyone...this is not a competitive game, its a grindy RPG. so there is a outfit that gives xp in the cash shop, so what? some of you gamer plebs need to get out more and learn that this game is a lot more fair than than the real world and get over yourselves.
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  3. Mythz added a post in a topic Good portion of rangers/wizards re-rolling/quitting   

    i started with wizard, just because i loved the way they look. then i remembered by lvl 20 that i cant stand mage classes so i rerolled sorc. much more my play style.
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  4. Mythz added a post in a topic Petition To Publicly Execute This Little Shit   

    how about that prick that keeps telling stories by the chef.
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  5. Mythz added a post in a topic Imo rushing to 50 is bad for you and other people   

    im sittling at lvl 17 working on cooking...
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  6. Mythz added a post in a topic This community..   

    i fully support this thread.
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  7. Mythz added a post in a topic Questions for users with AMD GPUs...   

    are you sure your refresh rate is still at 60hz when you go fullscreen? there is a bug that locks it at a lower setting when going fullscreen that some ppl where experiencing.
    I have a 980ti strix and at 3440x1440 i still only get around 45-50fps with high end mode off. 35-35fps with high end mode on.
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  8. Mythz added a post in a topic Would you play on a PvP karma free server.   

    isnt there like a bandit island or something coming in a future patch?
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  9. Mythz added a post in a topic Xigncode3 is a joke?   

    ToS or not If there is a large enough group of people who dont want this to be a thing. then we say something and it wont be a thing anymore. its funny how people always claim that the company actually gives a shit about one person buying 4 copies of a game and think they would let this slide because they get paid...paid what? 30$ a pop? ha Daum couldnt give a lesser shit about .0001% of the community buying 4 copies of the game. change the ToS and ban the scum who want to game the game.
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  10. Mythz added a post in a topic Whats the best anime ever made?   

    Darker than Black
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  11. Mythz added a post in a topic Conqueror's tears.   

    its not about being poor and more about having patience. 
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  12. Mythz added a post in a topic How come the Wizard looks like Gandalf, yet the Witch looks like a highschool graduate?   

    yeah there are no wrinkle sliders for witch... /sarcasm
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  13. Mythz added a post in a topic So, the armor varieties in the game?   

    Im ok with my witch dressed in rags.
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  14. Mythz added a post in a topic Workers are slaves   

    hard work, free room and board, wont work unless he has a belly full of beer. sounds good to me.
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  15. Mythz added a post in a topic Hello from Earth!   

    inb4 this thread implodes, like all multicultural things.
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