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  1. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic Help me with my gear.   

    Since you mention "PvP"... Although the suggestions so far are quite decent and affordable, I am afraid they are really nowhere near good for any of that "PvP".
    Sadly, we like it or not, to even have a chance out there, some of the boss / BiS items are really important, almost mandatory. The first that come to mind are Bheg's Gloves (lots of accuracy) and Muskan's Shoes (tons of evasion and overall high DP value). The suggested weapons are OK, but a Kzarka main would be the prime choice (slightly more damage overall plus more accuracy). And I think you can't avoid using any Red Coral Earrings, preferably at the TRI level. Obviously, all these don't come cheap or easy...
    Of course, in theory, you can kinda manage with "bargain" gear (like the pieces suggested) but only against players with roughly equal setups, certainly not against those who already have boss pieces. And I fear, these days, most of the "PvP chaps" already possess some boss / BiS pieces, if not full sets... (even if these pieces aren't highly upgraded, would still be better, even at like DUO level, due to all that accuracy / evasion etc).
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  2. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic Monsters ignoring me?   

    According to bddatabase Sausan Scout is the lowest level mob in the area (level 53). You would have to be at least level 59 so they would "ignore" you. All other mobs are over level 54. If you are level 56 yourself absolutely everything there should aggro (I doubt there are any passive / "peaceful" mobs in that area).
    Maybe the game / server is having some of the (usual) hiccups / lags etc that cause the mobs to look unresponsive?
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  3. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic Karma greifing   

    Yep, "karma bombing" sucks hard and the current karma system is nowhere near perfect. On the other hand...
    Ever occurred to you that these facts also apply: 1) You do NOT own a spot, any spot. 2) Just because you and your guild decided to start a guild quest somewhere doesn't automatically give you the right to "claim" the whole area, just because, and for as long as you please. 3) Basic etiquette and communication can work wonders.
    Could possibly inform any other players in the area about YOUR own guild quest, either ask them if they could perhaps move to another channel, party up with them (why not? They do their stuff and you do yours too), or you could be less greedy and settle for a part of the freaking area instead of "claiming" it all and screwing other people's stuff too.
    I am just saying all that, because this is another one of the almost daily whiny threads on the subject, which has been exhausted a long time ago. If you are asking to be "griefed", rest assured you WILL, if you act like an arrogant jerk.
    And yes I have seen it happening enough times, and the difference is always on how people approach and behave. I had people "invading" my little spot where I also try to complete a daily quest or whatever (though, as already mentioned, no one has specific ownership - but hey, you know the drill, you been there for a long time, not a soul around etc). Some of the people are courteous, perhaps they didn't even know I am doing some of my own stuff there, most of that kind of players will either move a bit further THEMSELVES, offer a party, ask how long I would need, well, COMMUNICATE. In that case there is never a problem, things are sorted out and everyone has their fun and stuff.
    Or... you get the other kind of "people". Who will just walk in, in total disrespect, even attacking the specific mobs I have already started attacking, then proceed to mess up everything and on top of that all be rude, abusive and attempt to gank kill with numbers. Because they can? Yes, probably they can. So... I make them all more red than a baboon's arse. Why? Because I can too! And I will also stay there for all the time I can spare to make sure they have a bad time for ruining MY time for no reason. And for being jerks.
    See how "karma griefing" happens and goes? In 99.9% of occasions it is just like this. The system might suck, but players of this kind are what is wrong in this (and any) game. And no system will ever be perfect, and if people really want to even "roleplay" being the asshat, fair enough, suck it up then and live with the consequences.
    P.S. There is also a quite valid reason why the "karma system" was changed, originally in Korea, a LONG time ago. Not going to explain again, old story.
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  4. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic How long does it take to get GS at least 450?   

    OP's first words were "As a beginner", and then all hell broke loose with the usual elitist / trolls starting their thing with TRI / TET BiS / boss gear and such lovely awesome CRAPOLA. Just get REAL for freaking ONCE?
    Of course everything depends one how much time / effort one can inject into the game, even starting from scratch and what kind of knowledge they might already have about the game etc etc.
    Let's assume someone is really, really new and "clueless" (a true noob like most players are when starting a game for fun / entertainment) and isn't going to "no-life" it, maybe has something like 3 hours to invest in it daily.
    In that case, my opinion is it could take from 1 and up to 3 months or so, to hit a "450 GS". which DOES NOT include ridiculous fancy exotic gear. Nevertheless could still be rather decent for most activities (don't even start me with that absolutely awesome "PvP", best of all times since board games were invented...). Thankfully for new players there is a plethora of events and rewards and whatnot that can help them a lot too.
    So, here is some example of what could be used, obviously you can swap many items around, yet I believe is rather decent and won't cost an arm and leg, and like all of these can be bought from the market too, fairly easily.
    And sure, for someone really "dedicated" you could have already moved into BiS / boss gear already, but I am assuming a "slowpoke" kind of progression here.
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  5. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic New Valküre Offhand discovered   

    Awww... way too evil for our gracious divine Valkyries, with all those sinister looking Cthulhu-esque tentacles.
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  6. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic New old Skill Since Patch now in awakening   

    I would say... "troll skill", or perhaps if you like "role playing" skill, it does carry a grandiose name though, I 'll give it that.
    Never managed to find any real use for it, even when maxed out. Fact is it was always soooo slow to use, during that time you could have fired 3 other skills or so, hah, I guess a few Swords of Judgement would do a better job, well back in the "old days" (though, I am a weirdo who likes to use "useless" pre-awakening skills too, the sword skills have a unique feel the lancia never had and never will I fear).
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  7. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    This will always happen in a restricted market with controlled (and often unrealistic) prices. Even at times when you could buy real rare items the whole thing is distorted. A good example is when we had this lovely boss armour event, when you could casually shop for your Bheg's and Giaths, and even Muskans (Tree armour was quite rare even then), and also at "cheaper" prices.
    But how come this happened? Quite simply because those great BiS pieces were liquidated for some quick profit from all those players who never cared about that kind of gear. Once this was over, back to the normal stuff, with sky high pre-orders and RNG sniping. Same situation with almost everything else.
    Once we get a blackstone event, there are a few 10s of thousands, at least, merrily sitting in the market at "bargain" prices. Once it is gone, oh well, they are gone too.
    And obviously, unless someone is a fool or really doesn't care for some reason, who would place items in the market that are always in demand or hard to get / produce for a low price that doesn't represent that demand, rarity or effort? (prime example being hard / sharp stones and certain matts)
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  8. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance April 27 ... for one pearl item   

    This! ^^
    All nice and dandy, in the meantime a BUG like this (they know it, they have acknowledged it IS one) persists for like a month now, effectively ruining a class (some would argue an already ruined class), but hey who should care about a "pet class" favoured by a handful of peculiar weirdos, right?
    Just an example. Obviously you don't need to be a genius to figure out what the top priorities are, though I have to say it can be slightly irritating when one realises the massive profits our dear Publisher has made so far and early on. Which in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, except... the "misdirection" of how our westernised version of BDO would rather follow a Buy-To-Play model, when it is far from it. Unless people still believe you can play and have the "full treatment" without those little gadgets called value packs, pets (and actually higher tier RNG bred ones), weight / inventory / storage etc increases, and the likes, none of them being anything close to "cosmetic". On top of paying a price (larger early on, perhaps smaller now) to actually buy and run the game.
    One would perhaps expect a slightly better service and care for their paying players / customers (each one of us in NA and EU), since there isn't even the excuse of a "Free" (to-Play) version like the original Korean one.
    But blah... this version of BDO has done well already (initial profit wise), is probably still bringing some decent money in, even at the state it is right now, so... even more profit. So why bother as long as the message the "player base" (as a whole) is sending is "go on with what you are doing / milking, we will keep buying it".
    Besides we can always all come and post a bit more and vend over here in the Forum!
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  9. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic What will happen when Kamasylvia launches?   

    Life will go on as usual, 90% of the entire BDO population anywhere in the old "starter" areas, Mediah, doing business as usual (Sausages / Pirates / "lesser" areas, life skilling etc), a few % out there in the deserted desert (hah?) of Valencia and a tiny fraction will venture into the new area, first for kicks and exploration and until they realise how terri-bad it is and start losing precious crystal after crystal when our awesome servers decide to hiccup and mobs there chew them mercilessly. Great fun!
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  10. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic Remember when it was just +15? (too much disparity in gear now)   

    An RNG based system like BDO has, is what it is. People have been moaning about it wince day one if not the Betas, and yet there is no point and we should all realise why where we are now.
    It is certainly possible for some ultra lucky chap to indeed succeed a high level enchant with (relatively) low "fail stacks", however it is MUCH more common to see very many people failing with "high enough fail stacks". Except... the concept of "high enough fail stacks" is flawed or people don't really understand how it works.
    And I am not here to look smart or anything, people have already done their research and there are un-official tables out there with %s and "fail stacks". Should be evident that at high levels of enchants no matter how many "fail stacks" you got the % of success is low. The fact that the "lucky chap" got it easy will not negate the fact that another 1000 unlucky chaps got buggered while doing it "properly".
    The number of "maximum or good enough fail stacks" only means how probable it would be over time and several attempts to indeed succeed. Which is small consolation after you have failed 20 times going for a TET, isn't it?
    Of course it is all one huge casino, why people refuse to accept it? Yeah it could happen with one good roll, one "lucky ticket". Or you could have 1000 rolls and nothing. Or maybe do 100000 rolls for a "guaranteed win", except you have already lost more than you would win.
    The principle of gambling since the beginning of time and keeping people addicted to its charms.
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  11. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic Devaluation of Valencia Drops   

    The way it goes, the usual "hot spots" (Sausages / Pirates, primarily) will remain hot and top and favoured until lvl 65 and probably beyond. And no one will truly ever care about anything else, call it Valencia or Kamasylvia or whatever else they have in mind. Simply because the whole design and philosophy is too messed up.
    Also, sadly, since the "new areas" actually suck so much and the rare items there usually aren't worth the trouble hunting for (coupled with what else you receive from all the grind), it was inevitable that the "login reward system" would kinda flood the market, so, yeah, "new players" could catch up (except, they won't). Same story that happened with Ogre Rings before, and even with the once coveted Mark rings and Witch earrings.
    I just wonder why they chose to put the same exact rare items in those reward boxes instead of something else, for example they could have some buffed up version of Jarrette's accessories that could not be upgraded but still be fairly decent for the average player "trying to catch up". As it is, no real "newbie" (or "lazy casual" lol) will play around juggling gold tier jewelry trying to get DUOs and TRIs, not from reward boxes anyway, will just mass sell in the market and crash the prices.
    Just stupid, but aren't we familiar with silly decisions in BDO now...
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  12. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic What kind of costume set do you wish to have in game?   

    Tera-style bikinis.
    Real platemail outfits, especially for Valkyries (there is one already, but not over here yet I guess).
    NO silly fluffy chicken or pedo-bear stuff, please.
    Give option to show / hide costumes / outfits to make those with "sensitive eyes" that are triggered too easily happy (refer to bikinis above).
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  13. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic The Perfect Patch   

    Would be a good starting point for BDO II, the new reincarnation that could possibly make the game BIG and not some gorgeous looking but half-baked and flawed curiosity we have now (even if successful because, sure, it made and makes some money and filled the coffers) , one that mostly caters for "hardcores", adorable weirdos or even slightly masochistic individuals (part of these "qualities" are a requirement for the average BDO player, whether we like it or not, depending on how hard one is "no lifing" chasing that elusive / imaginary "progression" - and this isn't to mean offense although few would admit the "qualities" do apply).
    Another step forward would be to make BDO an actual and REAL MMO, meaning a MULTI player game that promotes interaction between players, the basic form of it being, guess what... partying with other players. So far it is a lovely SOLO game, you can easily do everything on your own with zero need of anyone else involved. Don't even need to mention guilds / node / siege wars and whatnot, these are entirely optional, anyone could do fine without ever bothering. It would be a different story that at some point you NEED to party / interact with other players to perform even the easiest of tasks (ah yeah, no need to say anything about moronic crap like places such as Kama or whatnot, with their inflated out of any proportion "requirements" that apparently create the illusion of "partying" or "socialising").
    This doesn't mean that playing solo should be impossible or prohibited, but why on Earth should be the focus and preferred activity (and way more profitable) in a M-M-O?
    Just some thoughts of mine that come to mind after about 14 months of live BDO gaming when reflecting on where they got it right and where totally wrong.
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  14. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic When Kakao?... When?   

    Plate boobies über alles!
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  15. Ninnghizhidda added a post in a topic Valk shield bug - breakdown of communication?   

    I am sorry to say, but... it has been my suspicion for quite a long time now, and it only gets stronger with each passing day, that... the Valkyrie class as a whole is pretty much of VERY low importance up there with the "management", be it our own Publisher here or the Korean "masters" over there.
    It looks to me it has become, or rather had always been, a "pet class", which was more or less abandoned to its fate after the initial design and concept, which obviously went pretty damn wrong and never worked properly.
    Because... if it was working all right, why then, the population / popularity is soooooooo low? And we ALL know it is, there is no need to lie any more and fool one another here. The ACTUAL active and "playing the game" Valkyrie characters are as rare as rainbow unicorns right now, if not more. Unless you would argue that life skilling in a town, next to the warehouse, riding a horse, or fishing by the water is "actively playing the class"... OK then. Because that's where I have seen 99% of any and all Valkyries since head start and playing this game each and every day.
    So, there is something rotten out there. Hey, I am not saying that other classes don't possibly suffer the same fate, but here we are talking about OUR class, right?
    As sad as it can be, I have almost accepted the fact that nothing truly important will be done about Valkyries, except for small "teaser fixes", when and if someone over in Korea finds the time and fancy to fool around with a "side pet project" (that's what Valkyries are).
    The "broken shield" issue is a prime example, being well known and documented and even ACKNOWLEDGED for what... a month now? Is it really all that hard to look into it and remedy it? I certainly can't believe it is that hard. Holy cow, they could have fixed the SERVERS in that time, if they wanted to.
    It is just bottom tier priority, I mean... really BOTTOM one. There is important crap happening around now, the lovely new cutie Dark Knight Elfie and all her fancy stuff and hype, the even newer striker geezer super hype (and of course, the relevant awakening), oh, the "mysterious" other class in the works, even more hype and anticipation, and bait to keep the hungry customers players alert and their wallets ready. Who gives a flying duck for a pet / meme class like Valkyrie now, eh? And the 0.1% of the "player base" actually playing it. Simple business, simple math, sad truth.
    P.S. And I still don't care, I will keep playing my lovely Valkyrie and love her, I am such a stubborn loser, this I am, thanks.
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