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  1. Zyglrox added a post in a topic Next Gear Steps   

    I advise going blue coral earrings, much cheaper and you only lose 1ap per slot. Get atleast duos. Then focus on getting a dande up. Then probly look at getting a duo tree belt. From that point you will just want to start getting tri accessories an tet gear.
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  2. Zyglrox added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

  3. Zyglrox added a post in a topic Skill-Addons Any good ones?   

    Only briefly went through them but air strike can get 10% atk speed with a bleed dot. Seems best of all so far. Since its a really good engage skill probly will be the most important.
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  4. Zyglrox added a post in a topic Anniversary - BIG disappointment   

    Lawl at everyone upset that they didnt get free shit. Be happy the game is thriving after a year instead in the dumpster with most other mmos after a year. 
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  5. Zyglrox added a post in a topic Dark Knight and Hards/Shaps   

    well thats unfortunate. Every now an again i hit a good streak with the event, but overall i generally yield about the same results with or without the event. 1 to 3 per energy dump.
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  6. Zyglrox added a post in a topic Dark Knight and Hards/Shaps   

    yea unfortunately thats how rng works out in this game. I can say the best session i had was 4 sharp 3 hard out of roughly 500 energy. Getting 32 out of 400 is just insane. An i think thats why a lot seem to be so discouraged because the spectrum is so large. One guy consistently gets a very low number while the other consistently pulls much higher. 
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  7. Zyglrox added a post in a topic Dark Knight and Hards/Shaps   

    If OP, like many others experienced including myself, then the Hard/Sharp event did indeed seem broken. I have been trying to stockpile shards since the event started and after we had the emergency maint where the servers did a rolling restart the hard/sharp event no longer seemed to be in effect. Bad RNG, maybe tinfoil; whatever the case. I was gathering using up 500-800 energy a day only averaging less then 5 shards per day while others were experiencing 10-15+ per day consistently with using roughly the same amounts of energy or less. I still bought a lot of shards so I am not screwed. just sayin the event didnt really seem to be working as far as hards/sharps go. blackstone event definitely was in effect the whole time however. 
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  8. Zyglrox added a post in a topic x2 Special Evasion 10% vs. x2 DR + 3, Weight Limit, etc   

    +1 for special attack evasion. I used cobe for a long time an switched to evasion an the difference is very noticable.
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  9. Zyglrox added a post in a topic What armor & weapon & accessory is good for DK?   

    For a non boss/gear low end setup imo you would be looking at something like... 
    Rocaba helm, gloves. Heve chest, boots. Saiyer knot. Liverto. Glad shultz belt, mark of shadow, glad shultz necklace, blue coral earrings. And if accuracy ends up being detrimental you can go red coral earring tho they are much more expensive these days.
    Can get your 5 atk speed through 2 assault in gloves an food buff or an atk speed in wep. 
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  10. Zyglrox added a post in a topic People with 3500+ HP .. how?   

    Yea depending on gear setup, crystals, and buffs you can easily hit over 3500 on most classes. my warrior for instance can hit just over 4k pretty easy if i geared for it.
    2pc Heve +250  //  Hebe Armor +200 // x2 Awaken BS gem +300 // x2 BM Cobe +200 // x2 BM Harphia +100 // Tri Cent Belt +100 
    Just that alone would put me around 4012. Buffs/Alch stone could add another 300 or more. 
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  11. Zyglrox added a post in a topic Terrible End Game Level System   

    You guys understand that the whole reason for the boosted XP is for new/returning players to be able to catch up in lvl's quickly right? Also there is progression through level's which is unlocking higher end awakening abilities which is quite substantial. 
    This is the biggest downfall of the current system. The best places to grind for XP and (arguably money) are old content even when hitting the upper levels, 58-60. The only real lucrative place in Valencia to gain solid XP at a similar rate as say pirates, is doing Aakman in a 5man which requires pretty solid gear for the whole party to be efficient and worth while. Which to me, all areas in Valencia should be able to net a comparable or higher xp/h rate then mediah or calpheon (pirates). The other issue is that you have massive XP gain rates but the skill point XP is still trash and you really dont even the soft cap by lvl 50 now, leaving you very far behind in skill pts once you actually reach 56 an start filling out your awakening skills. 
    I think the leveling system is fine for the most part aside from those things. 
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  12. Zyglrox added a post in a topic Black Stone Event, is it even turned on?   

    RNG duders. If you find yourself not getting any drops, switch channels. Every 50 energy or so if i got nothing i will switch channels. Mob wise, if im grinding for an hour an i feel like im not getting much i will switch channels. 9/10 i will end up with better drops on a new channel. Also you cant really complain with such small sample sizes. I know that myself and many many others experience good amounts of drops. You are just hitting a string of bad RNG. 
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  13. Zyglrox added a post in a topic The age of warriors   

    any class with high ap can pretty much 1 shot so the point is invalid. And the only time warriors may be carried is at the entry stages of awakening at lower gear lvls against other classes in the same position. High end you need to have much skill an knowledge of other classes or you are still going to get wrecked. So another invalid point. 
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  14. Zyglrox added a post in a topic The age of warriors   

    then why so much complaints about warrior if other classes are just as op? :thinking:
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  15. Zyglrox added a post in a topic The age of warriors   

    not relevent? The topic is about pre awakening buffs. On top of that this is like the 100th thread about warrs being some broken class, so everything i said is relevent. The dead horse has been beaten in to a pile of mush at this point. When this game becomes balanced around 1v1 an warr is on top or there is something legit broke then you can complain. I could rant all day about the pros an cons of every class an how certain things are "broken" but its counter productive.
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