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  1. Puresilk added a post in a topic Fix Red Battlefield   

    Shame can't bring my horse in and autopath and see if it ignores the endless random loading screens..
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  2. Puresilk added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 24th   

    A horse whistle increased range to bring your horse back after the many random loading screens that kick you off your horse while autopathing.
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  3. Puresilk added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Once again, no autopathing interruptions addressed. Oh, but T8 horses one can attempt to level up their horses to get.
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  4. Puresilk added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    Game really know how to kick people in the teeth and make one feel so demoralized to continue playing. After the struggle of these annoying interuptions to training horses, I finally get 2 t6 horses upto lvl28 each for the game to Give me a T5!!! female from breeding them. I'm speechless.
    Also why give training exp if it doesn't help in ANY way. I'm 8% away from Artisan lvl and still my horse training/skill and breeding are not benefited in any way.
    So over it.
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  5. Puresilk added a post in a topic Interview Daum why Pay 2 Win?   

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  6. Puresilk added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    Solution to give to your developers
    Player starts autoloop
    Take copy of the loop
    Upon detected random annoying loading screen
    Stop player and back player up a bit (due to horses running into objects and getting stuck)
    If player is still on horse apply the copy of the loop, start player applying feed horse carrots automatically.
    If player is standing stupidly in the middle of the road, whistle horse(incase horse decided to go off running to Wallyworld)
    Get on horse, apply copy of the loop, start player applying feed horse carrots automatically.
    Wow, Genius. So hard
    Now get this done sooner rather than later please. It already is much later..
    I got up so many times during the night, each time my character was either standing dead still in the middle of the road, or was on the horse stuck running up against something.
    Please get this fixed before I break something from the frustration. I find the horse training enjoyable in this game, but atm it's horribly broken due to not being able to train them.
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  7. Puresilk added a post in a topic Horse Auto-Loop Feature Broken   

    Yep. Never used to be an issue. But it's now getting a lot worse and is beyond a joke. I love the game, but this annoying issue has had me back to doing the ol mmo search once again. Horse training is/was a great element with this game. But the time involved for leveling T5+ horses is bad enough without random loading screens interrupting it. I'm losing sleep due to always wondering if my character is just standing still on the road someplace or worse yet, died due to suicide newpath running. Since this long stability??? fixing patch, I can't seem to stay autorunning for more than 30min.
    EDIT: In the short time of writing this post, I go back to my game with my horse running up against a fence. My poor keyboard took a hit. Not happy
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  8. Puresilk added a post in a topic AFK looping bugs since Friday's Patch 6/17/16   

    This is getting beyond a joke. This latest patch now where it mentions stability fixes and such a long downtime I thought, great, they're going to address it and fix it.
    But NO, It seems to have even gotten worse. I can't seem to autopath for more than 30min without those stupid, random loading screens either kicking me off the horse in a statue state, or worse yet, throw my horse in a straight line suicide path. Getting killed by mobs or drowning in a river I'm losing exp and my horses death tali.
    FIX IT NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sick of it.
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  9. Puresilk added a post in a topic AFK looping bugs since Friday's Patch 6/17/16   

    Sounds silly but I'm losing sleep due to the random loading screens stopping my horse training. I find it hard to sleep wondering if my toon is just standing on the road so I find myself constantly wake up during the night to check.
    Many times in the morning I'm standing on the road and check my horse progress and calculate 95% of my afk auto-pathing was standing rather than riding.
    Please fix this, it seems to be getting a lot worse.
    Perhaps find a way to check the players auto-pathing before the random loading screen and reapply it for them/us. I assume the random loading screen is to fix some type of memory leak you guys caused and don't quite know how to fix it?
    Also the random loading screens while in combat fighting, to come back after the loading to have ones weapon put away being bashed without being able to appropriately respond.
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  10. Puresilk added a post in a topic Reform after +16?   

    Sure hope it's a bug.
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  11. Puresilk added a post in a topic Patching Everyday   

    There's another post on this. People are getting between 800-1.2gb patches each time they try to load up the game after the June 22nd patch.
    Would be fine if it was all pre-patching data for Valencia and if anyone could direct me to where they give indication where this is the case that would be much appreciated. The patches are dog slow for me and very frustrating to deal with.
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  12. Puresilk added a post in a topic New patch ? Downloading ~850MB now   

    Acknowledge this issue please. I'm sick of having to download a patch each time I start the game. What makes it worse is that it's only giving me download speeds between 0.13 is 0.55 taking between 27min and over an hour.
    This is a new issue for me from The 22nd of June patch.
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  13. Puresilk added a post in a topic New patch ? Downloading ~850MB now   

    Yep, getting this as well, each time I restart the game.
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  14. Puresilk added a topic in Suggestions   

    Mobs that reset
    Can you please allow an indication that a mob has reset rather than slowly realize they're not taking damage.
    The health bar of the mobs, turn them grey please or something. Would be a simple fix to a frustrating issue.
    Thank you
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  15. Puresilk added a post in a topic healing skills, who?   

    ty. I was in a guild boss fight today and my healing lighthouse didn't seem to heal our tank in the group. I failed a few times even being right beside him and when I said something about it, I got a snide remark about it and it made me feel crappy. Was told it was group only but felt that wasn't right. My guess was it healed all around me but had a cap to how many it would heal.
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