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  1. Madelief added a post in a topic Bring back RU PK System to EU servers.   

    You have no idea why he's no longer moderator, and this is the best you can come up with? Nothing constructive?
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  2. Madelief added a post in a topic so far BD has turned into Archeage .1   

    Archeage has pirate ships, sea battles, with merchant ships, galleons and factions for PvP. Do not compare two different games. I still miss my dangerous trade routs and my ships
    Pity Archeage is Korean too, where they hardily care about exploits, and when they care they act very slow and not at the brightest ways. If it was not for that, I would still be there.
    Korea is to far away from the West. They act to slow and never decisive against exploits and hacks.
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  3. Madelief added a post in a topic Bad news: Ninja/Kunoichi   

    I have nothing to spend pearls on. I wait patiently, while I'm auto fishing my time away.
    I don't have a family to feed from the money this game makes.
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  4. Madelief added a post in a topic how much money do u have?   

    90M and a bunch of assets. Still not on page one with the rich people. Whoever posts here is a pauper, just like me.
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  5. Madelief added a post in a topic Which guild will get a territory. Jordine EU   

    I vote for none of the above. Some guilds will shine when the castle sieges start. The name "GRIND" doesn't sound like a PvP guild to me. More like a zerg.
     And zero wins doesn't cut it to become top league. Defeating alt guilds doesn't help either when the big boys come to play.
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  6. Madelief added a post in a topic Can I be banned ? Standing at market ...   

    Nobody is ever being banned for wearing a ghillie suit and being afk. Why would anybody be paranoid about that?

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  7. Madelief added a post in a topic Current PvP/ Multiplayer/Community concept in Open World   

    Welcome in open-world gaming, where you even can play an asswipe
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  8. Madelief added a post in a topic Bring back RU PK System to EU servers.   

    They lose exp. Doesn't that count for something? You can just go on grinding, and lose nothing.
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  9. Madelief added a post in a topic 1,000th Post! Uh oh, better make it a good one!   

    "1,000th Post! Uh oh, better make it a good one!  "

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  10. Madelief added a post in a topic the afk fishing has broken the game   

    We need faster declining hotspots. An forever abundant hotspot is bad for the whole economy and the ingame active community. To many people are inactive just standing there, or running around afking with horses. So many people online, but no chatting. Also I vote for a deletion of boats/wagons with 0 lifespan after one day.
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  11. Madelief added a post in a topic How to report thread or user?   

    The white and grey on this forum kinda hurts my eyes.
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  12. Madelief added a post in a topic How satisfied are you with BDO? (Poll)   

    To much aggressive RNG that potentially may destroy progress already made. And RNG in cash shop items (Dye) is just plain evil.
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  13. Madelief added a post in a topic Based on yesterdays news and the responses I see, I hope Pearl Abyss do not aim to please the top '5% no-lifers'   

    He has the time. There was maintenance yesterday and today again. Plenty of time to write letters on a troll infested forum
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  14. Madelief added a post in a topic SILVER TOO HEAVY   

    The marketplace notices me when something is for sale, And sometimes I am not close to my storage. But I stop defending my self. Have a nice day.
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  15. Madelief added a post in a topic SILVER TOO HEAVY   

    Gold bars are not free. What if I want to buy a worker, or at the wrong market pace. I'm not gonna buy gold bars and sell them over and over again. I have more than 120 million. The loss on buying and selling gold bars is to big.
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