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  1. MennipOs added a post in a topic Serendia special not giving any Accuracity?   

    i know, zerker on the arena told me that musa is broken class in comparison to zerker...i cried
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  2. MennipOs added a post in a topic Serendia special not giving any Accuracity?   

    ooo lemon you are so right about the korean players, all these wannabe bjgodna of the west now struggling to one shot ppl with musa and crying about bugged dmg.
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  3. MennipOs added a post in a topic Which awakening is your favorite?   

    We have to keep in mind that block is useless against grab plus vs high ap chars is gonna deplete in mere seconds.Another thing I noticed is that witch's skills push away enemies while wizard's pull them in (correct me if I am wrong).Right now I am so disappointed about witch awakening and confused at the same time cause I dont know if it worth the time and the investment...
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  4. MennipOs added a post in a topic Block or grapple with video   

    RIP WITCHES if wizard awakening has grapple.
    We will fight with valkyries about which class is better for life skills...
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  5. MennipOs added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening Trailer   

    Rip ice....
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  6. MennipOs added a post in a topic Hello Everyone!! New musa   

    oo nice if you are on jordine my ign is iseecriticals
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  7. MennipOs added a post in a topic It's been 25 days...   

    it will be released dont worry and your awakening will be far better than ours(witch) in terms of visual and annimations.Generally lighting animations are badass but pearl abyss just copy pasted from pre awakening... Fire Ice and Water are the best elements for super animations
    if you check the awakening playlist there are 13 videos,1 irrelevant and 11 awakening video and 1 locked (prolly wizard's awakening)
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  8. MennipOs added a post in a topic Hello Everyone!! New musa   

    you were on calleil server (archeage)(na)?
    *valient from foxy? we might were together on archon , 2 years have passed from archeage time...
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  9. MennipOs added a post in a topic Hello Everyone!! New musa   

    i am using the ww+block with chase 1.btw you were on soulslayers or i confuse your name with someone's else?
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  10. MennipOs added a post in a topic Hello Everyone!! New musa   

    long time passed since i checked this post, i almost forgot about it.. I rerolled  musa one week now, going for 57.i have around 480 sp and i wanna use this build http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/14569..
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  11. MennipOs added a post in a topic How casual am i   

    he already recruited his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, new guilds must be destroyed!!!chun chun is one of them!!!
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  12. MennipOs added a post in a topic How casual am i   

    Wrench approves your post
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  13. MennipOs added a post in a topic khutum vs nouver   

    Thats what i am thinking too, we know that we cannot rely on iframes for our survival.So if they buff dp this dagger will boost our defence and we need hell of defence since we are squishy af.The accuracy helps on cc landing ,the passive is very good.
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  14. MennipOs added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    khutum vs nouver
    hellozzz once moree
    i want your opinion on which of the two boss daggers serves us better since our gameplay is a bit tricky.We dont rely on iframes and desync neither on cancel animation burst, we have to think all of the possible outcomes when we 1vs1 owpvp cause everyne can cast interrupt us while our ccs never work.Forgot to mention i got khutum box yesterday with my op musa boss farmer (126 ap/167 dp).the accuracy, dp and ignore res are so sweet stats while loosing 16 ap is huge disadvantage.Tell me your thoughts about both daggers, btw we need to revive our forum section since we are the less active of all..
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  15. MennipOs added a post in a topic can we get a comment from the staff on awakened class vs non-awakened class?   

    omg you got a day-off ? No guild to disband today? btw i still remember you crying that sorc is not broken before even the df nerf...
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