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Posts posted by michael2mandy

  1. I have been pre-ordering the TRI Bares Necklace for a week now and watching it very closely. It seems to be skipping the pre-order almost every time. I have tested it, with large increases to my pre-order (as high as 20 mil) and it has skipped me every time and going to the market. I have not seen 'sold through pre-order' not once...

  2. 1. have all

    2. ill check graduation quests

    3. def not too many

    when i click 'O' i get the quests in the lists and navigate, when i get there they are not available. 

    thanks for your answer

  3. yuria amulet +15, jubre talisman +15

    ultimate them at some point before 56

  4. I for some reason cannot get anymore daily hunter seal quests in mediah. Are they not daily (anymore?)? Im 56, does that play a part?


    what? pvp blows in this game. do you mean 'what made this PVP system glorious is that if I sneak up on a player while he is grinding, I can't one shot him anymore? whaaaa"

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  6. I mean really, FIX THE GAME. I should not be bouncing in and out of the server (?). Reloads, non confirmation of NPC chat to be bounced 50 feet back from where I was, hitting monsters that seem immuned then im mysteriously bounced into the center getting pounded. PLEASE FIX THE GAME BEFORE PEOPLE QUIT (EVEN MORE)


  7. I noticed the last few days the game is unresponsive. Mobs just wander even though I am attacking them for no damage. Then all of the sudden, they are surrounding me. Happening more and more today. Please fix ASAP

  8. What is up with the game right now? Im literally fighting mobs that are not responding and then all of the sudden Im being pummeled and after a bunch of button mashing everyone is dead...almost like a disconnect but you don't. WTF 

  9. i guess i will just equip some higher AP and test it out, interesting

    I dont know I added new accessories that boosted the AP and the damage was less than the full set of Jarettes...I was clearing mobs much faster than just AP 

  10. so if the amount of AP that I acquire from using different accessories doesnt go past the +15 I should just continue to use Jarettes? And thanks for the amswer

  11. Can we get Pet Feeding so we don't have to click the food 100x to feed our pets? In case I am missing something, please tell me if I am, then have a way of one click feed all type of mechanic

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  12. I currently use Jarette's Accessories, all 6, for the bonus +5/+10 attack. I was wondering if I use better AP accessories, how does that compare with getting or losing the + attack? Even if the boost is just a +1 AP per accessorie.

  13. Can you upgrade the Liverto to yellow from it's blue? I don't see any on the market but I want to ask before I try and waste my stuff

  14. when teaming can you share quest? when I 'path' my mission, my teammates cannot see the 'path', is there a way of doing any of this?


    Looking at the Name Change Reservation Coupon, do you lose the coupon if it's already taken? This is what is explained on the HELP section:

    "Please note that there is will be no second confirmation pop-up after choosing your new name. If it is available, it will be registered immediately. So be careful as you can't "try out" names to see if they are available.

    Customer Support will not change your name for you"


  16. I received some new basteer and it says only enhanced with special black stones (dont know what it really says but I can't use regualar black stones for weapons). Where do we get these?