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Posts posted by michael2mandy

  1. thanks, I didnt have an issue with my Maewha but trying it with my sorceress (with higher AP and DP) is a humbling experience LOL

  2. Can we get some advice on defeating these Wilderness Golems (Awakening Quest)? They are incredibly tanky and hit so hard, not to mention that cheap dust attack...

  3. Im level 55, and Im only getting Red Nose and Abandoned Monastery Leader (well I got that quest, accepted it, and the scroll is NOT in my inventory?). Why am I not getting the other Boss Scrolls as an option?

  4. thanks

    one more question, im 54 looking to get the awakening weapon, should I bother yellowing my yuria if Im getting my awakening?

  5. OK, I am a returning player from the beginning. I am trying to upgrade my blue weapon to yellow but I dont see the housing for that anymore. Where did it go? How do I get my blue to yellow now? What am I using for the upgrade? There must have been a change along the way...

  6. Ok, I just want a better understanding of pvp. I just hit level 45 the other day and when i was out for solo farming a character I saw had red lettering and was attacking someone. I watched this happen and knew I was next. I didn't enable pvp, just waited for them to attack me. Then I fought back, but lost. I don't know what level he was and their gear but it was over fast. Now, I don't take karma lost if you just defend yourself? should I keep going back and let him keep killing me until his karma is really high? does my gear get wrecked? how about xp loss? If I enable pvp and then try and get the 1st shot in will i still lose karma?

  7. why is it when i use the alchemy skill and upgrade my potions my skill isnt increasing? im using the skill, right?

  8. Everytime I talk to an NPC using the gamepad (yes I play with the gamepad) the cursor appears so there's an additional step for me to exit the cursor as well. I dont have a problem with this using XPadder but  do when I use the ingame gamepad. The default exit should be nothing, not a cursor 

  9. Till +5, you got 100% success rate. Weapons got 100% success rate till +7  

    sorry maybe i didnt explain it clearly, with the Zereth Armor set you get +2 damage versus every species with the gloves. With the 3 piece set you get +5 damage versus very species. Do these stack to +7 or is max +5 kinda like pluses on crit oor attack speed etc etc?

  10. If you use the Zereth armor set (3) do the +'s add up to 7 or do they only max at 5?

  11. Thank you :)

    Mind you have to connect them one by one. I was confused at first because it is not very intuitive. So connect one, then select wagon again and connect other one. 

    If I may add, cant find that now but somebody claimed you dont level your training by riding a wagon, that is not true, I went from apprentice 5 to 7 just with wagon and 2 horses. Albeit its probably slower than riding around too. 

    @Sunless I am not sure about quests, I got one to make bronze ingots in Calpheon, but I still made cedar plywood and brass ingots manually without any relevant quests afaik. Just chop/heat them away.

    omg i cannot get 2 horses on my farm cart...its frustrating lol. help