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Posts posted by michael2mandy

  1. anyone know where the mining node is at the abandoned quarry? is it quest related? it reads 'lead' on the BDFoundary map

  2. Is there an AFK kicker when we have AFK type of actions (fishing)? I have been twice logged off after leaving for AFK...

  3. I randomly get a corrupted file warning and then the game is just shut down...any help

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  4. i swapped characters and it worked, I could use 'R' for other tasks like talking to NPC's and such. Next time this issue comes up, try unsheathing your weapon? I could not do any combat as well as mount...

  5. Every once and a while, a few times during gameplay, I noticed it first with the mount. I was unable to mount the mount. I could use the rest of the buttons but not mount. Now I realized that other buttons where effected, like drawn weapon. Now the 'R' button would work for talking to NPC's but not mounting. If I exit the character and pick another it seemed to work, like a reset...

  6. Post complaining about lipstick bleed, avatar of lips, what kind of fetish do you have bro O.o 

    1st off im not a bro

    2nd with the 'wonders' of 'how great the character creation' is, this fails. you end up looking like a 2 dollar whore or the joker :D

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  7. As I already posted on Far's post. These are my thoughts.

    I feel that this petition does not deal with the true issue at hand. Sure, no one wants to play an old wizard I get that. But this feels really minimal considering it would really not be THAT much to ask to have more male classes in general. If there is a male wizard and we are arguing to make him playable as a young wizard then that would involve changing the lore. If they are going to go that far then why wouldn't there be a male sorcerer? On that note where in the lore does it explain why there is no male archers or tamers? I wont sign this poll simply because this is just some dude who wants to play the OP farming class that is Wizard but doesn't want to play an old man. Not very constructive in my opinion and hardly affects the player base as a whole. Wizard is just one of seven classes. As I have said previously I could care less about having to play a female character. But there are many who will care a lot. I mean look how many of you are up in arms about having to have grey hair and a beard. Do you really think that you are the only ones who want class changes made to accommodate the gender/appearance they want to play? So don't you think your petition might be somewhat self serving? Lets assume that the population chooses their classes and in the end the server is perfectly balanced in terms of players/class. That would mean that your poll only represents 1/7 of the player base. 1/8 if you are counting witch as a class. Now lets assume that 2/3 of people don't give a shit about the old bearded dude cause they are perfectly okay with raining hell upon their enemies as a cute little witch. At that point your petition is representing an insignificant little speck of the potential player base. Less gender locked classes in general would do Daum games a lot of good at launch and in the long run. And of course wizards should have customizable age. Together those are the real issues that people will flock to your petition for. I don't see you getting a ton of support for your beard woes.

    People should be able to create the character that they want to play with minimal limitations. Valkyrie is kind of a cut and dry case obviously. I don't imagine many guys would be lining up to play male Valkyrie simply because of the class name but lets face it even the class name could be changed to make room for a male counterpart. By putting sex and age restrictions on classes and pitching to a North American audience there is going to be back lash. And there is going to be a large portion of people who simply wont buy or play the game due to a lack of relating to their character and destroying any chance of immersion. Anyways these are my thoughts on the matter. I personally will not be upset if things aren't changed. But I would like to see this game succeed and I would like to see server population flourish rather than dwindle. I am a huge fan of action combat and it is rarely implemented well into games. But with the way things are there is a strong possibility that many people will lose interest and jump on the next hype train that comes along. Servers will die and I will be back to some tab targeting piece of crap.

    there will be more male classes just be patient

    wizards are supposed to be old

    witches are also old but use their magic to 'look' young (or just feed off the life energies of younger women)

  8. I have not seen anything reported on if anything would be new in CBT2, new classes etc etc?

  9. the bleed over to the lipstick is still the same from KR, it would be nice that if you wanted lipstick on that it didnt make you look like you applied it in the dark.

  10. Launcher updated and patched and says 'click play' but my PLAY button is grayed out...

  11. my pet is saying its fullness is 0 and i need to feed it. what do i feed it with and how much? i tried some sort of feed from the stable guy but its still blinking red